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M.I.H.G Chapter 60: the nursery king

The front desk of the hotel had originally seen Frank in the middle of the night with three girls to book the room. The admiration on his face disappeared after Frank and Zhou Qian book their two rooms with their ID cards.

Frank held Lin Xiaoxin in the hotel room, then shook Lin Xiaoxin, who was confused and said, “Would you like to take a bath first?”

“No.” Lin Xiaoxin said, holding Frank’s neck, “Sleeping, now I have to sleep.”

Frank put Lin Xiaoxin on the bed in the room, and then took off Lin Xiaoxin’s shoes and coat.

Because it has not yet entered the hot month, so Lin Xiaoxin’s clothes are not very cold, so Frank did not have a good eye, let Frank a little regrettable.

Frank untie the top two buttons of Lin Xiaoxin’s top, and stuffed the pillow under Lin Xiaoxin’s small head and covered her with a thin quilt.

By the way, although there are still many standard rooms in the hotel, no one is staying, but Frank decided to choose the big bedroom so that he can sleep at night with his little girlfriend.

After a cold shower, Frank came out of the bathroom and saw that Lin Xiaoxin, who was originally sleeping sideways, had been buried in a soft bed like a cake.

Wait a minute, how do you hold me like this?!

Frank was silly, saying that a good human figure pillow, allows holding a good sleep.

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, who was sleeping with frowning eyebrows. Finally, he did not stop breaking his body he was not willing to push Lin Xiaoxin’s body, which was not sleeping well, but gently rubbed the frowning eyebrows of Lin Xiaoxin with his fingers and he gently softened her face, Then he lay on the other side of the big bed facing Lin Xiaoxin’s back and fell asleep.

Frank’s quality of sleep has always been very good. Once he falls asleep, even if someone beats him, he can’t wake up. Although it is possible to bury him directly in ruins during the earthquake, the advantage is that he was sleeping less than five hours a day and it is extreme enough to rest.

So Frank woke up first. When Lin Xiaoxin woke up, she found that they were hugged together.

There is no familiar soft feeling in the hand, because Frank embraces the air, while Lin Xiaoxin embraces Frank.

Remembering that Lin Xiaoxin had told him before that she sometimes slept in a bed with her roommate.

Frank gently removed Lin Xiaoxin’s hands, then came down from the bed, unscrewed a bottle of mineral water and took a sip, and then received a text message from his teacher.

“Frank. The paper you answered in the medium term is not available.”

“What’s wrong?” Frank quickly replied to the text message.

“One of the data used in your paper has recently been proved to be a forgery. Although it appears only once in your paper, it is better to change it.”

“Just change the data?”

“I suggest that you change most of the content. Because, without this data, many of your arguments are not supported.”

“But it’s only a few weeks before the graduation reply!”

“Overnight for a few days, you can still rush out. This is a natural disaster. There is no way to make an exception only for you.”

“I know.”

Frank suddenly felt that the scalp was numb, it was time for graduation defense. The teacher asked him to revise his thesis!

Frank checked the situation with his mobile phone and found that the medical journal broke out big news of paper fraud. Many of the papers that have been published in international journals are fraudulent, and there is a reference to Frank.

If he really wants to change it according to what the teacher said, Frank estimates that staying up late for a week may not be able to correct it.

“After going back, I see if anyone can help me.” Frank raised his eyebrows, and then went downstairs to buy four breakfasts. When he came up, Frank knocked on the door of room Zhou Qian who soon opened the door.

“Your breakfast.” Frank handed the breakfast to Zhou Qian.

Zhou Qian took breakfast and expressed her gratitude. When Frank returned to his room, he entered and found that Lin Xiaoxin had already got up, she pulled out of the clothes and threw it on the bed and her bra had been unfastened.

Seeing Frank come in, Lin Xiaoxin raised her head with sweat beads and said charmingly, “it is hot, I am sweaty all over.”

“You have a reason, it’s why you didn’t sleep last night.” Frank put the breakfast on the table, and then took out a disposable towel. After a little disappointment, Lin Xiaoxin wiped her face and neck.

“I felt hot in your arms last night as if I had a big play.”

“Well.” Frank looked at his figure and thought he was not playing. I’m so rough.

Lin Xiaoxin hid her bra in her bag, then jumped down from the bed and looked at the sticks and buns on the table. She was ready to reach for them.

Frank quickly took Lin Xiaoxin’s hand and said to her, “First brush your tooth and eat after.”

“Hey.” Lin Xiaoxin pouted her lips and then went to the bathroom helplessly. While walking, she complained. “It’s like I am your wife.”

Lin Xiaoxin washed her hands, brushed her teeth, and then she and Frank sat on the small round table in the hotel room to eat.

“Right!” Lin Xiaoxin swallowed buns into her mouth and said to Frank with a vague voice. “Have you slept with me last night, taking advantage of me?”


“Not really.” Lin Xiaoxin looked suspiciously and said to the bottom, “Didn’t you take the opportunity to touch my chest or something?”

“You have something to touch?” Frank said mercilessly to Lin Xiaoxin, “When I fell asleep last night, you took advantage of me.”

“How can it be?” Lin Xiaoxin looked incredulous. “What’s the difference between your basic peace? I might as well touch my roommate if I touch you.”