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M.I.H.G Chapter 21: Let’s go!

By the time, Frank was finished washing, dressed and came to the living room lazily, Lin Xiaoxin had already fried an egg and placed it on the plate.

Fried eggs!


Frank looked at the golden fried eggs and said to Lin Xiaoxin, “Do I will see this fried eggs plate every morning after we got married?”


“Beautiful thinking, it is not necessary to marry you in the future.” Lin Xiaoxin unfastened her apron, took out the soy milk from the microwave oven and handed it to Frank.


“If you dare to marry another man, then I will break that man off.”


“Here you are” After listening to Frank’s words, Lin Xiaoxin pointed her mobile phone screen to Frank, and Frank’s face has appeared on the screen of the mobile phone.


“What do you mean?” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and asked.


“I meant to show you what you looks like, you are just like this, breaking and bending others. It’s good to have a girlfriend.”


“Lin Xiaoxin.” Frank was not happy at all. “You are so dark, you are even dark with your own aesthetic.”


“I’d love to be blind.” Lin Xiaoxin bounced around Frank like a little rabbit.


Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin who was so jumping off. He couldn’t help slapping her on the butt and pinching her.


“Ah, nasty.” Lin Xiaoxin shouted out. She thought of last night’s things. She blushed and ran straight to the living room.


Frank finished his breakfast and washed the dishes. He remembered that he has a long way to go before his graduation thesis was finalized. So he took a look at Lin Xiaoxin who was kneeling on the sofa and took out the computer and wanted to code it first.


As soon as Frank turned on the computer, Lin Xiaoxin carried it to her bedroom in her arms. 


“Small square pig.”


“What are you going to do with this infiltration?” Frank asked casually as he looked at the information on the screen.


“Keep me company.”


“No.” Frank immediately zipped his pants open and said to Lin Xiaoxin, “I am ready, come on.”


“Can you stop being so dirty?” Lin Xiaoxin grabbed Frank’s shoulder and began to shake it.


“Isn’t that what you mean in your words?”


“I’m talking about League of Legends.” Lin Xiaoxin leaned on Frank’s arm and began to act coquettishly. “Accompany me and let’s play together to fight two bits of hemp.”


“Tell you a ghost story. I haven’t been a few days away from my mid-term defense.”


“It’s okay, don’t play with me.” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank said, “My account is low, my teammates are too pitted, and their skin is too small. You can lend me your account for two games.”


“That’s your ultimate goal,” Frank spoke. “You have planned to borrow my account from the beginning.”


“You are so clever.” Lin Xiaoxin gave Frank a kiss on the face.


“Take it and play.” Frank nodded his head and agreed.


“Hee-hee.” Lin Xiaoxin happily opened the computer happily, and then entered Frank’s account and password.


Lin Xiaoxin knows Frank’s password and account. At the same time, Frank also knows Lin Xiaoxin’s, but both of them must seek the consent of the other party before logging in to the other party’s account so there will be no case of sneaking in.


After all, even if someone wants to sneak in, he has to go through the QQ Security Center, which has all the login records.


Frank’s League of Legends account is a diamond, but Lin Xiaoxin’s former so-called teammate pit was just an excuse. Her own rank is bronze five. She has never been to Bronze Four. After all, it is just a big pothole.


Sure enough, Frank was catching up with his paper, and the former roommate Tao Bo sent him a message.


Tao Bo: “Yo Frank, is my sister-in-law get on your account?”


Frank: “Yes.”


Tao Bo: “I just said, God, why are you buying suck items like Frozen Mallet and Iceborn Gauntlet while you are playing with Ashe. I thought it was you, and I pulled it together.”


Frank: “Shit! Anyway, is a match, just finish it.”


Tao Bo: “I see.”


That’s right, this is why Lin Xiaoxin has been in the bronze for five years, and Frank was afraid to help her.


The brain circuit of Lin Xiaoxin is different from other people.


Just say the equipment, an ADC can just go out with attack gear, don’t think about anything else. But Lin Xiaoxin refused to play with Ashe without buying items that have ice on them, her reason was to increase the ice system property attack.


The second one is shoes, the third one is Forgefire Cape, fanatics and other clothes. Her reason is that if you have weapons and shoes, you have to wear clothes.


Then there are all kinds of jewelry, all the criteria are how to look good and how to come, such a way of dressing, purely for fun and entertainment.


Of course, she is very disciplined, except when she ranks with her own bronze five account, Frank’s account only matches with skilled players.


The matching pit is pitted, and it is up to her.


Frank done with his paper, was too lazy to be dynamic, so he turned off the computer and came up to Lin Xiaoxin.


At this time, Lin Xiaoxin was playing the game seriously. Frank stood in front of Lin Xiaoxin. A pair of strange hitters touched him decisively, starting from the soft waist and gradually upward.


Only at this time, Lin Xiaoxin was the most obedient, letting him touch them, but wait until Lin Xiaoxin’s game is over, she would kill him.




Frank’s hands eventually slowed down a step. When there was a big failure in the middle of the screen, he did not withdraw his hands in time. As a result, Lin Xiaoxin used a roll of toilet paper to accurately smash him.


“You didn’t say yesterday that it was like a washboard? Feel the fur.” Lin Xiaoxin turned her head and said to Frank with an opened teeth and claws.


“Because I like it.” Frank passed his hands through Lin Xiaoxin’s armpits, then held her up and turned around in the air.


“You pervert, you are dead for Loli control.” Lin Xiaoxin in the air issued a final complaint.


“You are legal anyway.”


“Hum.” Lin Xiaoxin hummed proudly a sigh of relief from her nose.


Frank became tired and wanted to put Lin Xiaoxin down, but Lin Xiaoxin was like a koala hanging on Frank’s body and was unwilling to come down so Frank had to sit with the koala on the sofa in the living room.


Lin Xiaoxin hugged him a while, then took out her mobile phone from her pocket and looked at the time.


“I’m going back.” Lin Xiaoxin said disappointedly, “I still have classes tomorrow morning.”


“All right then.” Frank knew that Lin Xiaoxin never skipped classes. Unlike him, he always skipped classes.


Lin Xiaoxin came down from Frank’s arms and then packed up her own things. Frank took Lin Xiaoxin’s hand and go with her to the bus station. Then the two hugged like a farewell at the station, which attracted the attention of a group of people.


When the bus arrived, Lin Xiaoxin got on the bus and Frank sent her away. He bought some things in the supermarket next to him. Then he went back to his apartment.


When Frank walked to the door, he saw a big man knocking at the door of his own apartment, and suddenly Frank’s expression was tense.


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