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M.I.H.G Chapter 55: People in the city can play

KTV has been an eventful place since ancient times. Although there was not much change in form, it was a place to sing, but the operating costs were higher from one day to the next. The most important reason is that the owner of KTV must recruit more people to ensure the safety of the place so that when the guests are fighting, they took care not to crush the objects in the store.

If Lin Xiaoxin stayed in KTV, because security guards were watching, and Frank will come over, but they will go downstairs to the street, so they will be expected by another group who went downstairs before.

“Let’s leave, why don’t we go.” In Lin Xiaoxin’s dormitory, like a big sister, Zhou Qian looked at several girls blocking the road, hoping to reach out and tear these little bitches into pieces.

But there were only six people in the Lin Xiaoxin dormitory, and there were eleven people on the opposite side. Fortunately, this side just knew even that although there are five more people, the fight still won’t win, so they just blocked Lin Xiaoxin from leaving.

A girl with red-haired told the five people in Lin Xiaoxin’s dormitory. “When my husband comes to see me, he will tear your mouth out and then break your chest.” In fact, dare to start with the old woman. “

“What’s wrong with you? You want to hit me.” Zhou Wei is a northeast girl, taller than one meter and seventy-two. Although she is not fat, she is not slim. Standing there is very deterrent.

She pointed at the nose of the red-haired girl opposite and scolded, “Now give up, or believe it or not, I’ll kill you.”

“Who are you going to kill?” A man’s voice sounded of a convertible.

This is a convertible car. The model should be the Infiniti Q60, which belongs to the kinds of a convertible car that can only be used to bluff people.

There are three men in the car. If Frank is here, he will recognize the man who drives the car is the same one who collided with his own Wuling Hongguang.

“Honey, you’re here!” The red-haired woman’s eyes brightened, and she was happy. Beside Lin Xiaoxin, the girls were screaming. After all, there are three men in the car.

“Zheng Ge, this is my wife. She looks gorgeous.” A younger man in the back seat of Infiniti looked at the red-haired woman and complimented her.

Zheng Ge thought his wife was in some big trouble, so he called two people to come over, when he came to see, there only a few dolls, and the vicinity of the University town, it is estimated that these are students.

Zheng Ge rubbed his hands and pretended that he was coming when he must come.

At this time, Frank is still driving his Wuling Hongguang in the road.

Because it’s in the suburbs and it was night, he’s driving very fast. And behind his Wuling Hongguang, there are more than a dozen luxury sports cars.

These are all cars on the sports car party. Because of the enthusiasm of Li Zihao, the sports car party can’t go on. It just happens that Li Zihao owes a certain feeling to Frank. When he had listened to Frank, he asked everyone to help Frank.

So there was a spectacular scene on the road from Luping District to Nanxiang County, more than a dozen sports cars pursue a Wuling Hongguang.

On the road in the middle of the night, a Land Rover was running fast. There are two young men in the front and two women sitting on the back seat of the Land Rover. The two women are Haiping native Li Mei and Han Leilei, the men are Su and Hangzhou. They come to Haiping to play.

“Look at this.” Li Mei handed the phone to Han Leilei and asked him to see a photo above.

“What is it?” Han Leilei took the phone and saw that it was a picture of sports cars surrounded a Wuling Hongguang.

“It seems true.” Han Leilei returned the phone to Li Mei uncertainly.

“No, that’s right, one of my friends went to the sports car party in Haiping today, took a picture and said that Wuling Hongguang cow. She is directly turned in a sports car.”

“How is it possible.” Han Leilei opened his window and let the wind blow in. Then she said, “The Wuling Hongguang car has no qualification for a sports car.”

When Han Leilei’s words were finished, she saw the outside of the window, and a Wuling Hongguang rushed past at a breakneck speed.

“Look, that’s not Wuling Hongguang, the speed is given, bedding slot!” Han Leileilei looked at the speed of Wuling Hongguang. He felt that the speed of the car was nearly 200. If it weren’t for a straight road, he Would not even see the exhaust of Wuling Hongguang.

 At this time, a Koenigsegg also flew past Li Leilei’s car, followed by other luxury sports cars. They followed the Wuling Hongguang.

Li Mei quickly took out her mobile phone and took some blurred photos. Then she sent it to Han Leilei looking at with a dull face and said, “Do we usually play like this in Haiping city?”

After entering Nanxiang County, Frank began to slow down the speed, because by this time he was about to get rid of the other sports cars.

At this time, Lin Xiaoxin’s side was forced to the corner by several people brought by Zheng Ge.

“Sisters of the north-east.” Zheng Ge sat in the front of the car, looked at Zhou Qian and said, “Sisters, you have to be reasonable, I ask you who raised this case for the first time.”

“We picked it up first.” Zhou Qian reluctantly admitted. After all, it was the first of them who drunk and went to the wrong room. They also picked up the opposite side. Now they can’t deny it.

The girl who went to the wrong room was awakened entirely at this time. She knew that she had provoked things, but she did not dare to take responsibility. So she had to count on what will happen.

“Girls, why don’t we admit the mistake pay some money and apologize?” Another sister in the dormitory said in Zhou Qian ear, “After all, we are all out of town. If something happens, we will surely suffer, even if the police come, we will not be able to take it.”

Zheng Ge looked at the expressions of the girls and knew that they were afraid, so he then said to Zhou Qian, “Your friends picked punching aren’t you?”

“Didn’t you fight too? You’ve got more people.”

“Are we going to suffer if we are too many? Your first choice is to start with your own hands. Then you say that we are too many and you are going to suffer, little girl. That’s not what you said.”