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M.I.H.G Chapter 53: Car accident scene

“Haha, it turned out to be a cab. I said, why did you park here?” Li Zhisheng listened to Xu Xiu’s words and laughed twice, but no one around him paid attention to him.

When Frank saw Li Zhisheng like this, he knew that when he was carrying Xu Xiu and Mo Wei, the two have misunderstood that Frank’s car was a car specially designed for the Lezhi Club.

In fact, what Frank did not know was that Xu Xiu was the first to come to such a party. She was an outsider who had just come out for a short time. It was not only that she recognized as a girl.

Xu Xiu just guessed that Frank’s Wuling Hongguang was a cab. She was not sure, but she said casually when Li Zhisheng asked.

But now Frank’s Wuling Hongguang stopped in the middle of so many sports cars. How did he think that he was freighting car? Mo Wei did not expect that the first time Xu Xiu came into this place in order to please Li Zhisheng, so she would like to say hello to Li Zhisheng and go.

Xu Xiu lacked courage, and Li Zisheng is even more without a brain. As he is of the largest wealthy family in Haiping, Zihao Family has carefully considered the cultivation of the next generation. Li Zihao is the heir to be appointed. In addition, Zihao has several outstanding talents, which is a help for Li Zihao.

Li Zisheng is different. He is of the old generation of Zihao family who is interested in spoiling him. After all, this younger generation of the Zihao family is excellent. It’s scary that they will start internal struggle first, So the best one in Zihao family is only Li Zihao. That’s enough. The other few don’t work hard, as long as they don’t magnify the mistakes, they know the importance and have no excessive covet of property, there is no problem in nourishing them.

Li Zhisheng is of the Zihao family who is raised. If it is said that there is a Zihao family’s older generation around, Li Zhisheng will behave well, but a surrounding circle is a young man, who is afraid.

Li Zhisheng saw nobody answering and felt his face was broken, So he lifted one foot and kicked it on the back lamp of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile.

Li Zihao saw the movement of Li Zhisheng. When he was nervous, he was preparing to reprimand him. On time, Frank held down Li Zihao, smiled, and said that he did not mind.

Frank will not mind, Wuling Hongguang Batmobile this monster defense ability is as well stronger than the armored car, RPG frontal bombardment is estimated to have nothing to do, the flesh and blood body to the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile loading and collision, it is estimated that Li Zhisheng thought much more.

Of course, Frank does not mind that there is another layer of thought. I was invited by Li Zihao to come here to play happily, but I was first given a shot by Li Zihao.

The more fierce the plum is, the more fierce Li Zihao will be after he feels sorry for Frank, owing to his personal feelings, giving point compensation for what is also necessary.

Frank, a vulgar man, certainly does not mind this kind of thing that can be beneficial at all.

Li Zhisheng’s foot was too hard. He originally wanted to smash the lights directly but did not expect that the lights of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile were also made according to the standard of anti-cannon bombardment. The outer protective shell was hard to work, also Li Zhisheng’s foot was directly caused by a minor ankle fracture due to excessive force.

Li Zisheng, in front of more than one hundred people, fully demonstrated what is called pretending not to be pushed back. He jumped with his kicked right foot, like a funny duck.

“Ice hastily!” Li Zhisheng cried out in pain. Xu Xiu and Mo Wei hurried to hold him, but he threw them out of his hand and both were taken to the ground.

Li Zhisheng’s painful face was distorted. Li Zihao was preparing to ask the person to take Li Zhisheng to a nearby hospital, but who saw that Li Zhisheng had run to a Ferrari 488 sports car, had directly caught the car keys to drive and then planned to knock the Wuling Hongguang.

In order to facilitate some people to test-drive, the car keys are not pulled out, which gives Li Zhisheng the opportunity to drive the sports car directly into Wuling Hongguang.

The Ferrari 488 is a sports car of more than three million Yuan developing 670 horsepower. The most important thing is that the car can go from stop to 100 kilometers per hour, and it only takes three seconds!

Imagine this, once the sports car is launched by Li Zhisheng, it will hit the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile at an alarming speed. It is expected that a shocking collision will happen!

Everyone else was a little scared and did not expect this Li Zhisheng to be so crazy. Chen Jian saw this scene and blurted out. “Is this guy still trying to swallow on that kind of thing after returning to China?”

Chen Jian said this, everyone suddenly understood that this person might have used drugs and then come in!

Regardless of whether this plum is attracted by big laughter, smoking this kind of thing for a long time will lead to a decline in people’s sense of responsibility and control. You know, even now, even if the United States allows the legally popular entertainment, the state is only four districts, and the medicinal resources are more, but the harm of medicinal drugs is not as big as entertainment.

Therefore, some people who do not know the truth are often tricked by examples of medicinal drugs.

This Li Zhisheng apparently just absorbed a lot of that kind of thing. His control over his behavior was so bad that he drove Ferrari 488 into Frank’s Wuling Hongguang Batmobile immediately!

People who watched for a while began to withdraw, If the two cars collided together, it is estimated to be a tragic car accident. In particular, the Wuling Hongguang, which looks big, in fact, the weight of the car is not much, it is 270Kg lighter than the Ferrari 488. If the Wuling Hongguang in stop was hit by the full-speed soaring Ferrari 488. It is estimated that it will go to heaven straight ahead.

Just as everyone ran outside of the circle, only four people stood calmly, watching Ferrari 488 crash into Wuling Hongguang.

Frank stood because he knew that the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile would not be crash by a sports car. The big probability it would be the sports car that was directly destroyed. Li Zihao did not leave because Li Zihao saw the armor inside the body of Wuling Hongguang Batmobile and knew that it was an armored car was Wuling Hongguang.

Lin Yue and Chen Sheng did not run away, they wanted to watch.

No matter whether this Wuling Hongguang will be hit and fly, Li Zihao and Chen Jian These two people have not gone, in order to face they must not go.

The injury is small, the face cannot be lost, and the wind should not be temperature.

Once humiliated, out of how to say, jingling excellent young generation heirs went to Haiping to see a party. As a result, because the knowledge was too small, he was scared. The stock of the urine flow climbed for a while, and it is estimated that Lin Yue’s heart Have it.

Lin Yue stared at the collision of Ferrari 488 and Wuling Hongguang, thinking about how he should avoid gracefully in case of debris flying over.

However, Lin Yue, who was staring at the scene of the accident, did not notice that Chen Sheng, who was on the side of him, had quietly hidden behind him. At this moment, the degree of excellence of the hairs on both sides of Jinling and Emperor was reflected. Lin Yue is still too honest.