My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M.I.H.G Chapter 61: Nutrition is in the mind

Touch roommates!

Frank looked at Lin Xiao Xin and said, “You are not leaking anything?”

“I am straight, you can rest assured.” Lin Xiaoxin said, patted Frank’s shoulder and said, “It’s just that pillow is really comfortable.”

“Oh.” Frank listened to Lin Xiaoxin’s words and shook his head helplessly, then concentrate on the food in his mouth.

But Lin Xiaoxin saw Frank shake his head, unrelenting to ask, “Why do you shake your head ah?”

“It’s nothing.”

“I don’t believe it’s nothing.” Lin Xiaoxin held her face, then blinked at Frank and said, “Do you have any misunderstanding about your lovely girlfriend?”

“There is no misunderstanding.” Frank answered solemnly, “But I was thinking that I would not have the benefit of chest pillow in the future.”

After Frank finished, Lin Xiaoxin looked down at her chest and then raised her head violently. She looked at Frank with a sad look. “That’s because my nutrition is in my head!”

“Yes, this answer is very satisfactory.” Frank expressed his approval for Lin Xiaoxin’s cleverness.

“That’s pretty much the same.” Lin Xiaoxin rolled his eyes and finished eating breakfast, then the phone rang.

Lin Xiaoxin glanced at the phone. The name shown above was Zhou Qian, and she picked it up. After a few minutes, Lin Xiaoxin hung up and looked at Frank. “I have to go back to the dormitory first.”

“What happened?”

“The three who went first contacted the supervisor today, saying that there was a contradiction between us, hoping to let the supervisor change the dormitory, and the supervisor let us go.”

“The wicked will complain first?”

“Not really.” Lin Xiaoxin pick up all the garbage bags and everything on the table together and put them in the corner of the table.

“I guess that Zhou Qian has retaliated against them. She wants to be a candidate for the post of student president in no small extent, and it is not easy to win the elections. Therefore, they emphasize that there is a contradiction between us.

“Well, this is really true.” Frank paused and did not know what to say. He just admires the girl who left her roommate alone in the end.

It is estimated that the girl saw Li Zihao and others driving sports cars to help Frank. So they thought that Frank might have some energy behind him. Besides, last week, Zou Qian was running for president of the Student Union. They were afraid of being retaliated, so they told the supervisor in advance that there was a contradiction between the two sides.

The only advantage of doing this is that in the future if something happens to her, she just call Frank directly. And there is no need to worry about Zhou Qian’s revenge on the bright side.

A little clever, but this little smart person is the most annoying, although Frank did no intention at all to retaliate against someone who can only make people nauseous from time to time.

“You don’t have to worry about it, I will finish it with Qian.” Lin Xiaoxin went back to the bed and began to pack up her things.

“I want to go to the movies in the afternoon.”

“Next week, your friend said that there is a mountain house. When we can have a full two days to play,” Lin Xiaoxin said as she suddenly remembered something and looked up at Frank. It seems that in half a month, I will go to the open review week before the exam. I will have no class at that time. I will go directly to you.”

“That’s good.” Frank heard this kind of good thing, and suddenly there was a picture of a good life. Then in this excitement, he forgot the most important things.

The two packed up their belongings and then prepared to go out. Frank has not had time to pull out the house card.

Lin Xiaoxin suddenly shouted at Frank, “Frank.”

“Yes, what happened.” Frank turned his head and saw Lin Xiaoxin sitting on the bed.

“You come over.” Lin Xiaoxin recruited Frank to walk in front of her, then compared the height of the two, and found that she was sitting on the bed, so she reached out and grabbed Frank’s shoulder.

“You go a little further.”

Frank, who didn’t know what Lin Xiaoxin was going to do, had to squat a little, and his head was on the level with Lin Xiaoxin’s shoulder.

“Not yet, you have to go further.” Lin Xiaoxin slammed Frank’s shoulder again. Frank had to stand in a very uncomfortable way with his two legs in an O-shaped shape.

“It’s almost there.” Lin Xiaoxin’s voice came out, Frank wanted to say something, Then he found that the place where he was looking now seemed a little delicate, just Lin Xiaoxin squeezed into a three-inch position.

Frank has not yet figured out what Lin Xiaoxin is doing, and he saw Lin Xiaoxin suddenly reaching out and holding his cheek.

“Close your eyes.”

When Frank heard Lin Xiaoxin’s words, he closed his eyes subconsciously, and then Lin Xiaoxin grabbed Frank’s head forward and pressed it against her.

Suddenly Frank only felt that his cheeks had been stuffed into two soft masses like marshmallows.

Although it is a little small, it is very soft.

Frank suddenly understood what Lin Xiaoxin wanted to do. This attitude of speaking with facts really likes people.

Frank was prepared to feel the beauty twice, but Lin Xiaoxin suddenly pushed Frank’s shoulder and almost knocked down Frank, who was standing still.

“La la la.” Lin Xiaoxin issued a word of unknown meaning to cover her shy cheeks, then quickly get out of bed and put on her shoes.

Frank opened his eyes and wanted to say something, but Lin Xiaoxin had come over and stretched out Frank’s hand and shouted, “Go away, I am still anxious to go back.”

Frank drove the three girls back to the school, and then asked Lin Xiaoxin to call, and then drove to the direction of his rental apartment.

Lin Xiaoxin has something to deal with, and she has many troubles. The graduation thesis alone will make her busy in the next few days.

Frank prayed to have a place in the parking in his community to park his car, but since it was noon, the parking was full of cars.

There’s no parking space? Frank frowned and knocked on the smart control screen of the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, and then found that there was indeed an open-air free parking space around it.

At this time, someone knocked on Frank’s door.