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M.I.H.G Chapter 36: Doctor’s Professional Habits

Frank and Bruce came to the door of Haiping Medical University by car, then Frank called Fan Xuejie, and she came out.

Fortunately, Fan Xuejie just happened to help the teacher in the school office to handle the internship of the graduating senior student, so she stayed at the school and received a phone call from Frank.

“Over here.” After Fan Xuejie left the school gate, Frank waved at her. Fan Xuejie came over after seeing Frank.

Although the abduction incident was only a day in the past, the mental state of Fan Xuejie has completely recovered to the same as in the past.

No way, after all, she is a doctor as well a teacher with a big heart, she does not know how many dead she saw and with a little kidnapping that is not dangerous is probably not enough for Fan Xuejie to leave behind any sequelae.

Fan Xuejie wore a light green half sleeve and a large bag in her hand.

“This is?” Fan Xuejie looked up and saw Bruce.

“My friend, Laobu.” Frank patted Bruce’s shoulder and then squinted at Fan Xuejie. “You have seen it.”

“When do I …?” Fan Xuejie said and cut in the middle of the sentence, suddenly she remembered something and realized “it’s that night, he is who caught the wrongdoers.”

‘Well, anyway, your Savior,’ Frank spoke in his heart.

Bruce did not care, politely smiled at Fan Xuejie.

“Thank you so much that day.” Fan Xuejie quickly put her hand forward to Bruce. Bruce and Fan Xuejie shook hands. Then Fan Xuejie turned to Frank and said, “Didn’t you said that you are busy and can’t have dinner? Is my little brother greedy? Sister Xuejie will take you for a hot pot..”

“No, there is something about the gang that sells Indian medicine.”

“That’s it.” Fan Xuejie looked at Frank and guessed what might have happened. Then she raised her bag and said to Frank, “Wait a minute, I’ll send a courier first.”

Fan Xuejie said that and after she walked with Frank to the express station next to the university. Frank looked at Fan Xuejie and asked, “Sister, you have finished the internship, and you plan to go to one hospital, which hospital are you going to go to in the future?”

“Prepare to go to magical capital.” Fan Xuejie said to Frank, “Find a private hospital and prepare for the postgraduate exam as a Graduate student.”

“After work, you would not have time to prepare for the postgraduate study,” Frank said to Fan Xuejie. “I always thought that you were going to stay in university.”

“Still young, I can work hard. Medical students, who want to go out don’t take a postgraduate exam.” Fan Xuejie arrived at the courier station, gave the things to the staff who received the courier, and then began to fill out the courier form.

After writing the courier list for a while, Fan Xuejie got up and was about to leave. The small one who received the courier suddenly stopped her.

“Beauty, you wait.”

“What’s the matter, is there any problem?” Fan Xuejie looked at the little man who received the express delivery.

“Beauty is the doctor of Haiping Medical University Affiliated Hospital?” Expressman looked at Fan Xuejie.

“There during the internship in Haiping hospital.” Fan Xuejie heard the courier man said so, thinking that the courier man had been to cure his illness in the affiliated hospital of the University, so Fan Xuejie was embarrassed to say, “Are you, my former patient? Sorry, memory is not Great, I can’t remember you.”

“The patient is a ghost.” The courier man pointed to the pocket of Fan Xuejie and said to Fan Xuejie, “I know that you are a doctor when you do this action. Every time when a doctor comes near you and sends a courier, I have to buy a new pen.”

Frank looked at the courier’s line of sight and then found that the original man of the courier looked to Fan Xuejie’s own pocket after Fan Xuejie wrote the courier.

Fan Xuejie heard the small man who received the express delivery, and immediately responded, and quickly rushed out the pen of the courier who received the courier from his pocket. Then placed it on the table. “Sorry, sorry, professional habits.”

“Nothing, it is okay, I know that’s a professional habit because I am used to it.” The small man who received the express delivery waved his hand and told Fan Xuejie she can leave.

Fan Xuejie had a little awkwardness and Frank as well in the courier station, Bruce said a little uncomprehending, “Why is your doctor’s professional habit is to put the pen in your pocket.”

“In fact, not only pens, such as thermometers but also other things that are easy to carry, we will put them in our pockets and use them at any time.”

Fan Xuejie said, patted Frank’s shoulder and said to Frank, “You must remember when you are an internship in the future. A hospital is a magical place. Your mobile phone and wallet will not be placed on the table all day. If you let them on the table, someone touched it, but as long as your pen is as your sight, it will not be lost within a minute.”

“Before all, my clinical teacher told us that the common language of doctors and nurses in the hospital is not a medical term at all, but my pen. Who took my pen? How did my pen is disappeared?”

“Know it, when you get it, you do not need to buy a pen every day.” Fan Xuejie looked at Frank and said, “Let’s find a place to eat a hot lunch?”

“No.” Frank pointed to a cafe on the corner of the street and said to Fan Xuejie, “Let’s go there for a cup of coffee.”

“That’s all right.”

The three went into the coffee roll. The name of this cafe is called a private moment. It seems that the name is a love hotel. But in fact, it is especially for those couples. Singles rarely come here to find abuse.

This cafe is not an open space but is a small card pack that is separated by a movable arched wall with good sound insulation.

After you get your own coffee, enter the small card package, and you can completely close the wall around the card package and turn it into a circular enclosed space, which looks like a cylinder from the outside.

Then, they will not know what you are doing inside, even if you are standing there, as long as it is not too wave, people outside will not understand.

The three persons walked over and asked for a middle bag. They ordered two cups of coffee and a cup of Tieguanyin milk tea and entered the private room. Then Frank grabbed the handle and closed the wall completely.

The Tieguanyin milk tea ordered was not for Frank or Fan Xuejie, but for Bruce.

After all, domestic coffee, even if it is expensive, seems to be inferior to the cottage in the drinking of Bruce, so Bruce simply tried the Tieguanyin milk tea with Chinese characteristics.

This kind of mix of tea and milk, Bruce is also the first to see.

“Fan Xuejie.” They sat down, Frank looked at Fan Xuejie and asked, “Did you tell anyone about your abduction before.”

“No!” Fan Xuejie said with drinking the coffee. “I was busy all day. Only I’m dying of illness one day, I guess I’ll have time to contact my friends and say something about it.”