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M.I.H.G Chapter 28: The Private Bilderberg Club

Bruce walked over and opened the door, and then Li Zihao followed Bruce.

As soon as he got on the car, Li Zihao was scared.

Although he was wealthy, the money was only limited to buying the things that others look extravagant, and it was far from self-willed.

As for what is called wayward, everything he sees in front of him was called wayward!

A variety of extremely magical high-tech equipment, projection screens, electronic equipment, devices suspected of being loaded with weapons.

Moreover, when Li Zihao looked the Batmobile when he was outside, he thought the car was just a motor and sheet metal, or something, but when he got inside the car he found that was shielded by a suspended layer.

From what hell is this car, it is simply an armored car, this kind of vehicle, let alone his Koenigsegg, even a main battle tank was not worth the car!

Frank saw Li Zihao coming in and pressed a button directly. The door of Wuling Hongguang Batmobile slowly closed. Bruce immediately opened a projection screen and then asked Li Zihao, “Where are we going?”

Li Zihao reported a position, and Bruce entered the position on the projection screen and the Batmobile started to drive automatically.

“How much are you spent on this car modification.” Although Li Zihao was usually a master who is not in deficiency the money but can not help but want to ask the price in the face of such unimaginable price.

“Forgot it.” Bruce looked at Li Zihao and said, “I have modified a few of this car by myself and generally do not calculate the price.”

In the Batman movies of all ages alone, have as many as five bat cars, so Batman’s bat cars are actually very many Batman’s Batmobiles are indeed more than one, and they all have different shapes. Together with the local identity of Bruce, it is estimated that what is good when making a Batmobile is what to use. On what things, who still also manages the price?

Li Zihao looked at Bruce and knew that he had met the real local tyrants. No, no, no, no, this level is not a local tyrant. After all, the local tyrant was a rich man, but like this one, it is estimated that this is modified. The cost of a car must be over 100 million Yuan. He said that he has modified a few cars, which means that the money he spent on the car alone is worth a factory.

This is the real rich.

However, Li Zihao was still a bit unwilling. He wants to get a car like this. Although the price was a bit expensive, he might ask his father for patronage. So he looked at Bruce and said, “If I want to refit such a car, where should I go to find someone?”

“My parts are made by my butler. If you want to have a similar one, it is recommended that you find a top club to join and let the club collect parts for you, such as private sailing, Bilderberg and the like. The club can fulfill your requirements.”


At this moment, Li Zihao almost thought that Bruce was teasing him. The private Bilderberg club was founded by the Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The global membership is only 130 places and is known as the “ultimate rich club”. The club has its own dedicated seaport, and 20 luxury yachts are available as members. You can go to the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean at any time. It is not necessary for this top club, Huaxia, to be eligible to join, let alone a second generation.

The Bilderberg Club brings together global power elites. Each annual meeting invites only 130 people. Many people think that the Bilderberg Club is a conspiracy theory that changes the world. The place of formation. The Bilderberg Annual Meeting is never held twice in one place, usually on a weekend in May or June each year. According to the news from HSD, the Bilderberg Group pays a large sum of money to the government of the conference every year, sends troops to protect the privacy of the conference, and even uses helicopters to search for intruders.

This club!.

Even if Li Zihao wanted to join, he can’t be eligible to join the club, the conditions of joining are also harsh, and the general people do not have access to the door.

Just as Li Zihao looked at the high-tech inside the car with highly envy, he also drove the car to the place. A short man was standing there.

Frank got off the car with Bruce and Li Zihao, Li Zihao went to the short man’s side, handed a few cigarettes, and then asked about the Yuhua warehouse.

The short man enkindled a cigarette and said to Li Zihao with a strong accent. “This Yuhua warehouse was actually just started to repair, by the time there was two Yuhua warehouse. one is the South, one is the North, but later The manager felt that the two Yuhua warehouses were easy to confuse, so the name of the North Yuhua warehouse was changed, but some old employees still used to call the North Yuhua warehouse.”

At this time, Frank took out the mobile phone, asked the short man to point to the address of the other Yuhua warehouse, and then asked, “Who rent this Yuhua warehouse?

“A private owner, like a tamper with medicines.” The short man said, “Specifically, it’s not a bad place for someone to rent a warehouse. Whatever he does, we don’t care as long as he gives money, even if it is a trafficker drug.”

Frank got the information and then said to Li Zihao, “Something has happened to a friend of mine. We are going to go over there and find my friend now. Let’s separate it.”

Li Zihao looked at the Batmobile with reluctance, and then said, “I don’t know what’s going on, can I help?”

“No thanks!” Bruce smiled politely at Li Zihao. “If you can help us, we will definitely search you, but this is likely to be dangerous. For your safety, you should not go.”

“If we can’t make it, brother, do you think you can help?” Frank said underlined of the Batmobile.

Frank said this, Li Zihao suddenly did not speak.

Two persons who can drive hundreds of millions of one modified car do not need his help. Although Li Zihao knew that this modified car must not comply with the state’s regulations on vehicle refitting, it is estimated that this car will be detained on the spot after the alarm.

However, Li Zihao did not have any idea of doing so. After all, although China is not like Europe and America, rich people must have the right, but a person who can get military armor into the car, the network behind it is estimated to be much stronger than his family, there is no need to set up an enemy in disorder.

So Li Zihao took out his cell phone and smiled at Frank and Bruce. “Can you give me face and leave a micro-signal?”