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M.I.H.G Chapter 54: Women Fight

When the Ferrari 488 was about to hit the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile The intelligent control system, Wuling Macro Light Batmobile suddenly stretched many metal pillars that appeared directly piercing the cement layer of the site exhibition of sports cars and penetrating firmly into the ground.

The Ferrari 488 engine slammed at high speed, and the entire car directly hit the side of Frank’s Wuling Hongguang Batmobile.


Then everyone saw that the body of the Ferrari 488 began to disintegrate. Like a peanut, peeled off layer by layer. The front of the car was crushed. It occurred to squeeze backward because it hit something. The doors on both sides of the sports car could not be knocked open. It was squeezed out by the considerable force, and then the tires began to whine.

If the grip of the Ferrari 488 was not excellent, they were afraid that this car would be turned upside down.

Li Zisheng sitting in the car was so afraid because, at this time, the Ferrari 488 turbocharged engine was still trying to squeeze the whole vehicle forward, but at this time Li Zhisheng has come back, one-foot brake The entire car was stopped, and the Ferrari 488 gradually stopped roaring.

At this time, Wuling Hongguang still stopped there as if nothing had happened, and the metal piles under the chassis were slowly retrieved.

“My car seems that it got dirty.” Frank looked at his Wuling Hongguang pretending to be distressed.

This sentence was forced to hear a few other people turn their eyes, then what do you want, a 488 crashed in front of your car, your car is just a little dirty, even paint is not lost, at all, It’s an armored car.

Now several people were beginning to doubt whether Frank’s identity was a special agent. Ordinary people who will engage in such a car will turn around all day, unless it was the kind of old assassination, just like the Hollywood blockbuster. A group of machine guns surrounded the crazy fire and then bombed a few shots with rockets.

However, this kind of scene was generally impossible in China. If you look at the scale of Huaxia Security Company, you will know that there were few security guards. Most of the wealthy people were no different from ordinary people after work.

Therefore, in China, this kind of bulletproof car can only be explained in one sentence, and there was no money to burn.

Zihao called a few people to lift Li Zhisheng, who was already scared in the car and collected several bags containing great things.

“Take Li Zisheng to the hospital.” Li Zihao has a helpless face, a good situation has been disturbed by his relatives, he was furious, he did not know where to spread.

However, after much trouble, Lin Yue and Chen Sheng were curious about the identity of Frank. Is it possible to convert a Wuling Hongguang to such a degree, and they estimated that there was a military background behind it.

So Lin Yue quietly asked Chen Sheng, “He said that he had a fight with your sister when he was a child. Ask your sister how she feels about this person.”

“Alright!” Chen Sheng paused for a moment, then said to Lin Yue, “The kindergarten and my sister have estimated that there are more than one hundred people. If you count the junior high school, I guess she can’t count.”

“Oh.” Lin Yue was scared by Chen Sheng’s words. He knew that Chen Sheng had a sister, but he did not expect Chen Sheng’s sister to be so fierce, so he asked, “Where is your sister now?”

“West Point Military Academy she studying.”

“The old US military school also recruits Chinese people?”

“Every year, West Point will give foreign students 40 places. Our family recommended it to the trustee. Later, when she scored well, she was accepted.”

“Cowgirl.” Lin Yue raised his thumb and expressed his admiration vigorous for Chen Sheng’s so older sister.

The other person who just ran away at this time were embarrassed to continue to surround them. The Ferrari 488 who did not know who it was apparently scrapped. However, it was the insurance company that was crying. The owner of the car looks like he has no loss. When Li Zihao was sure to compensate.

Fortunately, the engine of the car was fine, although the repair cost was relatively expensive, but after the repair, it can be sold as a used car to those who want to buy a new car and can not afford it.

It’s a process that people like Li Zihao were already familiar with. This group of people who have been playing with cars has long been familiar with it also. Otherwise, how can the owners get tired of playing with so many vehicles that flow into the used sports car market in a year? Most of them are after being hit, repaired, sold, and paid a little extra money to buy a new car?

Li Zihao looked at Frank with embarrassment. Although Frank’s car was fine, it was hit after all, and it was an innocent disaster. So Li Zihao was trying to pay for it, but at this time, Frank’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

Frank waved to Li Zihao and waited, then connected the phone.

It’s a call from Lin Xiaoxin. She went to KTV to play. Generally, it was not something that will be called to announce it.

“Frank, I have an accident here.” Lin Xiaoxin spoke softly with a fearful voice through the phone.

“Slowly, do not worry.” Frank heard that Lin Xiaoxin’s voice was terrified and that it was as if she seemed to be on the side of the road, unlike KTV, but there was no screaming voice, which proved that Lin Xiaoxin was temporarily safe.

Lin Xiaoxin arranged his words and Frank heard the story told and said something about it.

Originally thought that Li Zhisheng, who had encountered a big problem here, was already in trouble, but did not know that Lin Xiaoxin actually had in trouble.

The cause of the incident was a roommate from north-east Lin Xiaoxin, who had drunk a lot of wine because she could drink well. After drinking, half drunk, she went to the bathroom. Many girls did not care. At that time, everyone had already drunk a lot and were not accompanying her.

As a result, something went wrong. It turned out to be an accident. This was because the roommate from the Northeast who came back confused enters the different compartment and has somehow quarreled with the girl from the bakery, and it turned out a quarrel between several girls.

Then the people over there started, and Lin Xiaoxin listened to the wrong voice, so she hurried out.

Then the girls on both sides fought, and the two rooms were girls, not boys. To know that girls fight were more intense than boys, sharp nails like nails are drawn on the face, then tear their hair, at which bottle of beer or that causes this kind of misunderstanding.

Fortunately, despite the night, KTV security officers arrived in time to separate the two waves. However, having beaten girls were different. Once the girls have finished fighting, they call the boys for another wave.

So there began to be called, Lin Xiaoxin was a foreigner in the dormitory, do not want to cause trouble, she wants going outside, but she was blocked by people, Lin Xiaoxin then quickly called  Frank.