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M.I.H.G Chapter 34: You Slept!

Frank and Bruce sat and chatted. After two or three hours, Han Zhenzhen suddenly got up.

Frank turned his head and saw that Han Zhenzhen has straightened up. He thought she slowed over, but he did not expect that the girl would start undressing without a word.

She took off the T-shirt, took off the jeans, threw away the mobile phone and picked up the jewelry.

In less than five minutes, a fresh, hot, fragrant beauty appeared in bed wearing only underwear.

“It’s so hot.” Han Zhenzhen did not continue to take off but began to twist her body, and she began to groan.

Frank did not react shamefully.

In fact, men are unable to control their normal physiological reactions.

But compared the rookie Frank, Bruce behaved like an old driver.

Frank saw that Bruce had picked up the water cup and began to enjoy the hot body of Han Zhenzhen while drinking water.

“Not bad!” Bruce turned his head and said to Frank, “I bet this girl has learned to dance. She has good muscles in her thighs and legs.”

Frank’s level was not enough to become an old driver like Bruce. He bowed his head and looked at the water cup. There was no sound for a while.

However, Han Zhenzhen obviously did not intend to let Frank go.

She squatted and moaned on the bed. After a while, she spoke again, “Water, I am thirsty, I want to drink water.”

Frank picked up a bottle of mineral water on the table and just wanted Bruce to give drink at Han Zhenzhen, but Bruce blocked Frank’s movements and then whispered to Frank. “In ten of seconds, she will come by herself.”

“Ten.” Bruce counted out the first sound with a smile. Frank saw that Han Zhenzhen as if she had been enchanted, she got out of bed on her own initiative and walked towards Bruce, twisting her waist as she walked.

In a hurry, Frank only saw that Han Zhenzhen’s body was wearing a set of black lace underwear. He didn’t know anything else, but Bruce turned up his legs and watched Han Zhenzhen come.

“I am thirsty.” Han Zhenzhen said that and she fell towards Bruce. Bruce bent his arms and held Han Zhenzhen, and then said, “Open your mouth.”

Han Zhenzhen looked at Bruce blurred and opened her mouth with a kiss.

“Open your mouth wide.” Bruce looked at Han Zhenzhen and said again.

Han Zhenzhen heard Bruce’s words, naughtily opened her red lips, and then took out her tongue like a snake.

But at the moment when Han Zhenzhen took out her tongue, Bruce accurately stuffed the water cup between Han Zhenzhen’s two rows of teeth and poured half of the water into Han Zhenzhen’s mouth.

“Cough, cough!” Because she drank too much water, Han Zhenzhen suddenly coughed, and many small streams of water flowed along the lines of Han Zhenzhen’s lips.

Bruce took out a piece of paper with a smile, carefully wiped Han Zhenzhen’s lips, and then patted Han Zhenzhen’s back. He pushed Han Zhenzhen’s body out of his arms and straightened it.

“Are you awake?” Bruce looked at Han Zhenzhen and said.

Han Zhenzhen’s eyes have long since disappeared the disguised blurred, with a little indignation, said, “I’m awake.”

“Then the two of us will leave.” Bruce glanced at Han Zhenzhen, and said,” The fate will connect us again.”

Frank and Bruce walked out of the room. And at the background of their walking. Was Han Zhenzhen’s fateful eyes.

“Bruce, am I bothering you to pick up girls.” Frank blinked at Bruce and said, “Would you like me to get a room next door for you.”

“No, no, not because of you,” Bruce said to Frank. “It’s because of underwear.”

“Underwear?”  Frank looked at Bruce and did not understand.

“Did you see that hot lady’s underwear?”

“I saw it, a set of black lace, what’s the problem?”

Bruce looked at Frank, and the old driver’s temperament came out incessantly gushing out “Remember a proverb, if you push a girl, if you find that the girl is wearing a suit of underwear, then you are the one sleeping who was sleeping.”

Bruce said that and went to the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile. Frank also chased him with a black face.

“Bruce, wait a minute. Why am I the one sleeping?”

Frank and Bruce returned home, because they were too tired after a busy day, so they went straight to sleep.

By the time Frank woke up the next day, it was already three o’clock PM.

Frank blinked his eyes and then went to the bathroom to wipe his face. When he came out, he saw a cup of soy milk on the table in the living room, a sandwich and a complete peeling clean egg.

Bruce was sitting on the sofa of Frank at this time to see some magazines that Frank usually bought.

“Come on, eat fast, it’s been twenty-one minutes since the food came out of the pot. It’s almost over the best taste period.”

“Bruce, Don’t you tell me that you did all this?” Frank looked at Bruce with his eyes wide open.

“Not all of them.” Bruce said to Frank, “Soy milk is bought downstairs, because, although you have a soybean milk machine in your home, it has not raw materials.”

“If you add a glass of milk, it’s a pure Western breakfast.” Frank did it while glaring at Bruce.

“It’s so touching. I’m about to bend.”

“If you want to bend, then I recommend you go to the prison in Gotham City, they serve the same breakfast,” Bruce said without raising his head.

“I refused.” Frank began to enjoy breakfast. Batman’s breakfast can be qualified to enjoy very few.

“Right,” Bruce said to Frank. “During your sleeping time, your mobile phone has been shaking. It’s supposed to be calling, and there are social software messages.”

“Let me see.” Frank finished his sandwich with a few mouthfuls. He took an egg in one hand and found his cell phone on the table with the other hand. Then he opened it.

Sixteen missed calls.

Ten are from Xin and six are from Fan Xuejie.

Seven short messages, one was Lin Xiaoxin’s good morning, the other was Xin’s letting Frank go to the police station to find him the earlier possible, and the other five are Fan Xuejie’s. The content of the short messages was about Frank’s thanks and inviting to have dinner.

Frank first gave Lin Xiaoxin a good morning message and then called Xin.

“Why you didn’t answer the calls?” Xin’s tone seemed to be anxious.

“I went back home late last night, just woke up.”   

“Come here as soon as possible. Something’s wrong.” Xin said seriously.