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M.I.H.G Chapter 24: Let’s Follow Him!

Li Zihao is the leader of this group of the rich second generation also the leader of this group of drag racing troupes. His car was orange, and the cost of repairing it is enough to buy a Bentley Koenigsegg CCR.

This is a super sports car with a top speed of 395 kilometers per hour and a record of 388 kilometers per hour. The average F1 professional racing car only reaches three hundred kilometers per hour.

Of course, this speed is required by the site. Although the quality of the highway leading to ghost city is similar to that of the highway.  It’s a pure dream, after all, to run three hundred kilometers per hour. After all, let’s do it. The state’s requirements for highways are only about 120 kilometers per hour.

This speed can be achieved as long as it is a reliable sports car.

So the group of bikers was also taking advantage of the fact that there was little traffic on the highway, and the speed soared to about 100 kilometers per hour. They talked with each other on their walkie-talkies, racing and chatting.

Their speed was not to be faster, but once this speed is exceeded, in case something happens, it is estimated that the end of it be the dead.

“Zihao!” A girl’s charming voice came from the walkie-talkie. “You’re not going to be able to make the best performance with this kind of car in the road. You might as well buy a Lamborghini.”

“Don’t let me start on your PL580, more than two million cars are also called sports cars.” As Li Zihao spoke, he stepped on the accelerator and increased the speed of the sports car a lot.

“Chen Shao, aren’t you the eldest son of the central government? When will you make him build a special road dedicated to supercar race so that we can have a good time?” Li Zihao shouted at the walkie-talkie.

He said that Chen Shao was named Chen Jian, and his father was an important official of the Central Committee. He counted the three generations of the Red Cross.

“The central government is arrogant.” Chen Shao muttered in the walkie-talkie. “My father is an official of the Qingshui Yamen, he can manage the work of repairing roads?” You each have a fortune of tens of billions of Yuan. It’s no big deal to pay for one, pay to fix this big deal.”

Just when as a few people were talking nonsense, the owner of the last sports car suddenly shouted, “I’ve been overtaken!”

“You have been overtaken?” Li Zihao was a bit puzzled. “Which late friend has arrived?”

Just as Li Zihao spoke, some people began to shout that they had been overtaken. After all, Wuling Hongguang and Qiu Mingshan are very famous stalks. People often like to stick Wuling Hongguang’s logo on their sports cars!

“Is this Wuling Hongguang!” Chen Jian, who runs in second place, shouted, “He’s over me, Zihao. He’s running after you!”

Li Zihao hurriedly shouted to the walkie-talkie, “Tell me what car it is?”

“Wuling Hongguang! It is a Wuling Hongguang!” The incredible voices of those who have been overtaken are coming out of the walkie-talkie.

“I asking about the car, not the logo!” Li Zihao did not react at the moment, thinking that they were talking about the car sticker on the car. After all, Wuling Hongguang and Koenigsegg are a very famous stalk. Everyone likes to stick the logo of Wuling Hongguang on their sports car, including the Koenigsegg, which is now on his drive.

“It is Wuling Hongguang!” Chen Jian, who was running in second place, also shouted,” He overtook me, Zihao, and he chased towards you!”

Li Zihao heard Chen Jian’s voice and hurriedly turned his head to see a standard Wuling Hongguang car approaching his Koenigsegg.


Li Zihao subconsciously stepped on the gas pedal and increased the speed of his sports car to 150 kilometers per hour.

‘At this time, I don’t care if I can roll over. I can’t really let a Wuling Hongguang pass me!’

But what Li Zihao doesn’t know is that this is not an ordinary Wuling Hongguang, but a Batmobile in a shell of Wuling Hongguang!

The Batmobile is a super tank built with the combination of sports cars and Hummer.

Its speed was not inferior to the top sports car, and its defense was comparable to the armored car.


Although the cost of the Batmobile has not been said, when the Batman was filmed, the director Tim built a total of five Batmobiles, and Jay Chou spent 65 million Taiwan dollars, equivalent to 13 million yuan. Bruce Wayne bought a high-quality imitation Batmobile modeled after the five Batmobiles.

As you can imagine, in the face of Batman’s Batmobile, any super sports car is scum!

Although Li Zihao has increased the speed of his sports car to 200 kilometers per hour, under the control of Bruce, Wuling Hongguang easily surpassed Li Zihao’s Koenigsegg, leaving two taillights to Li Zihao and then disappearing quickly.

Koenigsegg is not the Batmobile. If Li Zihao overturned, it will be all right. If he raises the speed again, he will probably have an accident. Moreover, he felt that the former Wuling Hongguang did not raise the speed to the maximum.

Li Zihao was forced to start slowing down, slowly parked the sports car on the side of the road. Soon, other sports cars stopped, and the group got off and started to discuss.

“What was the speed of the car just now?” One of them has questioned in surprise.

“Absolutely two hundred!”

“His Wuling Hongguang is not a modified one, is he installing the aircraft engine in the car?”

“You have seen too many movies, one plane engine in a car.”

“The video was recorded on my driving recorder.” One guy guided the boys to the video on his driving recorder and showed it to everyone.

The guy used a tablet to open the video, but they could only see a blurred group of flying images, so he slowed down the speed by dozens of times. This was clear.

A standard Wuling Hongguang has the speed of an airplane, want to abuse a pile of sports cars.

“Modified car?” Someone raised his own questions.

“Which modified car can have this speed!” said a buddy who knows the cars. “Even if you change the engine, the shape and appearance of Wuling Hongguang, what is added is free.”

They looked at each other, how they could not understand the speed of a Wuling Hongguang that exceeded them.

“Interesting.” Chen Zihao looked at the video and then said, “They are going according to this road. The destination must be the ghost town. I want to find this car. Are you going with me?”

“Let’s go together.” they were tickled by this Wuling Hongguang, and couldn’t wait to see it.

Now that the decision had come down, they immediately got in their cars and prepared to follow the direction of the ghost town to find this Wuling Hongguang.

At the same time, Frank and Bruce, who sat in the Wuling Hongguang, also found the vehicle with Fan Xuejie’s mobile phone.