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M.I.H.G Chapter 50: the Periphery

“My name is Mo Wei, this is my good friend Xu Xiu.” The tall girl made a self-introduction and then asked Frank. “What is your name, master?”

“Frank.” Frank looked at the two girls from the rearview mirror, then turned off the intelligent control panel and switched to the manual Wuling Hongguang Batmobile.

Frank speaks very few words in front of strangers. Mo Wei had the meaning of taking the initiative to talk. But when she saw that Frank did not pay much attention to them, she gave up.

In front of the Lezhi Club was a green belt. When Frank drove through the green belt, Xu Xiu suddenly said, “It is good for you to stop here.”

“Well?” Frank somewhat puzzled turned his head and looked at the two girls. The navigation shows that there are more than one thousand feet away from the Lezhi Club. Are these two girls going to walk there?

“Xiu Xiu, we haven’t arrived yet.” Mo Wei also looked at Xu Xiu and said.

“Sister Wei, we are going to the Lezhi Club to attend the party. It used to be a joke to sit in this car.”

“This is true.” Mo Wei looked at Frank and said, “Excuse me, master, it is embarrassed, you can be let us here.” Mo Wei said this, and she had taken out a sweet billet of fifty Yuan from her bag. The paper RMB was handed to Frank, and Frank did not have any affectation. He reached out and took the money, then watched the two girls get off the car, so he drove forward.

Mo Wei and Xu Xiu got out of the car, and they were preparing to go forward. They saw that Frank’s Wuling Hongguang actually went to the front.

“Wu, it seems that there is only a pleasure club in front. There is no other club.”

“Yeah.” Mo Wei looked at Wuling Hongguang, who only left a shadow for them. She was also a bit puzzled, a sports car party. What excitement did Wuling Hongguang do at the sports car party? It is difficult to get to the Lezhi Club, the car hasn’t loaded any goods.

Nevertheless, no matter why they did, they did not regret coming down from the car. If they sat in this car and went to the Lezhi club, and other girls saw them. They would have laughed to death, and the reputation in the circle would be lost.

The two sisters walked to the gate of the Lezhi Clubhouse in a small step, and Frank had already reached the gate of the Lezhi Clubhouse at this time.

Lezhi Clubhouse has a garden-style structure. There are rarely more than three-story buildings. There is an iron gate with a diameter of more than ten meters at the entrance. However, because there are many sports cars coming and going today, the gate is open entirely, and there is seven or eight security personnel. Staring over there, there is also a young woman in her twenties wearing a uniform standing there like checking invitations.

When Frank car drove to the door, he suddenly remembered that he had no invitations at all. Because the Wuling Hongguang such a car suddenly appeared in such a place, with little abruptness, two security personnel noticed Frank, and they with the woman wearing a uniform came to Frank.

Frank immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Li Zihao, asking him to send someone to pick him up.

Li Zihao: I have reported people at the door. They know your car. You can go straight.

This Li Zihao is considered quite thoughtful.

Frank was not in a hurry, waited for the two security guards and the woman a uniform to come over and roll down the window.

“It’s Mr. Frank!” The woman in a uniform asked Frank’s with a serious and polite manner.

“Yes.” Frank patted his steering wheel and saw the astonished eyes of security guards following the woman in a uniform.

After all, a Wuling Hongguang appeared in a sports car party.

Although in China, Wuling Hongguang is the most prestigious car.

“This is true.” After confirming the identity of Frank, the woman continued to speak to Frank. “Is there any contraband in your car? If you have any, you can give it to our security guard to keep it for you for your security. Last week, something happened because someone brought contraband into the club and caused troubles, please forgive me.”


Frank glanced at the various disguised devices in his Wuling Hongguang car. He thought that this car was not prohibited except for tires and body. But all other items were prohibited items of military standards and high-tech.

However, Frank does not believe that the club will let the security guards check on the car. It was estimated that it is a routine exemption inquiry would be enough. After all, it has been asked once. If something happened afterward, it would be his responsibility, and the club could be designate clean.

Then Frank replied, “There are no contraband items on this car.”

“That’s good, please come in, then go a mile ahead, and you will arrive at the parking area of the party.”

“All right.” Frank nodded and then rolled up the window. The windows of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile can only see a black mass from the outside, but looking out from the inside is like looking through the glass, it is extremely clear.

At this time, the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile also issued a warning on the smart panel. Shows that there is a monitoring device nearby.

It seems that it is really for the sake of exemption that the club specifically asks if there is any contraband. If something really happens and whose boys do it, the club will directly signal it to the parents of the boy, indicating that the club has no responsibility.

Just as Frank was driving to enter the clubhouse, Mo Wei and Xu Xiu walked slowly through, but they did not go to the gate but went to a small pavilion next to the entrance.

The small pavilion was crowded with beautiful girls.

It turned out that these two girls were not invited to join in the sports car party. Frank realized why the eligible girls who were invited to the party couldn’t even get a car to the club. They were the marginal girls.

Although China has no tradition of having female companions at parties, some high-end parties in China will spread the news of holding parties to some peripheral women in advance. These peripheral women are not qualified to enter the venue, but they will wait outside the venue.

If there is a person who is invited to come in because he does not want to bring a female partner or wants to soak a girl, he will choose a girl who looks at each other from the outside of the meeting room and brings her into the club. After that, they usually make an indescribable transaction.

Therefore, the doorway of any high-end party doors will generally have such a lack of contacts, Mo Wei and Xu Xiu are waiting for opportunities.

Frank reopened the smart control panel to park the car to the parking place.

At this time, there are a group of people waiting for Li Zihao’s entry of a top sports car ten times more luxurious than his Koenigsegg.