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M.I.H.G Chapter 57: Mixed Food Chain

The Wuling Hongguang slammed the Infiniti body with an unbeatable impact speed.

Then, in the screams of the women who were present because of the fear, the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, with its powerful performance, directly drove a forcible dragon-tailed drift, hitting the whole Infiniti car horizontally again.

In this way, the impact of Infiniti has been blessed by Wuling Hongguang Batmobile.


The Infiniti Q60, worth more than 400,000 yuan, is like a piece of bread, which was forced by Wuling Hongguang Batmobile and then photographed on the wall.

After the loud noise, the second car was born, and it is worse than the previous Ferrari 488, basically, from beginning to end, no one is complete.

Even the guests who are singing at KTV and the staff of KTV feel as if there is an earthquake. They are shaken in the three-story building where KTV is located.

Fortunately, this three-story building in South Lane County was built with a conscience and was not destroyed by Frank’s collision.

Zheng Ge recognized that this was the car that had run into with his Infiniti in the afternoon. He had been hit the same car two times in a day and that his vehicle had been smashed directly for the second time.

Zheng Ge was distressed, and he couldn’t speak. At this time, the door of the Wuling Hongguang opened.

Frank came out of the cab.

“You, are you crazy!” Zheng Ge pointed to the madman who drove the car and said, ” I just in the morning to percuss your car lights, you actually hit people!”

Zheng Ge still thought that Frank was looking for revenge for him because of the incident in the afternoon. He thought that he was already careful enough, but he did not expect that there would be people who were more cautious than him.

However, Frank did not recognize him at all that was the man witch who was in conflict with him before. He rushed straight towards Zheng Ge, his eyes seemed to be burning like flames.

Zheng Ge is not a gangster, he is at best a punk. He fought several times, but he never killed anyone.

According to the gangsters, Frank in his eyes is undoubtedly the kind that does not kill.

No-sense, the gangster will drive his car directly to the person, do not bump the car against the wall!

Either this man doesn’t want to die, or the man’s backstage gives him a kind of confidence that he kill people and don’t go to jail.

But Either way, Zheng Ge can’t afford it.

Zheng Ge is now afraid that Frank will take out a knife and give him a few shots.

However, Frank does not have a knife in his hand. Even if he has is a knife, he does not dare to give Zheng Ge a few shots.

After all, it’s like a girl who is studying medicine and her boyfriend was stabbed by dozens of shots to avoid the deadly news. It’s true that these masters estimate that the kitchen is more suitable for her than the operating room.

Frank grabbed Zheng Ge. Zheng Ge is now shocked by the fact that Frank drove a whole Infiniti on the wall and temporarily lost the courage to fight.

Frank grabbed Zheng Ge’s hair, like holding a bunny in the lab, then said to him, “You can repeat what you just said.”

“What did you just say?”

Zheng Ge is a little dizzy. Hey, isn’t the hatred in the afternoon was finished? Why should I repeat what I said just now? He looked at Frank, not as a kind of killer, he immediately restored the speaking. He said to Frank, “You, the younger brother is not right in the afternoon, the younger brother should not kick your car lights.”

“I want you to repeat what you said just now.”

Frank swayed Zheng Ge’s head, like shaking a ball, then shouted, “You said the little dwarf! Can you say: “the little dwarf again?”

By this time, the people present at the scene knew why Frank’s come for.

It turned out to be the man the little girl called over!

Lin Xiaoxin’s several roommates see Frank’s appearance for the first time. Previously, they only knew that Lin Xiaoxin had a boyfriend who studies medicine. In their impression, the boys who study medicine should wear a white coat, with tenderness in the corners of his mouth, and a concern for the patient in their eyes, which would be even more perfect if the voice were a little more female.

Zheng Ge, who was pinched by Frank, felt that he was like a little white rabbit robbed in his hand. Maybe broken at the moment. and he shouted, “I am wrong, brother, I am sorry.”

Frank saw that the purpose had been reached. He grabbed Zheng’s neck and pushed it forward, so he fell to the ground.

At this time, people who were scared by the impact of KTV on them have begun to come out. Lin Xiaoxin have three or two steps to run over to pounce in Frank’s arms.

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, who was in good condition, kissed her head, and then said, “Our little dwarf is fine.”

“Oh.” Lin Xiaoxin, who was originally moved by Frank ‘s domineering, heard these words jerked his head up and expressed her serious dissatisfaction with a drum-shaped face.

“No one else can scream, not say they can’t scream.” Frank kiss Lin Xiaoxin’s face, and then looked at the pile of mess in front of him.

If you put a car on the wall, it would be a traffic accident at most. At that time, you would say that the car is out of control, and there are no casualties anyway.

Just then, several security guards in KTV came down, looked at Infiniti on the wall by Wuling Hongguang, frowned and asked, “What is going on here?”

“Call 110, call the police!” Zheng Ge, who was crawling to the KTV door, came back to his senses now.

This kid is not a madman. He has a 400,000 yuan car that has been hit. Now he calls to the police to handle it. He is absolutely reasonable here.

At this moment, Zheng Ge seemed to have forgotten his previous confusion. He pointed to Frank and shouted. “This kid wants to kill me… Fortunately, I hid quickly, call the police.”