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M.I.H.G Chapter 56: Pig Teammates

“I do not want to be against one or the other.” Zheng Ge watched the six girls in Lin Xiaoxin’s dormitory. He said, “Let’s go to girls and excuse us.”

Zheng Ge’s words made Zhou Wei and others all change color. Girls sometimes pride face more than boys. After all, Zheng Ge only has to face in front of girls.

“It’s not so easy to apologize.”  The red-haired woman is a bit uncomfortable. She now wants to give Zhou a few slaps, especially Zhou Wei. When I hit the group, I grabbed her hair and couldn’t wait. Let her tear the face of Zhou Wei now.

“So what else do you want to do?” Zheng Ge said he took a picture of the red-haired girl. Then he ruined everything. That is what he said. “I have to spare people, but I do not know anyone.”

Zhou Yiyi listened to Zheng Ge’s words and knew that this was an old river and lake. If Zheng Ge really asked for excessive demands, it would be a big deal to call the police. If they were injured, they would be defamed.

Naturally, there are alumni from the same school who make the difference. When they do not care, they are on the other side.

However, Zheng Ge’s apology was just stuck on the edge of the law. Calling the police was also a civil dispute. When the monitoring of KTV was released, they were the first to pick things up.

Zheng Ge looked at Zhou Wei several people with interest, and then waved his hand to let his two friends faintly stand around Zhou Yi and prevent them from running away.

Zheng Ge is taking the dead. Zhou Wei does not dare to do things big. If they are indeed students, which university does not have some old students when it appears that kind of thing first give these girls a punishment is necessary not because they are girls not giving these girls a punishment. Because the girls went out in the middle of the night to ruin the school atmosphere.

No way, who let some of the current middle-aged people still live in the Zheng Ge’s eyes looked at Zhou Xiaolin and the others and discovered that these six girls still looked good. Seeing the excuses of the beautiful girl is who has a good experience. As a result, it is a good experience feudal era.

“Sister.” The girl who was drunk and provoked her face was so scared that she suddenly cried. She suddenly caught Zhou Wei and said, “I, I am afraid they will take photos and send them to school.”

The girl who was drunk and troubled has completely shunned Zhou Wei’s identity. Zheng Ge she was even more unscrupulous. Now, some students can see gems from the past to bare borrowing for books to be read, but the brain to stay in graduation during the school ceremony.

“Well, it’s still a college student.” Zheng Ge looked at Zhou and said, “If you don’t kneel in any school, you can monitor it. Let’s talk to the leaders of your school and let your principals, directors, judge whether we are wrong or you are wrong.”

Pig teammates!

Zhou Hao can’t wait to turn around and give himself a few friends. You said that you usually have a pit in the glory of the king. At this time, you still have a hand.

No way, Zhou Wei looked at Zheng Ge, went forward, and said, “I am alone to apologize to you.”

“Yes, but I have to make a few more heads.” Zheng Ge suddenly admired the Northeast girl, but he hadn’t time to pick it again. After a few words, he saw Zhou Hao, and he would apologize.

“Wait.” Zheng Ge suddenly stopped Zhou Wei and then pointed to Lin Xiaoxin standing behind him. “A person is too little. This little dwarf also kneels down and apologizes.”

Zheng Ge looked at Lin Yan of Tong Yan, and some evil taste in his mind began to sprout slowly.

“Is Zheng Ge will pick people, saying that this little dwarf is a college student, don’t be your illegitimate daughter.” Another brother of Zheng Ge ridiculed.

“Xiao Xin.” The girl who was drunk and troubled again took Lin Xiaoxin or the tears on her face. All eyes were pleading. “You, you used to accompany your sister.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at her roommate, I didn’t say that I directly gave this roommate a big mouth. Ba, the glasses of this roommate flew directly out.

“Is it guilty?” The red-haired girl laughed as if she had seen a joke. Lin Xiaoxin’s other roommates are also awkward.

After all, what their roommates said just now is not like human words.

Lin Xiaoxin slaps his roommate and sees that Frank has not come yet. She knows that  Frank did not say it on the phone, but he is definitely not in Nanxiang County. He went to other places. She did not know when he would come.

So Lin Xiaoxin went to Zhou Hao’s side and took Zhou Wei’s hand. He planned to take this insult together with Zhou Wei. After all, if you are really delaying, you will know that school is inevitable.

Lin Xiaoxin is a middle-level cadre of the student union. It is not a big deal in the back, but Zhou Wei is about to run for the president of the student union. Punishment is simply a devastating blow.

Zheng Ge looked at Lin Xiaoxin and Zhou Wei with a smile and a happy face and took out his mobile phone from his pocket. The two beautiful women kneel down, so how to capture such a pleasant scene.

At this time, Zheng Ge heard a roar of a car driving at a rapid speed, and then the two laser-like lights directly hit.

Zheng Ge wrinkled his eyes and looked around. He almost didn’t scare him on the Wuling Hongguang with the same hair anger is rushing over his position at full speed!

Fuck! Zheng Ge, although the person was thin, he was awkward, but his hands and feet were still very flexible, and he immediately climbed to the side.

Fortunately, the last Wuling Hongguang did not stop its own collision, but when it was about to hit Zheng Ge, the speed was slightly slowed down a bit, avoiding Zheng Ge, but directly above Zheng Ge’s Infiniti.

The nature that hits it is Frank.

Frank all the way to drive from Luping District, it was originally able to come over earlier, but who knows that this place where  Frank arrived is just a row of shops in the middle of this KTV, there is only one sidewalk in the middle, although Frank can saw Lin Xiaoxin, he still have to go around.

Fortunately, through the sidewalk, Frank saw that Lin Xiaoxin did not encounter danger, he also breathed a sigh of relief and then opened the monitoring equipment of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile.

This monitoring device can collect all the sounds within a radius of 300 meters of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, and then it will be passed through the intelligent system and finally passed to Frank’s ear.

Because in the middle of the night, there was no other voice besides Lin Xiaoxin. The Wuling Hongguang Batmobile easily monitored Lin Xiaoxin’s conversations with Zheng Ge and passed it to Frank’s ear.