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M.I.H.G Chapter 35: Gray!

After Xin finished the phone call, Frank suddenly had a bad feeling. If it were a normal process, Xin would not talk to him so seriously. There must be a problem.

Is there a darker group behind this smuggling gang?

Frank told Bruce about it. Bruce calmly said to Frank. “Probably there will be no hidden forces behind it, but the smuggling team will be covered.”

Bruce looked at Frank and said, “Smuggling is usually accompanied by rent-seeking rights, so you are likely to encounter a big problem.”

“Trouble!” Frank rubbed his temple and said, “Fortunately our family is not the kind without backgrounds.”

“I will try my best to solve the trouble for you before I leave,” Bruce said as he packed the plates and cups on the table.

“We both will go to the police station to see what happen.” That’s the message Frank who sent to Fan Xuejie who was so busy recently, and she didn’t have time to go out for eating, and then Frank went out with Bruce to the police station to find Xin.

Frank and Bruce did not choose to drive the Wuling Hongguang, which attracts people’s eyes, but instead, they took a taxi. When they arrived at the police station, they found that Xin was waiting for them at the door, and Xin looked at Bruce. He frowned and was about to say something, but Frank was one-step ahead of him. “He’s a good friend of mine, come with me, come on.”

“It wasn’t him who knocked those people down that day as Batman.” Said Xin, looking closely at Bruce’s strong figure.

“No,” Frank said to Xin, blinking his eyes.

Frank’s gesture prevented Xin from knowing whether the big man in front of him was the oldest doctor in the college or who was playing Batman in the movies, but that did not matter. Xin asked Bruce to sit in the reception room. Then Frank was called in his office.

“Brother, what happened.” Frank asked Xin, “You seem to be very nervous.”

“I am not nervous, it’s a little trouble.” Xin said, “Frank, those who attack you that day was in a gang that sold Indian smuggled drugs, we knew it, but it was not easy to deal with.”

“Brother, do you mean they’re protected by someone above?” Frank pointed to the ceiling.

“Not only the above but also the below.” Xin said to Frank, “The boss of the drug smuggling is called Sha Jinbao, and the people on the road generally call him Lao Sha.”

“I didn’t know before. Now, at the first trial, I know that this boss monopolizes the underground supply of anticancer drugs and some other expensive drugs in dozens of surrounding cities.”

“Isn’t this a big case? Shouldn’t it be a great achievement?” Frank asked Xin.

“This depends on what he is smuggling,” Xin said that to Frank was close to the point and then he requests to Frank.

“In fact, buying and selling drugs from India is not a smuggled drug, but a counterfeit medicine.”

“Selling counterfeit drugs?”


Xin lit a cigarette and said. “You know, a lot of medicines in India have the support of the state, so directly ignoring the patent rights and skipping the research and development stage, the cost has become extremely low, but these drugs have not paid royalties. Some have circumvented patents and changed recipes. Although they are essentially the same medicine, they have become a different medicine in the name.”

“These two drugs, one is completely in violation of the WTO and the patent law, and the other is in compliance with the regulations, but there is no clinical report so it can not be regarded as a regular drug. If you enter this in the Chinese market, it will be calculated according to the sale of fake drugs.”

“That is, although these drugs are indeed effective, they can only be called fake drugs.”

“Yes.” Xin looked at Frank and nodded. “Do you know how to judge counterfeit drugs? As long as you run into bad people, who generally have less than three years in contraband. If you are lucky, you will be not sentenced to criminal detention.”

“Although the sentencing time is very short, it is a sentence for good or bad.” Frank said that to Xin and added, “is it because these people are more ruthless and you are afraid, that they will take revenge after three years.”

“That is not this,” Xin said to Frank. “The real trouble lies in the fact that a large part of the medicine in the hands of this group is for a long-term supply to some cancer patients.”

“Believe it or not, If I send this old boss to the court today. There will be a group of dead cancer patients smashing my door tomorrow.”

After listening to Xin’s words, Frank suddenly realized why Xin was so nervous!

The feelings that Frank sent to Xin are also wrapped in bombs!

How many people who dare to judge?!

A group of people who have died of cancer and others is waiting for death, once they have no hope of delaying the last day, who knows what kind of crazy things will be done.

“What should we do now?” Frank asked Xin.

“I just communicated with the bureau. The meaning in the bureau is to catch small enlargement and make money.” Xin shook his cigarette ash and then said to Frank, “The case went according to the process of selling fake drugs. Lao Sha, The suspect, was symbolically sentenced to a small sentence, Lao Sha was released, and the fake drugs were returned to the warehouse after which they entered the process of destruction.”

“The other links are fine. Now the trouble is the kidnapping of Fan Xuejie. Lao Sha agrees to give a compensation for Fan Xuejie. The case is sealed, and then things are gone.”

“It can only be like this.” Frank nodded, and then asked, “Can you confirm that the medicine sold by Lao Sha is indeed an effective medicine from India? Is not produced domestically. And not a fake drug that has no effect.”

“You can rest assured.” Xin said, “I have communicated with the bureau. The character of Lao Sha is still good. If he has been selling the medicine that he has been getting from India. It is estimated that people have already cleaned up. He kidnapped Fan Xuejie because he does not know if the medicine is true or not.”

Xin finished smoking a whole cigarette, then put the cigarette end in the ashtray and crushed it. He looked up at Frank. “Call Fan Xuejie in the evening. Have a meal together. Tell her That’s a misunderstanding.”

“I will say it to Fan Xuejie as fast as I can. As for me, I will not go myself.”

“You can excuse yourself for being in a hurry and shake it off. But we have to see each other to reassure Lao Sha.”


After seeing Frank’s promise, Xin sent Frank out of the office and told him that he is waiting for his call in the night.

After Frank went out, he called Bruce out of the police station.

“It looks like you are in a bad mood,” Bruce asked casually.

Frank told him about Xin’s conversation.

“It’s normal.” Bruce had no accidents. “It shouldn’t be a big joy to face a person who doesn’t know how powerful he is.”

“It’s the end of the happy end, but it’s a little different from what I thought.”

“Do you know why my name is the Dark Knight?” Bruce said faintly. “Because the darkness and light in this world are not so clear, and neither darkness nor light is the most important color. Gray is the main society color.”