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M.I.H.G Chapter 25: Interrogation Master

On the highway where few cars pass, a magnificent Wuling approached a white Harvard H6 quickly. Apparently, the people on the Harvard wagon realized something was wrong and began to increase their speed and tried to get rid of Wuling Hongguang.

But it is already late. and the hook launcher in the Batmobile had launched a gripping hook, firmly grasping the Harvard H6, and then with his own great horsepower, took the Harvard H6 to the wilderness next to the road.

The Harvard H6 faced the huge pressure of the Batmobile. There was no way to resist at all. The entire car was towed away. The people in the car only thought of jumping and running away at this time, but this is already late!

Because Harvard’s grip performance is not strong, so in the Batmobile, under the vigorous pull, quickly opened the in-situ, roll mode. The whole car rolled like a football in the wasteland, rolling while being pulled forward by the Batmobile.

Frank saw the situation of the Harvard car through the screen inside the Batmobile. He asked Bruce, “In this case would Fan Xuejie be in danger in the car?”

“No.” Bruce looked at the situation of the Batmobile and said to Frank, “This kind of rollover will only cause minor injuries, and we will also make the other party mistake that we are only seeking revenge, then will not take hostages to threaten us.”

Bruce said, manipulating a tail of the Batmobile, hooks, and claws attached to the tail, the Harvard car was reoriented and re-parked in the Wasteland.

Bruce and Frank got out of the Batmobile. Bruce first used the bat dart to separate the fuel tank of the Harvard car. A not much of gasoline suddenly flowed out of the Harvard car, and the Harvard car could no longer escape.

Of course, Bruce was not afraid of the car explosion because the fuel tank will not explode at all. In general, automobiles are mostly spontaneous combustion in automobile accidents. The fuel tank explosion only exists in movies.

Bruce’s tall body came first to the side of the Harvard car. At this time, a man crawled out of the Harvard car. With a short-handled machete in his hand. The scabbard on the machete had not yet been removed. Bruce had already grabbed him. before the man grabbed a knife, and then gave him a punch on his stomach, so that made this man completely lost his fighting power.

Then Bruce violently opened the door on the back seat of the Harvard car and pulled it like a piece of paper, which made the people inside shiver.

Frank quickly looked behind Bruce and found that there were only a few men in the car, but he did not see Fan Xuejie.

“There is no Fan Xuejie in it!” Frank said to Bruce with his own poor English.

Bruce nodded to show that he knew, and then pulled all the other men out of the car. Giving them a punch to make them on the ground and lose their fighting power.

Then Bruce found one of these people, was obviously much weaker than the others, and wear very high grade, so Bruce put this person up and asked him, “Mobile phone!”

“What Mobile phone! I don’t know what phone it is!” the man who was captured said to Bruce as he endured the pain from his stomach.

Frank hurriedly called Fan Xuejie’s cell phone again and found that one of them had a cell phone ringing.

Frank walked quickly and kicked the person’s head, and took his mobile phone out. Frank found the caller ID of his past on the mobile phone.

Although the telephone card is opened by Fan Xuejie’s phone, the waiting screen was not Fan Xuejie’s.

 Frank clearly remembers that Fan Xuejie used an Oppo mobile phone, and the man’s mobile phone was Xiaomi. Frank had carefully looked at the photos on the mobile phone and found that it was the self-portrait of the person who was just knocked down by him. So this is definitely not the phone of Fan Xuejie. And just use the phone card of Fan Xuejie.

Frank walked over and said some things to Bruce. Bruce looked at this mobile phone and then said to Frank, “This robber should have taken away her mobile phone shortly after kidnapping your sister. Hand it over to him.”

“Then why the mobile phone was gone, and the mobile phone card was still here?”

“Because this person did not follow the instructions of the boss, and completely disposed of Fan Xuejie’s mobile phone. Instead, he took the mobile card back and plugged it into his mobile phone.

“Isn’t he doing this to mislead the police and us?” Frank is a bit puzzled.

“It’s just to save a little bit of money.” Bruce said on the screen of the 4G traffic sign on the screen of the mobile phone, said to Frank, “This person is probably afraid of being bored in the car, so he wants to surf the Internet on the road, but he can’t afford the traffic fee. So he simply takes someone else’s card to use it, when the card number deducts a lot and the network is cut off, he can throw away the phone card at will, which is also a process.”

“He doesn’t know which he uses for traffic on the backstage of a communications company. He doesn’t know what small sites will know websites you use. Doesn’t that mean exposing his social account completely?!”

“In fact, it is not so serious. After all, it is only possible to find a clue. If this group of people can escape abroad after the kidnapping, it is generally impossible to trace them.”

“Nonsense!” Batman held the weaker man in his hand, the man spoke. “We didn’t kidnap anyone. That phone card was picked up from the roadside!”

“Don’t pretend to be innocent!” Frank walked over to this man, looked at it, and said, “Where you took Fan Xuejie? Do not be scruple quick say it.”

“Yuck, less wronged people.” This man still looked a face of disdain.

“You have to think clearly, be honest, be Collaborator, resistance doesn’t benefit, and that no one will come to see you when you are in prison.”

In the face of Frank’s inquiry, the man did not say a word and still played cool there. At this time, Frank felt like an unscrupulous villain who had no evil to torturing an honest protagonist.

The effect of the interrogation was so bad. Frank was wondering if he could use a piece of electric shock stick to let them know the horror of Yang Yongxin.

But Bruce put a hand and gestured to Frank.

Bruce glanced at the man and then said to him, “Is he just married soon?”

The man, who was still calm, suddenly looked at Bruce like a one who received a slap in the face, and soon he regained his pretentious look, but it was already late.

Bruce already knew that he had just put your finger on the wound, so he continued to say to the man, “You are Dad and had a daughter.”

“Who the hell are you?”