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M.I.H.G Chapter 52: Naughty Kid

“Are you alone today?” As soon as Frank got off the car, Li Zihao came up enthusiastically and patted Frank’s shoulder.

“My friend has something to do.” Frank looked at the people in this circle. He knew that Li Zihao’s call to him today was not so simple as to play together, but his attitude towards Li Zihao was not to set himself up, so Frank was confident to follow Li Zihao into the crowd.

“Chen Jian.” Li Zihao pointed to Chen Jian, who stood there and said, “You saw it last time.”

“Impressive.” Frank and Chen Jian shook hands, and then the other who had seen each other gathered around and greeted Frank. Some people wanted to ask Frank if he knew any trustworthy converters. Frank responded faintly to the phrase ‘I don’t know in China’, and then blocked back.

Chen Zihao’s small group was very enthusiastic, while others, Lin Yue and Chen Sheng, were at a loss.

Coming with a Wuling Hongguang to a good sports car party, Wang did not say anything, but Li Zihao said that there is more than a thousand times more luxury than his Königsegger, in this Wuling Hongguang?

Königsegger’s tires are more expensive than Wuling Hongguang!

Are you kidding me?

In the beginning, everyone thought that Li Zihao was joking, or that he paid tribute to Wuling Hongguang,  a domestic magic car, and prepared to take a photo or record a video or something for a while.

But after Li Zihao greeting Frank, he pulled Frank to Lin Yue and Chen Sheng. After introducing each other, Li Zihao pointed to Frank’s Wuling Hongguang Batmobile and said, “Well, Lin Yue, Chen Sheng, It’s a good car. Is it eye-opening?”

Chen Sheng does not care, anyway, he came to accompany Lin Yue, Li Zihao asked this question although the words directed for the two, but the words clearly pointed to Lin Yue, looking forward to Lin Yue’s answer.

Lin Yue was a bit confused at this moment, he didn’t know what to say. Boast this car? What’s the difference between that and the King’s new suit? That is even more impossible. Since Li Zihao dares to say that the car is more luxurious than his Koenigsegg, there must be some reason.

Maybe Li Zihao is waiting for Lin Yue to ask, and then he’s going to end up with a second punch in the face.

This is not appropriate for what to say!

Lin Yue did not know how to say it at one time. Fortunately, Chen Sheng tried to save the scene at this time. He looked at Frank and found that the young man was particularly calm. It is reasonable to say that the average person drives a Wuling Hongguang in the midst of sports cars. There will definitely be some shame or smugness, but Frank’s look was not revealed. It seems that Wuling Hongguang is indeed qualified to be a sports car. But where does he know, Frank just wants to not be exposed to strangers, automatically transforms into a laboratory mentality, and treats everyone present as a white mouse waiting to be dismantled. Can you not calm down?

So Chen Sheng could only avoid the topic of Wuling Hongguang. When that Wuling Hongguang did not exist, he reached out to Frank. “Brother you look very familiar, where I have seen you.”

Chen Sheng’s sentence is just for politeness, there is nothing to look for. After all, even in the upper circle, It’s normal for people to meet each other, but they don’t know who he is, because their generation is going to study abroad when they graduate from high school. Unless it is just a city in a country, the intersection between them is limited to the gatherings of the faces that are arranged at home when the holiday comes back.

“Looks familiar.” Frank reached out, Chen Sheng shook his hand, and Frank said, “Is Chen Jie your sister?”

After listening to Frank’s words, Chen Sheng was stunned. He didn’t realize that he really knew him and his sister. Chen Sheng listened to Frank’s words and began to search for the family of surnames in his mind, but he was not impressed.

“Well, you know each other.” Lin Yue heard the dialogue between Frank and Chen Sheng.

Immediately interjected, relieved that there is no way to answer the question of Li Zihao.

“I used to fight with your sister when we were children.” Frank pointed to Chen Sheng and said, “His sisters and brothers look alike very much.”

“That is also fate.” Li Zihao did not know anything about Frank and Chen Sheng’s sister. After he saw the Wuling Hongguang that day, he entrusted his friend to check the database of the vehicle management. This Wuling Hongguang turned out to be reported, and it was legally modified. It is known that Frank’s identity is definitely not simple.

However, Li Zihao was wrong at this point. Wuling Hongguang’s vehicle information was made by Dixie, and Frank not yet has that skill.

“Lin Yue, don’t you evaluate this car?” Li Zihao’s gaze turned to Lin Yue again. His tone seemed indifferent, but he asked in a tight pace.

‘What the fuck do you want me to say about it?’

Lin Yue was swearing in his heart, but he has to keep a very forceful appearance on his face.

This was really good, but still, have to keep a realistic version of the smile. Just when Lin Yue was forced into the corner by Li Zihao’s words, and he was about to surrender, a loud voice came over.

“Whose dilapidated car is put here, don’t you know where to park it?!”

This voice suddenly gave Lin Yue a sigh of relief, and Li Zihao frowned. The four people turned their heads to look at the source of the voice.

A young man in his twenties who dressed up in a trendy fashion dyed a yellow hair, and his hair was like a vertical radiator, the youth was surrounded by two girls and walked to the middle of the field.

Frank did not know this man, but the two women’s Frank knows them, one is Mo Wei, one is Xu Xiu, they were the two girls that Frank had picked up before.

It seems that these two girls were lucky enough to be brought into the arena, but at night, they have to pay the price.

Li Zihao’s good deeds were disturbed and his angry teeth were crunching. Then he saw the young man’s appearance, and he became angrier.

Chen Jian and Frank were interested in pulling a relationship. He leaned over to Frank’s side and explained in a low voice, “This man is Li Zhisheng, a relative of Zihao’s family. Anyway, don’t say hello to this man. Once he is infected, he will bore you to death.”

Li Zihao could also hear what Chen Jian said in his position, but Li Zihao did not say anything, that is to say. This Li Zhisheng is really annoying, belongs to the kind of relatives you don’t want to see in the New Year.

Although Li Zhisheng appeared in a very arrogant manner and looked like nobody else, none of the people present would care about him and do not go up to say hello. It seems that everyone knows what virtue this person is.

This kind of person reminds Frank of the Naughty Kid in his family that he has to take care of every year when he returns home for the New Year.

And the most disgusting thing about this kind of person is that big mistakes do not count mistakes, but mistakes persist, you have no reason to criticize or educate him, and telling parents that there is at most a ‘small child’s volume,’ are all relatives. It’s not a big deal to help each other and ‘Apologizes.’

When Li Zhisheng saw that no one paid any attention to him, Xu Xiu extremely blindly attached to the side of Li Zhisheng suddenly said a word beside Li Zhisheng’s ear, with no eyesight her.