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M.I.H.G Chapter 30: It Has Nothing To Do With Me!

“They kidnapped me and asked me to check if there was any problem with these goods.”  Fan Xuejie said, pointing to a slightly plump middle-aged man into the ground and saying, “This person, this is the boss.”

When Bruce heard the words of Fan Xuejie, he directly took the fat man aside for questioning and Frank seemed to think of something. He asked Fan Xuejie, “Sister, I remember you were an exchange student in India for half a year in your sophomore year.”


“In other words, it is possible they know you, and they have connections with people that you know and with these drug smugglers, so they chased you and kidnapped you.”

“Don’t let me know who did it, or I’ll kill him.” Fan Xuejie raised her small fist and said angrily. Although she did not encounter any danger this time, the normal girls still have to be afraid when they encounter kidnapping. If the girl who has seen more books in disorder at ordinary times is again the girl who estimates that the first time she is kidnapped, she begins to fantasize about all kinds of limited-level plots, and she can scare herself half to death.

“Everything is fine, everything is ok.” Frank quickly comforted Fan Xuejie.

“It’s not fine, I am scared to death.”  Fan Xuejie’s face was still a bit pale, and then she turned to face Frank, “would you give me a hug.”

“Yes.”  Frank nodded. “But only a hug, don’t do anything else, I am a person with a tenet.”

Fan Xuejie stretched out her hands and held Frank, and said by her mouth, “You are an idiot, you know.” He held her in his arms for ten minutes before her mood slowly stabilized.

At this moment, Bruce finished interrogating the head of the smuggler and came with the fat man, who was utterly insane.

“Frank.” Bruce waved to Frank.

Frank knew that Bruce was going to tell him the result of the trial. So he took Fan Xuejie in his arms with the back against his chest and told to Fan Xuejie let him go to Bruce.

Fan Xuejie’s mental state was basically stable at this time, so he opened his arms and walked to Bruce.

“Do you know Pfizer Clinic?” Bruce said to Frank.

“Seems to have heard it somewhere.” Frank felt that he had a vague impression, but could not remember for a moment.

“You told me the name of the clinic for the first time.” Bruce reminded Frank, “Teacher Katie, and Luchen.”

Frank clapped his hands and remembered where the name of the clinic had been heard.

When Frank and Conan went to Luchen’s home to inquire about the situation, when they went back, they went to the clinic where Luchen was working. The name of the clinic was Pfizer Clinic.

That being said, everything was clear now!

The reason why Luchen can get rid of the financial support of Teacher Katie in a short time and go out independently is that the Pfizer clinic he serves is not a regular clinic to earn money by medical treatment, but to sell smuggled Indian medicines.

You know, the profits of the medicines themselves are quite high, not to mention the smuggling of drugs. They get smuggled cheap medicines from India and then sell them to patients. Even if the price is raised several times, it is estimated to be more than regular channels. The same effect of the medicine is also cheap.

Therefore, this clinic is entirely likely to give Luchen a high salary.

When Luchen was in college, he had a good relationship with a teacher. The teacher later taught Fan Xuejie, and both of them got the opportunity to go to India as an exchange student when they were in university.

So to say that Luchen went to India is not for academic exchanges, but simply for the smuggling team behind him to contact the medicine dealers.

After Luchen killed his wife, the teacher Katie, it was estimated that the smuggling team faced such a sudden situation was overdue.

Knowing that there was no way to get Luchen out. So through some channels, they knew that Fan Xuejie also had an understanding of Indian medicine, so they urgently kidnaped Fan Xuejie over to help them inspect the goods.

It is estimated that this group of people did not think that it was a big deal when they kidnapped people. After all, after the kidnap, they could use money or other means to control Fan Xuejie and let Fan Xuejie serve them like Luchen.

This also led to their lack of strict supervision of Fan Xuejie at the beginning, Fan Xuejie has the opportunity to use her mobile phone to send text messages to Frank.

Everything has been said.

Luchen’s forces were brought out and were destroyed by the Batman regiment. Things went smoothly.

Frank called his old brother Xin, roughly said the situation, made Xin hurry up, after that, captured a team of smuggled medicines, a great thing.

Frank and Bruce tied all of these people together and then dragged the outside men previously knocked out by Bruce’s already into the warehouse.

Because Frank was not sure if Dixie made a fake identity for Bruce, he can get through the identity of the Chinese police system, so Frank could only let Bruce hideaway in the Batmobile first, only needs to pay attention to the location of the pair. Don’t exceed more than 300 feet.

Ten minutes later, Xin took six police cars and more than twenty police officers came.

After Xin came in, he saw the people lying on the floor, although he was a little surprised, but they took the group first, found a 54 pistol and several bullets.

The seriousness of this matter has increased. After all, as long as it involves guns, it is a major case.

Understanding the matter, the police began to pull these criminals to the police cars, and Xin came to ask what happened to Frank, so many people and guns. People who were beaten down by someone, It’s not that Frank also knows any gang boss or something. He brought a group of people here.

But before Xin opened his mouth, Frank said to Xin, “Brother, tell you something. When you make a record, don’t say my existence or how these people were knocked down. You say that you know Fan Xuejie was kidnapped, and then she sent you a message. The rest, including tracking and arrest, are all done by your serious case team. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Wait a minute.” Xin hurriedly waved off Frank, then said. “You first tell me how these people were beaten like this, whether there was a shot in the process.”

“No shots.”  Frank quickly shook his head, and then said to Xin, “This is all, my friend here helped me to catch those persons, but my friend’s identity is a bit special, cannot be leaked.”  Frank said, with a gesture of a gun.

“In the Army? Running out to play?” Xin subconsciously guessed.

“Shh.”  Frank immediately signaled to Xin not to continue.

Beneath this was a complete misunderstanding and a self-righteous understanding of what is going on.