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M.I.H.G Chapter 38: Batman and Iron Man

Frank and Bruce came out of the private room. When they go to pay the bill, the waiter told Frank that his sister had already paid the bill, so they took a taxi and went home directly.

When the two walked to the door of the building, a young man with a public face and dark skin reached out and stopped Frank.

“Xiao Hei.” Frank recognized that this is his neighbor Xiao Hei who lives downstairs.

“Frank.” Xiao Hei patted the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile parked downstairs and said to Frank. “Today, the property came over and asked me, saying that there is an extra car in the yard. Is it yours?”

“My friend’s car, he temporarily came here, he is here for two days.” Frank pointed out Bruce.

“I said it.” Xiao Hei smiled. “I thought you were planning to graduate and start a business and buy a Wuling Hongguang.”

Xiao Hei finished, looked at Bruce, and then said to Frank, “Today, I am just idle and boring, would you like to come to my apartment to watch a movie and drink some wine with me?”

“Well, forget it.” Frank thought that there might be something else in the evening and was about to refuse, but Xiao Hei had already seized Frank’s arm.

“I just bought a home theater screen I just missing a person to accompany me. I am still idle, let’s go.”

“I’m busy at night.”

“In the evening.” Xiao Hei hard pulled Frank to go to his home, and Frank had no choice. After all, Xiao Hei usually helped him a lot, and now he had to follow Xiao Hei into his house, but Bruce did not say anything, just follow the two.

Frank entered Xiao Hei’s house for the first time. After entering, he found that it was a thousand square feet home, the living room alone accounted for more than seven hundred fifty square feet.

“You?” Frank looked at a bit dumbfounded, although some people like to change the apartment type, Xiao Hei made the living room so big, that where he lives.

“I forgot to ask you to come over for a drink, you did not come, so you did not see my home.” Xiao Hei said that. He went to the front of a wall at the back of the living room, pushed it, the wall was pushed open like a door.

No, no, no.

Frank looked carefully and found that it was not the wall that was pushed open like a door, but the door that was disguised as a wall.

Well played.

“The opposite is also my home.” Xiao Hei gestured Frank and explained.

Frank followed Xiao Hei to the opposite room and found that there was a huge storage room. There were five or six shelves were placed on the walls on all sides. The shelves are all handmade, and behind the shelves are hangers.

Hangers are not for the clothes, but to some antique armor. The knife-tip shields, the bows, and arrows, the guns, are all available.

In the corner of the storage room is a spiral staircase along which you can walk up to the next floor.

This community is all normal apartment type, there is no duplex floor, so the stairs are secretly built by Xiao Hei, and the upper floor also belongs to Xiao Hei.

“Xiao Hei, you said that you had spent so much money, and buy so much furniture, bought so many houses, to change them to a simple apartment to get through them, is it better to buy a small duplex?”

“The duplex is not good. I can’t find anyone to chat with and drink.” Xiao Hei said, leading Frank and Bruce up the stairs.

The home theater is here.

A large carpet filled the room, and a set of projection equipment hung on the snow-white walls.

In this room, all the walls except the necessary load-bearing walls have been knocked down. The whole room was divided into two parts, one for the home theater and the other for video games.

Please forgive Frank in such a professional term to describe the house, but looking at the other half of the area, there are five water-cooled mainframe computers, five gaming chairs, Frank can’t find other words to describe.

Ah, rich.

Frank did not expect that Xiao Hei that lived downstairs was actually a hidden a lot of money.

“Sit down.”

Xiao Hei sat on the sofa in the theater and opened the whole set of equipment.

“What would you like to drink?” Xiao Hei asked, “White or beer.”

“I can’t drink wine. We’re still busy at night.”

“All right.” After that, Xiao Hei opened several bottles of beer, put them on the table, and then took out a large bucket of popcorn.

“You are well equipped,” Frank said while sitting on the sofa.

“It hurts to be idle.” Xiao Hei turned to Bruce and reached out to him to sit down. “What’s the name of this friend?”

“Just call him Laobu. That’s right.” Frank turned his head and asked Xiao Hei. “How many apartments did you buy in this building? I’ve been turning around for half a day without even seeing your bedroom. You should not have bought all two floors.”

“Where can it be.” Xiao Hei grabbed a handful of popcorn and put it in his mouth. “Just four sets in all. The door on the left of the first house you came in just open. It’s the bedroom.”

When Xiao Hei finished, he picked up the remote control, opened the menu, and then said to Frank, “Have you seen Batman vs. Superman, or you want to see it today.”

When Frank listened to Xiao Hei’s words, his heart suddenly jumped, then he said, “I have seen it, I have seen it, and I want you to change it for another movie!”

“The Dark Knight Rises?” “Watched.”

“Batman Begins?”

“Can’t you stop watching Batman?” Frank glanced at Bruce, who was already frowning. After all, when Bruce accepts information from the outside world, he will automatically block information about him in this world. Therefore, the exchanges that Frank and Xiao Hei have made bring him something simply inexplicable.

This dialogue mode is as if the neighbor of Frank’s apartment knows him too well because the takeaway shopkeeper is really too familiar, so he ordered takeaways are this style of takeaway.

Host: Hey? Frank: Hmm? Host: Well.

Then, after a very long time, when the takeaway arrived, Frank did not know how Xiao Hei had been eating a chicken steak not too greasy for three years.

“Is the Wonderful Woman movie OK?” Xiao Hei looked at Frank and asked, “The newly released one is very beautiful.”

“I said, brother.” Frank grabbed Xiao Hei’s shoulder and said word-by-word, ” Are you on the anus with DC today?”

“That’s not the case. That would be awesome.” Xiao Hei took the remote control and pressed it to the Iron Man. “Review the first part of Iron Man.”

“Yes.” Frank decisively agreed.

Marvel and DC are not a heroic universe, so Bruce should not be shielded to the Marvel’s movies. Although Marvel and DC have combined the Batman and Captain America, the alliance “Justice League vs. Avengers,” this kind of cartoon which makes people unable to speak up.

Little black pulled the curtains, the projection device turned on, and the movie started.

Frank poured a beer to Bruce and let Bruce taste it. Bruce just put it down after a sip, but he was very interested in popcorn and ate a lot.

The first story of Iron Man began. Frank sneaked on Bruce and found that his eyes were normal. He knew that everything was fine and he was relieved.