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M.I.H.G Chapter 51: pilgrimage

The sports car party held at the Lezhi Club tonight revealed that everyone had gathered to play, in fact, mainly the rich of the second generation of inhabitants of Haiping locals, here all rich people are welcomed.

In recent years, as some of the first-tier cities in the coastal areas have encountered bottlenecks, people have begun to turn their attention to the second and third-tier cities with development potential. Haiping was eyeing the new neighborhood to the ghost town that has not slowed the loss of the land.

Haiping’s geographical conditions are not only good, but the land price is also relatively cheap compared to other cities around it. What’s more important is that the government encouraged investors to build a new neighborhood. The debts of the stocks are still not clear, so it is also very welcome for investment and other things. And the conditions that can be given are not bad.

However, Haiping has been a long time, Some wealthy people in Haiping living at sea level lying outside have calculated their own net worth, still consider Haiping as the base camp.

After all, Chinese people have a strong local complex, and if they fail in the field, they can at least return to Haiping to make a comeback.

Under this circumstance, the consortium in the field wants to enter Haiping. In addition to balancing the Haiping government, it must deal with the relationship between the local rich and the newly rich. Waiting for it, otherwise, even if the strong rich arrives at the site of the local rich, there is no way to support it without the support of the local rich.

This kind of thing is related to interests. In the beginning, the big ones naturally did not want to let themselves out of their identity, so they simply sent out the younger generation to the first contact and explore the tone.

It was against this background that Lin Yue was dispatched. He was the prince of a large consortium in Jinling. He was sent to visit this place in the name of making friends. The local people who met Lin Yue in Haiping were Li Zihao and Chen Jian whom Frank had known before.

The reason is that there are two people because there is also a young generation from Emperor Du, a political family, called Chen Sheng, who happens to work in Jinling. He was accompanied by Lin Yue and helped to boost his momentum.

In order to welcome Lin Yue and Chen Sheng, Li Zihao had such a sports car party. After all the luxury sports cars on the market were on the show, Li Zihao said that there were another car hundreds of times more luxurious than his Koenigsegg, and thousands sports cars were coming, and when this car will come opened Lin Yue and Chen Sheng’s eyes.

The word “open eyes” cannot be said indiscriminately.

Lin Yue and Chen Sheng know that Li Zihao is engaged in such a sports car gathering to show the strength of Haiping’s local consortium, but in fact, even if Li Zihao’s Koenigsegg appeared, he did not let Lin Yue’s eyelids lift.

After all, Königsegg is more expensive, and they can buy it with money. If Li Zihao can play a global limited in this sports car party, there is a sports car that they can’t buy with money. Maybe they can make Lin Yue look higher. At a glance, but only a group of luxury goods, Lin Yue will have the feeling that the level rally of these sports cars is a car party is a little bit low.

“What do you think.”

Just standing still, it has already made many people dare not approach. The temperament is very illusory, but on some specific occasions, it is very obvious to match the identity of the person.

The question is Lin Yue. He’s a bit uncertain about what Li Zihao meant when he specifically asked everyone to wait for a super luxury sports car. Is it a priceless classic car of the last century or a concept car that has not yet been officially sold by a world automobile factory?

The second generation of Haiping’s locals really have the strength to get this kind of car, so Lin Yue has to face up to the people and the strengths of the wealthy people who are hiding in the dark.

Chen Sheng from the Imperial Capital glanced at Li Zihao, who was on the opposite side and relaxed with another good descendant of Haiping’s local political family, Chen Sheng, who talked and laughed.

Then he counted the way to Lin Yue.

“I guess that the next car which entered will be really able to make me two of the woodlouse looking at the dumbfounded car. This Li Zihao is very confident now.”

“The little woodlouse in your central area claim to be a bandit. What am I?”

“What is the common point? The emperors of the ancient times have been the most fun.”

Chen Sheng said this, Lin Yue thinks it, Chen Sheng’s family was the one who had previously presided over the national unified pension personal account in the central government, but later because the local surplus provinces and the deficit provinces did not compromise each other. Hard to become the current nominal account, he has always had some stereotypes about the place.

Just as they were talking, a man next to them suddenly pointed to the front and said, “There is another car coming in.”

“Here we are.” Chen Sheng and Lin Yue looked forward. Li Zihao’s self-confidence gave the two men a lot of pressure. They are also very curious about how a good car can make Li Zihao confident to suppress the arrogance of Prince Lin Yue.

Then, more than one hundred persons nearby, pedestrians in the sports car circle, and some model stars saw a Wuling Hongguang greeting the people’s eyes slowly entering. Through tens of sports cars and then come steadily parked in the middle of the parking.

Except that it is not a convertible, this Wuling Hongguang seems to be perfect. Of course, it is not a convertible. There is also a reason for it. Because Wuling Hongguang is too fast, if you make a convertible, if you want to race with the plane one day, It’s easy to get out of yourself.

Of course, the above is purely edited.

Chen Sheng and Lin Yue looked dumbfounded, except those who saw the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile on the New Area Expressway that day at its wild speed, so everyone in the venue looked silly towards this Wuling Hongguang Batmobile and has only one thought in mind.

What the hell is this?

To be honest, Frank originally did not want to drive his Wuling Hongguang Batmobile to the middle of the sports car exhibition venue. Although this scene was taken by the camera of Wuling Hongguang and presented through the intelligent control panel in the car. It was like a circle of top sports cars worshipping the emperor of the car. It was very impressive to watch.

However, after Li Zihao confirmed that Frank was present, he reserved this position for Frank’s Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, and let Wuling Hongguang accept the privilege of all other sports cars, so Frank could only stop here.

Through the display screen, Frank also knows that a group of people is watching him at this time, or watching the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, but this kind of small scene can not let Frank give a damn. Frank calmly turned off the fire, then pulled the door open and went down.