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M.I.H.G Chapter 37: That’s faith.

“This is the case, Fan Xuejie,” Frank told Fan Xuejie about the old boss and the meaning of Xin.

“So that’s it! He wants me to take the money to put things right?” Fan Xuejie asked with a spoon stirring coffee.

“Yes.” Frank nodded and looked at Fan Xuejie. Now he is afraid that Fan Xuejie’s side will not relax, and he must be fair. When he sandwiches himself in the middle between his brother and his sister, he really does not know what to do.

Fan Xuejie looked down for a while, then suddenly looked up and looked at Frank, “Okay.”

“Eh?!” Frank did not expect Fan Xuejie to response so simple, he also prepared a set of persuasion words, did not expect Fan Xuejie actually directly agreed.

“I don’t care about the money.” Fan Xuejie looked at Frank and said, “As you said before, Luchen worked for this smuggling gang before.”

“Yes.” Frank nodded.

“I say so.” Fan Xuejie narrowed her eyes and then said to Frank. “You reply back the others. It doesn’t matter how much closing this folder costs, but I’ll go to work for them. The treatment is based like with Luchen, then I do not go in their clinic, I work in the Haiping hospital, they need to identify the smuggling drugs, where I work in the Haiping hospital.

“Fan Xuejie, you.” Frank instantly stopped.

“What am I?” Fan Xuejie looked at Frank and said, “When you were a senior, I was ready to take part in the examination of the Second Army of Moodu. But then I had to help my teacher deal with university affairs, practice in the hospital and prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam. After that, I collapsed and did not sign up.”

“Isn’t it because of lack of money?” Fan Xuejie’s finger knocked on the table and said, “Our family is an ordinary working family. I have a younger brother. It is bad for me to ask for money at home. If I go directly to the magic side, If the work is ready for postgraduate study, the time is definitely not enough. Now I have a chance to work part-time. Why can’t I hold it?”

“This is also true.” Frank was silent. There is a saying like this. If you are not of a middle-class family, don’t think about being a medical student. Although it is a bit exaggerated, think about it carefully, there is no exaggeration.

At the age of 18, you went to university and graduated from five years, then three years of training. It is best to become a formal doctor in eight years. It can take more than ten years at worst.

According to eight years, you studied at the age of eighteen, and you worked formally at the age of twenty-six. Your friends, classmates, are very likely to be married, and you have just turned to work.

The salary is different in all places, but it is definitely not high among the students who score the same score in the college entrance examination.

Then you start to graduate slowly in your work following your qualifications. Before you are thirty years old and if you are lucky and you really want to earn money. You can only be thirty-five years old.

The doctor is of late career, so you have to consider your family situation before you study medicine.

How to do marriage, to buy a house, how to do a car, how to do a bride price.

If you have a partner who doesn’t care about these, then there is no problem. But in fact, you’re not very likely to.

Therefore, if the family is not in good condition and can give you financial support in the early stage, don’t choose to study medicine easily, or you will change careers in the middle.

There is a saying how to come.

Advise people to study medicine and thunder.

When Frank was a sophomore, there was an adorable child in the department. He was lying on the bed and said that he was tired of studying. A few internship doctors and nurses are teasing children and saying that it is easy to go to college.

Frank just passed by, so he inserted a sentence, ‘Let’s study medicine later, it is the easiest to study medicine. ‘

Then, in the department, the director of one of the most famous doctors in the province looked at Frank and asked, “What hatred do you have with people and children? Let children go to school to learn medicine?”

Now, an excellent opportunity to make money is in front of Fan Xuejie. “Let me easily prepare for the postgraduate study,” Fan Xuejie said what to grab!

“That’s all right.” Frank looked at Fan Xuejie and said, “I’ll call them later. I think it’s OK. After all, they are just short of people.”

“You can call him now.” Fan Xuejie looked at Frank and said, “I want to talk to Lao Sha give me his phone number. I will talk to him.”

“Ok.” Frank gestured, and then called Xin to say the situation, to give him the Lao Sha’s phone number, and then Frank gave the phone number to Fan Xuejie.

Fan Xuejie entered the number in front of Frank, and then called the phone number of Lao Sha.

To be honest, this old boss is still very energetic. After all, the person caught yesterday was released on bail today, and the man who covered him estimated his position is not low.

“Hey, boss.” Fan Xuejie said to the phone in a whisper, “I was the one you kidnapped yesterday.”

Well, that sounds strange.

“It’s all right.” Fan Xuejie kept smiling, and then said to Lao Sha that she wanted to take over Luchen’s job. Lao Sha said yes to it with pleasure. Then they exchanged greetings. Fan Xuejie agreed with Lao Sha’s dinner tonight, and the phone hung up.

“I got it.” Fan Xuejie do just then an ok gesture.

“Sister Xuejie, you haven’t talked about how much the sealing fee is.”

“How can such a thing be said openly?” Fan Xuejie said, “I’ll bring a bigger bag with me tonight. I promise there will be a red envelope on the bill. I will give it to you, brother to divide it.”

“Forget it.” Frank waved his hand quickly. “It has nothing to do with me. I just do it by hand. I don’t want it.”

“Don’t be fake.” Fan Xuejie picked up her cell phone and said to Frank, “Don’t pretend in front of me.”

“No disguise, no shortage of money.”

“That’s all right. Let’s finish.” Fan Xuejie finished drinking coffee in few times and said to Frank and Bruce. “I still have things in university. Although I am not ready to stay in university, a few professors in our university have a wide range of contacts, so let’s go first.”

“OK.” Frank looked at Fan Xuejie nodded, and then Fan Xuejie pushed aside the moving wall and went out. Then Frank saw Fan Xuejie leaving, and then moved the wall to close.

“What’s expected!” Bruce looked at Frank and said Tieguanyin milk tea. “This drink is delicious. Let me know how to do it after I go back.”

“This society is indeed, there is no right or wrong, only interest.”

“Children are divided into black and white, and adults are interested in it.”

“That Bruce you incarnate as a dark knight, how to fight crime is not a thing that suits your interests.” Frank turned his head and said to Bruce.

“That’s not interest, that’s faith.” Bruce drank Tieguanyin milk tea in one gulp.