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M.I.H.G Chapter 22: Ranked 3rd Rich Man

Just when Frank thought that this man behind the door was a person of Luchen’s gang and he was ready to open the insurance pull ring of his watch anesthesia gun, the big man suddenly spoke.

“Hello, I am your new tenant.”

Well, Frank thought up, today is the time for the new tenant to arrive home. For two days he played with Lin Xiaoxin, Frank has forgotten this matter.

So, Frank quickly said sorry, then opened the door and welcomed the burly man in.

This is a big man with a height of 74 inches and weight is close to one hundred and eight. The muscles on his chest can make ordinary girls lose confidence in life. Although he has the appearance of a yellow race, Frank felt awkward when he looks at this man. He doesn’t look like a Chinese.

When Frank looked at the big man, the big man was also observing Frank. The two men entered the apartment silently, and then Frank poured a cup of tea to the big man. After that started his self-introduction.

“My name is Frank, what is your name?”

“Bruce Wayne.”

“Oh!” Frank responded casually, and poured tea, stood up, wondering where the name Bruce Wayne himself had heard, and how a Chinese person could choose a foreigner’s name.

Frank just wanted to open his mouth and ask, and in an instant, his whole body reacted.

Wait, isn’t Bruce Wayne the real name of Batman?

This person gave himself a fake name. Batman is an American. What native Batman do you wear as a Chinese?

Frank, in the spirit of being leisure, sat on the opposite side of the supposedly Batman and then said to him, “So you are from Gotham, a city with simple folk customs?”

“The law and order in Gotham City are really bad. The word simple folk customs is not used.” Bruce Wayne looked at Frank and said, “But it seems that you have a certain knowledge of me.” 

“I am familiar with American Batman, but I don’t know about native Batman like you. It is also the first time I’ve seen you.”

“Native Batman?” Bruce looked down at the glass on the coffee table in the living room and saw what he looked like, and then he smiled at Frank. “It seems that you have misunderstood. I am indeed American, but when I came to be changed the appearance, so staying in China would not be noticeable.”

Bruce said, taking out a few small darts from his pocket, the darts look like bat darts.

“Sorry.” Frank said quickly, “I misunderstood you.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Bruce Wayne was handsomely back.

Bruce Wayne, known as Batman, is a superhero of the American DC Comics, and the first superhero in the history of comics without superpowers.

Although he has no superpower, this Batman is a hero who can compete with Superman, and he is called the brain of the Justice League. His physical indicators have reached the peak of human beings.

Of course, Batman is not the most powerful, but his knowledge reserves, we can look at the achievements of this guy before the age of thirty.

Among them, he obtained five occupations, namely detectives, strategists, scientists, tacticians, and commanders.

He then studied biology, physics, mathematics, engineering, geography, theology, and history. At the age of 21, he obtained a degree in criminology, law, computer science, chemistry, and engineering. At the age of 23, he mastered the ability to adapt to all environments and was familiar with the security system and used various obstacles. At the age of 25, he further advanced to a higher degree in biology, physics, advanced chemistry and engineering. At the age of 26, Bruce studied law, medicine, advanced computer engineering, mastered advanced personal equipment systems, and mastered a secret database of criminal information. He also learned to master materials science and micro-device manufacturing techniques to make his secret armor equipment.

In addition, he has won many titles that ordinary people can’t get for a lifetime, including martial arts masters who are proficient in 127 kinds of fighting techniques in the world. They are considered to be the best detectives in the world and master the masters of 17 mainstream languages. These include Mandarin and Cantonese.

Other titles include such as threatening Daren, interrogation masters, skill masters: gymnastics and skill experts, masters of escape, masters of camouflage, masters of tracking, and so on.

It can be said that if the earth is a game, then the highest level in the game of Earth is Bruce Wayne.

Of course, those who have superpowers are added to the plug-in, not counting.

However, in the end, Batman is also plug-in. Once again, someone in the Justice League asked Bruce Wayne what the superpower was. Bruce said with pride: “Rich!”

Bruce Wayne is indeed very rich, and Bruce Wayne ranks third in the wealth rankings of many heroes.

The first is, of course, the Black Panther, the king of a certain African country, occupying all the Vibranium in the world, the second is the Iron Man, and the third is Bruce Wayne. 

However, the big man’s whole wealth in his world seems to have nothing to do with Frank’s.

“This is my second time in China. I didn’t have time to visit this beautiful city last time. This time I should have a chance.”

Bruce Wayne did come to China once in his youth, but that time he went to a prison in a Siberian labor camp where he did not know where.

Frank still very admired the dark knight who insisted on not killing, so Frank took out his own computer, opened a map of Haiping City, and then said to Bruce, “This is our map of Haiping City. You can see if there is any place you want to go, I will take you there.”

“Of course it’s a poor tour. I can’t afford to invite you where it’s too expensive.” Frank added a sentence.

“Okay. I am also a poor person here, this is a really fresh experience.” Bruce said as he looked at the more interesting places on the map.

At this time, Frank received a short message: wbbjl, the sender is Fan Xuejie (Frank’s sister Mary).

What do you mean?

Frank looked at this inexplicable text message and just wanted to go back to a phone call and ask, Bruce looked up at Frank and said, “You seem to have trouble.”

Frank thought of the high intelligence quotient of the gentleman in front of him, “Look at this text message, someone sent it to me.”

Bruce looked at the text message and frowned. “If you look at the Chinese Pinyin, the text message is like I was kidnapped?”

Really, but who will kidnap Fan Xuejie?

Frank thought of playing back and trying it for the first time. If it was a robber, Frank Sister would definitely not be able to answer the phone so he could call the police.

“I suggest you wait,” Bruce said. “This text message is sent too quickly, which means that the owner of the mobile phone is likely able to use the mobile phone for a very short time now, and can’t speak, so he will choose the mobile phone method instead of the phone or social software.”