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M.I.H.G Chapter 31: Food Stalls

After the success of the guide into a misunderstanding, Frank said the general matter to Xin about the general events, which facilitated Xin to make false case records in a moment.

As for the possibility of leaks was very small, after all, the police of these severe cases which originally came to action basically have no credit, but after Frank has done, the credit was all theirs. This is obviously a good thing for future development. Who will refuse?

Moreover, as long as Frank’s original contributor did not show up, Xin’s network was enough to hold back any doubt. This was simply a matter with no risk and only benefits. Xin and other squad members of the police were in charge of another part for how Frank caught these people.

Therefore, all the traffickers in the smuggling of counterfeit medicines were carried into the car by the police in the serious cases unit, and Fan Xuejie, as a witness, had to go to a police car to make transcripts with the police department.

Instead, Frank and Bruce, who had made the greatest contribution, left alone without doing anything. After all, according to the newly fabricated storyline, Fan Xuejie had to wait for the police to call him to say she was saved by the police when she went to the police station to testify.

Frank said goodbye to Xin, and then took the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile of Bruce, and then left.

Xin looked at Frank who took a Wuling Hongguang to leave. He was a bit curious about the identity of Frank’s friend. After all, the soldier didn’t leave in the running away secretly. Xin was very curious to see how the owner of this Wuling Hongguang.

But now is not the time to say this, Xin called the police station to ask to bring some policemen, put a seal on the warehouse, and then take the persons back to the police station.

When Frank and Bruce returned to Haiping City, it was already at night. When Frank looked at the endless street food stalls on both sides of the street, he was a little bit stunned, so he said to Bruce, “Would you like to try some Chinese food.”

“All right.” Bruce did not refuse Frank because of the worrying health situation on both sides of the barbecue stalls.

So Frank happily led Bruce to the various strings.

As a billionaire, the Bruce was approachable, and although he was amiable, he was not a civilian at all.

Frank still remembered that Bruce’s butler in the movie asked Bruce to go out to drive a car. Bruce said he must be discreet, and keep a low profile, so he took a Lamborghini.

For this kind of local tyrant, it is certain that he has not seen the big open-air stalls in China. Frank really found that Bruce was a bit cautious at the beginning, but after he took off his suit, it was much better.

But even so, Bruce has attracted the attention of many people around. After all, a one-meter-eighty big man, an exquisite person is obviously incompatible with the atmosphere of the food stalls.

“Handsome man, touch a cup?” While Frank was introducing Bruce to what delicious food there was, a beautiful woman wearing a dress with a navel-bare came waving over, with a glass of draft beer in her hand.

“I am sorry, I don’t have any wine,” Bruce said with both hands up.

After all, Frank and Bruce sat down, and there was no wine.

“It doesn’t matter.” The beauty filled the glass in her hand with wine, drank the glass full of wine and then turned it upside down in front of Bruce. There was no wine left in the glass.

The beauty then poured another glass of beer and handed him the cup that she had drunk from to Bruce. “Drink with me one glass.”

“Thank you very much for your drink.” Bruce took the glass, turned the place that the beautiful woman had just drunk to the other side, then drank it, drank the whole glass, and took back the action of the beautiful woman, turned the glass upside down, indicating that there was no drop.

Although Bruce and the beauty have done the same thing, how can we say that the beauty action shows how good it feels and Bruce’s action is really deep in the bones of elegance?

Frank only saw Bruce can do it and drink beer at a high-end bar to drink cocktails.

Sure enough, some things are engraved in the bones.

The beautiful saw Bruce’s movements, and the light in his eyes became stronger. She looked at Bruce and said, “Our table is on the other side, would you like to join us at our table?”

Frank was about to refuse, but Bruce nodded suddenly and agreed. “I accept.”

Laobu, yes Laobu.

Frank heard that Bruce nodded and agreed, and immediately he was shocked. He didn’t expect to be a big-eyed guy, how to learn Iron Man Tony Stark, these playboys, see one girl and go forward.

However, since Bruce decided this way, Frank couldn’t do anything, so the two didn’t have anything to go to, and went straight to the table of the beauty.

“My name is Han Zhenzhen.” Beauty introduces herself while walking.

“Frank.” Frank nodded, and then pointed to Bruce, “Call him Laobu.”

Frank did not dare to let Bruce introduce himself again. Otherwise, Bruce said that he is called Bruce. When a friend of Han Zhenzhen asks, it is not easy to explain.

“Looking very young, why is he called Laobu (means old man).” Han Zhenzhen licked her lips.

“I’m really old enough to be your father.” Bruce winked his eyes and made a joke.

However, this is true. If you count according to the year when Bruce was born, don’t say that he is a father. It is enough to be a grandfather.

“Father? It sounds exciting.” Han Zhenzhen provoked and said with amusement, “Although I can’t see you on my face, I can treat you as my father’s generation.”

The three of them talked a few words, and they were already in front of Han Zhenzhen’s table.

This is a table where two men and three women are sitting. Han Zhenzhen sat in the past with them and introduced a few people to Bruce and Frank.

It is shocking that the two men on the table saw Han Zhenzhen leading the two men over, and there was no hostility on the face.

Frank sat down, and the other one on the table at the table was slightly clear, looking like a prostitute, but there was always a wild girl in her bones. She immediately approached him and said to Bruce, “Uncle, you are so handsome, you don’t lack a girlfriend.”

“Little girl, but this is the first one I hooked up with.” Han Zhenzhen rubbed the girl’s head and pointed to Frank. “Isn’t this a small handsome guy?”

The girl looked at the bottom of Frank and suddenly turned his eyes to Frank. “Handsome, I am missing a boyfriend to accompany me tonight, do you have a suitable introduction to me.”

Well, Frank looked at the fierce girl. Although she knew it was only a joke, she opened her mobile screen and said, “I have an object.”