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M.I.H.G Chapter 32: Picking Up Girls!

“How could that be?” The girl was a little upset. “What, boys are either good quality or have been taken in by others.”

“Think about what you said, we’re still single, you mean we’re in bad quality?”

A boy on the table, who was drinking, immediately shouted at the girl, who has said these words.

“If you say something wrong, punish the bartender.” Han Zhenzhen said and took out a large draft beer. “Come on, it’s boring.”

“Too little, why do you have to have a few more cups?” The two boys got up.

“Don’t make trouble.” Han Zhenzhen looked at the two boys and said, “You know that she doesn’t drink much.”

“You can’t drink and drink.” A boy exaggerated his chest and said, “You hurt my heart and laughed.”

“Come on, you two. You have the same thick skin as the wall. No one knows who hurt you.”

Although Han Zhenzhen is trying hard to get around, the two boys still think hard about drinking first, watching a few people play, Bruce interjected and said: “I can substitute the wine with something else, does it comply with the rules?”

“How do you feel, man, you’re talking to foreigners?” A boy put an eight-fist-sized measuring cup on the table. “Drink this one at a time, that’s all.”

“Okay,” Bruce said that, took the measuring cup, and started drinking like a cow.

The boy saw Bruce really dare to drink, and immediately shouted. “Hey, brother, I am joking.”

But Bruce had waved his hand to the boy and Han Zhenzhen who wanted to stop him, indicating that the two should not interpose.

Bruce raised the measuring cup by forty-five degrees, and a large quantity of beer from the mug came into his mouth. At that moment, Bruce seemed to feel that the measuring cup was too big and that one hand could easily drop it, so he held out his other hand. As he grabbed the cup in between his hands and put it in his mouth.

Bruce was supposed to be advised not to take a sip of luster. When he saw Bruce’s action, he stopped and sat back in his seat. He was not worried about Bruce at all.

The other few people saw Frank’s movements and felt that even Frank’s companion was not worried. Maybe Laobu really had the ability. So they stopped the persuasive action and stood there watching Bruce. Drink a glass of beer in one shot.

“Great, my brother.” The two boys saw the performance of Bruce and immediately began to clap their hands.

“Yes, I can’t see it.” Han Zhenzhen looked at the beer traces on Bruce’s lips and the slightly messy shirt collar. She clapped her hands and said, “You was originally a rich man who went to the food stalls to find a fresh feeling. But now, you are an old driver.”

“If it is driving age, then I am indeed an old driver.” Bruce looked at Han Zhenzhen.

“I like you guys who play cold humor all the time.” Han Zhenzhen said as she sat down with Bruce.

At this time, Frank had ordered a variety of skewers and cold dishes on the food stalls. Few people had a few drinks. The cold plates and the skewers had already come up first. Frank took a few skewers of chicken to Bruce.

“What is this?” Bruce took a bite and asked.

“It’s just delicious. You don’t have to ask what it is.” Frank blinked at Bruce.

“It won’t be the part of the chicken that is used for reproduction.” Bruce looked at Frank guessing.

“Hahaha, you are really funny.” Frank had spoken to you. The girl named Siyan looked to Bruce with a smile. “Chicken gizzard is the chicken’s internal organs, and the bullwhip, Sheep Whip, and Tiger Whip. These are the parts of animals.”

“That’s good.” Bruce was fortunate. “I can still accept guts. If it’s genitals, I think it’s a bit of a breakthrough in my diet to stuff animal genitals into a person’s mouth.”

“I would like to have a few donkey whips to eat, let me say this, I feel disgusted.”

“Oh, sorry,” Bruce said to Frank without sincerity.

“It looks like it’s the first time I’ve come to the food stalls.” Han Zhenzhen came to the side of Bruce and asked, “Where have you been, how can you not even know the chickens? Have you ever eaten the skewers?” Frank saw that Han Zhenzhen was curious and knew that it was not good. After all, the big foodie empire people where do the people eat don’t know chicken gizzard.

Then Frank explained, “Laobu is a Singaporean, it was not long before he came to China.”

“My job this time is to stay for a few days.” Bruce looked at Han Zhenzhen.

“That’s a coincidence. My task is to have a good time for a few days. Would you like to join me?” Han Zhenzhen looked at Bruce and said.

“Okay.” Bruce agreed without hesitation.

Laobu, Laobu.

Frank looked at Bruce, who had promised to do so, and almost didn’t spit out the chicken gills he had just eaten.


It seems that Superman has a girlfriend. In fact, Batman is single.

We don’t believe that Master Wayne doesn’t even have a girlfriend. If this kind of male with God quality cannot find a girlfriend, How to make Frank’s silk work?

However, Frank did not know before, whether Batman had a girlfriend in the end, after all, Frank only saw a few movies of Batman, it seems that Bruce does not have a true girlfriend.

So Frank took out a mobile phone search.


Frank found that he was too young, too young.

Batman Bruce Wayne, though he doesn’t have a proper girlfriend, is a warm, ambiguous object.

Batman Bruce Wayne doesn’t have a real girlfriend, but people have something to do with it.

Batman has been through Lois Lane (Superman’s Girlfriend), and Poison Ivy relationship is warm. Ignorance is said to have had an affair with Wonder Woman, and the cartoon history of the two most chick characters, is Wayne and Stark, from female teammates to female villains to female passers-by a no let go.

I am too young, and Frank blinks.

It seems that Mr. Wayne is developing an ambiguous object while he’s on the string.

After all, even Superman’s girlfriend dares to be ambiguous.