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M.I.H.G Chapter 59: Who Are You?

“That’s true.” A tall and thin man came over and looked at the Infiniti, who was stuck on the wall and said, “It’s the same car I used to drive, but then I threw it to our rental car shop.”

Chen Jian turned to look at Zheng Ge and said, “Did you rent this car from my house, or was you the employee of my family and you stole it out for your own use.”

It turned out that this is not the car of his own. Frank suddenly understood why in the afternoon, the man who collision him, it was not his own car, so he can’t afford to pay for a repair.


Zheng Ge knelt down on the spot. “Little, little boss, I am sorry.”

“You are the most courageous employee I have ever seen, it is definitely our employee, absolutely.” He is called Zheng Ge. Zheng Ge looked down at the ground.

“He’s still my own man.” Li Zihao looked at Zheng Ge, who had been scared, and he did not like bullying this kind of person. Then he said to security guards and managers of KTV. “You don’t have to call the police. We will manage it ourselves.”

KTV’s manager said a few words of politeness with a smile, and then went up without adding nothing. After all, the group behind added up they could buy more than half of Haiping. Including their own KTV. The boss was not guilty of economic exchanges with them.

Chen Jian made a phone call, then turned to Zheng Ge and said, “You are called the trailer to pull the rubbish back. The rest of the things go back to you later. When you’re done. Don’t think about running away. You can’t run out of the boundaries of Haiping.”

“Yes, yes.” Zheng Ge nodded madly.

“Boring, I thought there was a fight.” Li Zihao looked at the crowd and said, “Is it fun to continue playing?”

“There seems to be a nice villa near here, our family’s.” Chen Jian looked at Frank and said, “Since this person is an employee of my old man, I have to take responsibility for what he does, so please go to the Grange and play a lap, as if it were an atonement.”

Zheng Ge listened to these words and wanted to cry. He did what he did. He didn’t say anything he didn’t beat people. When Frank came up, he put his car near the wall. Now it’s his full responsibility.

Unfortunately, the world is unreasonable. If Zheng Ge’s private activities were known by others, others would just laugh and not speak.

When Frank listened to Zheng Ge’s words, looked down at the arms of Lin Xiaoxin, asked. “Want to go to the Grange to play?”

“I don’t want to move.” Lin Xiaoxin hugged Frank like a koala. It was because the exhaustion caused by staying up late became more severe after the matter subsided.

“Well, forget it,”  Frank said to Lin Xiaoxin, who was sleepy and unable to do so. “I have to lead away my girlfriend back, let’s make another appointment next time.”

“Let it be another time then.” Li Zihao said to Frank, “We are friends now. Let’s be on time and make an appointment.”

“Or maybe next week.” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Li Zihao and knew that Frank was owed the favor of this group of people. Otherwise, an Infiniti Frank would always have to pay for it, so she said to Frank, “It’s just that the temperature will rise soon in June, and next week you can go out and play before the heat.”

“Alright.”  Frank said to Li Zihao, “Let’s get in contact next week.”

“Oh.” Li Zihao nodded quite satisfied.

Frank opened the door of the car, let Lin Xiaoxin sit next to him. Her two roommates sat behind, and then Frank and Li Zihao and others said goodbye, then he drove off.

At the moment, the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile left, the Infiniti, who was stuck on the wall, slammed into the ground.

But look at that way, you know that this car can go directly to the scrapping station.

Li Zihao and Chen Jian watched  Frank drive away, Li Zihao put a cigarette in his mouth, and took a deep breath, then said to Chen Jian, “What do you think of  Frank?”

“I feel that this guy is quite courageous, and the energy in his hand should not be small.” Chen Jian said that the Infiniti, which had been scrapped, “If you charge to me, I will not be able to send someone else’s car into scrap iron directly, and it looked like the boy was very skillful in his crash,  looking at him for the first time.”

“This foreign family wants to enter in our level, I have a hunch that this surname will help us a lot in the future.”

Frank drove the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile and got on the road. What did he think of? Turning his head to Lin Xiaoxin and Zhou Wei, “Where are we going now, are you going to the dormitory?”

“The dormitory building has been closed for a long time.” Zhou Qian Concerns smoothed her hair and said, “Let’s find a hotel nearby.”

“Alright.” Frank consult the navigation panel, found a hotel, and drove over there.

“Thank you very much for this time.” Zhou Qian looked at Frank and thanked him, “I have heard that Xiaoxin has a boyfriend. but I didn’t expect that the first meeting would cause you trouble.”

Frank looked at Zhou Xian and said, “I’ll bother you to blow pillow wind and say something nice about me in the future.”

“What’s the nice word?” Lin Xiaoxin, who slept dazed, looked up and looked at Frank.

“For example, your boyfriend is smart, handsome and heroic.”

“Okay, I know you are perfect.” Lin Xiaoxin tried to open her eyes and said in a confused way, “But my girlfriend is so sleepy now and wants to sleep.”

“Okay, it’s over.”  Frank parked the car on the parking space at the door of a more formal hotel.

Zhou Qian and the other girl opened the door by themselves.  Frank took Lin Xiaoxin from the chair next to him and then prepared to go to the hotel.

Zhou Qian looked at Frank’s car and said. “Wait, this car is still unlocked.”

Frank did not want to explain that the car was intelligently controlled, so he said casually, “It’s all right, nobody steals a broken car.”

“Broken car?” Zhou Qian looked at the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile. I thought that this car was hard to hit against the wall of another vehicle. How could she not guess that this car would never be the ordinary Wuling Hongguang?

At this time, Frank had already entered the hotel hall with Lin Xiaoxin in his arms. Zhou Qian quickly hurried to chase the past, while walking, thinking, Lin Xiaoxin’s boyfriend.