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M.I.H.G Chapter 33: Money!

The few people were drinking together at the food stalls until more than eleven o’clock at night. Several other people were already drunk and confused. Only, Bruce who only drank a little wine, and Frank, who was not drunk, is remained awake.

Fortunately, the other few were just drunk, and they were not delirious. They asked the boys for their address. Frank first sent the two boys away, and then the other three girls could not give him where they lived, especially Han Zhenzhen. She was hanging on Bruce’s body.

“Well!”  Frank looked at the three girls and thought. “Are these girls so informal these days and not afraid of being picked up?”

Let’s just say they are drunk and get drunk, and don’t ask their family to come and pick them up.”

Frank looked at the three girls and had no choice but to let Bruce hang one girl in one hand, then carry one other and bring them to the hotel.  Frank opened the room with his ID card.

Fortunately, because of the large stalls and bars around here, the hotel requirements are not so strict, as long as there is an ID card to open the room, other people’s ID cards will not be checked.

At the front desk of the hotel, with a look of envious eyes, Frank and Bruce carried the three girls into the hotel and threw them on the bed.

Because it was a big bedroom, the bed was big enough for the three girls to lie in it, Frank and Bruce untied the three women’s neckline, took off the shoes, and then pulled the quilt out and covered the body of the three girls.

“Now, do we go back?”  Frank asked Bruce.

“What if something happened?” Bruce took Frank’s mobile phone to check, and then returned the cell phone to Frank, “If one of the three of them died of sudden illness or suffered from other people’s injury or something in the evening, the two of us will be liable for it.”

“It seems that there is such a saying.”  Frank nodded, and then remembered news he had seen the other day, saying that several friends had gone to drink, and one of them died, while the others were sentenced.

Frank and Bruce sat on the two chairs beside the small table in the room, and then Frank asked Bruce, “What kind of person is Superman?”

“Clark!” Bruce said, looking at Frank. “To be honest, I don’t like him very much.”

“Why?”  Frank looked at Bruce a little surprised. Although the contradiction between Batman and Superman is not to say no, they should not cherish each other, heroes cherish heroes?

However, Bruce’s answer made Frank a bit surprised.

“Do you know the diction? The poor depend on mutation, the rich rely on technology.” Bruce shrugged and said to Frank. “But Clark is neither dependent on mutation nor technology. He relies on genes, even if he has not passed any hard work, he can also blow everything.”

“Yes.” Frank can understand this feeling very much because, in high school, Frank’s class has a learning spirit. He basically skipped classes, browsing on the Internet and did everything. He hardly ever had to be entrusted with serious study. However, he almost took the first five examinations and finally went to a good university.

And Frank’s hard work was only a middle-class person. Naturally, there is no way for a person who is superior to you at the genetic level.

This kind of person is neither hateful nor admirable, and really cannot be liked.

“But, Laobu.” Frank looked at Bruce and said, “Clark is awesome. But he has no money. ”

“So my superpower is actually rich.” Bruce picked an eyebrow.

“Required.” Frank poured two glasses of water and one for Bruce.

“In fact, I don’t care if I have money.” Bruce looked up at the window and said to Frank. “My wish is that Gotham will become like your city in the future.”

“Haiping City.” Frank looked out at the shiny streetlights and the brightly lit food stalls and night market.

“Although I have a lot of dissatisfaction with this city, overall I like my hometown, I will not say its shortcomings in front of outsiders.”

“No matter what shortcomings the city has, but the city has such a nightlife, it is enough to make up for everything.” Bruce looked at the night market outside the window and continued, “This open-air nightlife, not to mention in Gotham City, It is impossible to imagine in many places in the United States, knowing why I am used to traveling at night, because, on the night of Gotham City, there is only crime.”

“It’s not that exaggerated,” Frank said, looking at Bruce. “In many cities in the United States, I heard that my friends who went abroad to study said that law and order are also good. Although China is very good in this area, it is not good. It is necessary to devalue other countries maliciously.”

“You probably misunderstood something,” Bruce said. “If you just compare the city, some cities in the United States are definitely not comparable to China, but if you take a few neighborhoods, the security of some neighborhoods is definitely better. Huaxia’s city.”

Bruce looked at Frank and said, “According to my understanding, your police force in China is generally allocated according to the population, but not like the United States.”

“Our police force is distributed according to taxes. In the neighborhood where the poor gather, even if you are robbed on the road, the police will not necessarily go out, but it is different in the rich.”

Bruce’s opponent Frank explained, “Because the taxation of the rich areas is high, the police’s income and bonuses will be high. They will patrol 24 hours a day, even if they meet a drunkard on the street. All the residents in the neighborhood send text messages to remind them that there are drunker here so that they don’t want to come to the street for a while. Then they will check it out. If the drunkard is a resident in the neighborhood, they will take the initiative to send the drunkard back home, if not, they will throw the drunkard out of the block. After the process is finished, they will send a text message to tell all the residents in the neighborhood that the danger has been checked and can pass.”

“So intimate?!”

“Must, because they always have to let taxpayers know the value of their money, so taxpayers will not go to other neighborhoods.”

“The money is the father of the nation. No wonder the waves of rich people run there.”

 “The premise is that you really have money.”