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M.I.H.G Chapter 58: GTA V

Although several security guards of KTV didn’t want to have a lot of problems, the car was directly on the wall of their building. It wouldn’t be impossible to ask the police.

Just when several security guards were preparing for the alarm, suddenly a girl’s voice sounded, “Wait!”

Frank looked up and saw that it was Lin Xiaoxin’s drunk roommate who had caused the present situation.

She looked at Zheng Ge and said, “Sir, it’s him who crashed your car. It has nothing to do with us. Will you let us go?”

“Oh.” Zheng Ge also looked down on this girl a little. Although he liked to dress up and push, he was a little bully, he knows fraternity. If something is going on between brothers, even if it’s nothing to do with you, and you can’t help him, it’s always okay to stand there and give spiritual support.

But now the most important thing is that Frank has hit Zheng Ge’s car. And Frank doesn’t pay attention to the fight between these girls and his girlfriend. He waved his hand and said for the two people present, “Let’s go.”

The roommate who was drunk and had to fight heard the words of Zheng Ge immediately left. Two other roommates were afraid of trouble and were ready to move.

Zhou Qian looked at her teammate, “Do you have any conscience?” He was ready to leave them and shouted at once.

“What do you mean I have no conscience?” The initiator of all this suddenly pointed to Frank and said, “I did cause that before, but now I have nothing to do with it, it is the brake that hit the car, and I have nothing to do with it.”

When Lin Xiaoxin heard his roommate’s remark, she exploded, “You reprimand my boyfriend again.” She tried to break away from Frank’s arms and run to her, but Frank quickly wrapped Lin Xiaoxin tighter.

Although the temper of my dwarf is explosive, it is safer to hold her arms and legs.

“What is this curse?” Lin Xiaoxin was ready to escape from Frank’s arms. The two roommates saw Lin Xiaoxin’s angry look.

Zhou Qian watched her three roommates go, although a little angry, but also helpless, had to go to Frank side.

Frank saw Zhou Xian smiled and didn’t speak. He thought at Li Zihao, who was behind him, who was following him, should be here too.

Lin Xiaoxin’s three roommates really walked a few steps. Before they reached the corner, they saw countless lights coming over.

Under the light of streetlights, one after another luxury sports car slowly entered the street, leading by a Koenigsegg.

Lin Xiaoxin’s roommates looked silly. After all, they were only seen this on the computer. They haven’t seen real cars yet, but now there are so many cars.

Several girls only know that this is a sports car, do not know how much it is worth, but Zheng Ge can see clearly that the leading Koenigsegg tire probably has the price of his Infiniti, not to mention there are countless luxury sports cars behind, just look at the logo to know how expensive these sports cars are.

Because there were so many sports cars coming, the entire width of the street could not contain them. So some sports cars have had to stop behind.

“What is the situation?” The security guard who is preparing to call the police is a bit stunned. Why was this group of guys coming to their own KTV station?

The doors of more than a dozen sports cars were opened at the same time.

Li Zihao, Chen Jian and others walked down from the sports cars. Although the clothes of this group of people were colorful, and lacking in momentum, they also proved from the side that they were the owners of the cars, They were not drivers.

Li Zihao walked over with a group and watched the Infinity, who was stroke by Frank with the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile on the wall and took some photos with interest.

“Brother, you are full of art.” Li Zihao came over Frank and handed him a cigarette, then smiled and said, “I almost thought you were playing GTA5.”

“You must learn.” Frank took the cigarette and put it in his mouth.

“I’m not stupid, my bad car is not your armored car.” Li Zihao took out a lighter and wanted to fire up the cigarette to Frank. At that moment, Lin Xiaoxin suddenly got up and reached out to grasp the cigarette in Frank’s mouth. And then pulled it down.

“No smoking is allowed.” Lin Xiaoxin said in holding the cigarette.

“Hey, is it your sister?” Li Zihao looked at Lin Xiaoxin and said of what he thought was the most likely relationship between them.

“Girlfriend.” Frank reached out and pinched Lin Xiaoxin’s cheek.

Li Zihao first looked at the young man who was not in high school, then looked at the little Lin Xiaoxin, and then looked at Frank with a brother’s look he didn’t expect them to be like this.

Just when Frank was ready to say that his own Lolita was legal, Chen Jian, who was on the side of Frank, looked at the Infiniti, who was eject on the wall by the Wuling Hongguang, and said, “Who is the driver for this car that was made a work of art?” Come out and meet me.”

When Zheng Ge saw this conduct, he knew he had kicked the iron plate. He knew a little about the dark side of society. He knew that it was not too difficult for the rich to find trouble with a little bully, he could not decide to admit it immediately.

But the pig mates are everywhere. A younger friend brought by Zheng Ge looks at the guys who have gone around in circles and decides to name his eldest friend, so he points to Zheng Ge and says, “this car is for our Zheng Ge. Why? how are you going to pay for it?”

“How to compensate.” Chen Jian laughed dumbly, shook his head, and looked at Zheng Ge. “Report a number, let us listen if we can afford it.”

Zheng Ge heard the joke in Chen Jian’s voice, stood up, looked at the car, and then reluctantly said, “Brother, you don’t have to compensate for this car, I’ll deal with it by myself.”

“How can you avoid losing money when you hit it like this?” Chen Jian walked up to the front of the Infiniti, which was posted on the wall by the Wuling Hongguang, looked at the license plate number, suddenly seemed to find something, then turned around and laughed and shouted, “Lin Yue, how do I feel that this car was the Infiniti Q6 convertible you bought when you were sixteen years old “