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M.I.H.G Chapter 73: Violence Can’t Solve All Problems

However, part-time translation earns more money, but the Chinese translation circle has always been in a wolf-rich environment, that is, much people do not win much.

One obvious feature is that translators in Europe and the United States are paid several times more than those in China.

And like the cinema and television circle, the translation circle is also a little closed. If you can’t say, you can translate.

You can foolishly go to any company and say that you are good at it.

You can see if they have documents to translate. You can translate them for them.

That’s a two-sided approach.

Therefore, the right way for laymen to go is to do translation-related work first, then gradually make a reputation in the circle, and finally get to know the people in the circle, and take some work under the introduction of the people in the circle.

Human society has always been simple and complex. A circle and a circle seem to ring together, but some circles are surrounded by moats on the edge.

You have to use something like a springboard to jump on.

For example, there is a high place at station B, which was originally for a medical student. But he did a few good videos to evaluate anime, which was familiar to several animation companies, and finally jumped into the circle of anime scriptwriters. This is an example.

So although the subtitle group is a kind of unpaid work, it is a good step for people outside the circle like Frank.

After sending applications to several well-known subtitle groups online, Frank took his computer with him to Hannibal’s bedroom to help him write his thesis.

Suddenly someone knocked at the door.

“Hey, I haven’t asked for a takeaway yet?”

Frank stepped to the door with small fragments.

Through the peephole, he found a tall, thin man standing at the door.


Frank then shouted, “Who are you looking for?”

“You are the tenant of this house, Frank.” The man outside talked a little bit, and he said to the peephole, “It’s you I’m looking for.”

“Looking for me?”

Frank opened the safety switch of the Stun-Gun Wristwatch and then opened the door.

From the perspective of his temperament, he did not think that there was any danger coming from the man opposite.

It was a little uncomfortable to speak loudly across the door.

When the thin-skinned man saw Frank open the door, he would like to go home, but Frank’s leg blocked him.

“Who are you, what are you looking for?”

“You asked me what I was looking for, and I’ll tell you, you have a big deal.”

The tall and thin man held an orchid on his fingers said to Frank, “Did you pour the milk on my car?”

“What milk?” Frank has not turned around for a while.

At this time, the thin man said with his greasy voice:

“I am a resident of Unit 5, 405 Building, my car is parked in the corner of the community. It’s been good for half a year, but the day before yesterday someone poured a box of milk.” “

“If I want to go to the 4s shop and clean it again, it will cost more than 5,000 Yuan. I asked a few people, and they said, – they saw you the day before yesterday near this place-“

When the thin man said this, Frank suddenly realized.

No wonder that the little black boxed milk went away that day. It turned out to be this.

Frank did not care about the secret if it was raised and directly asked this thin man. “Should I know where the parking space is?”

“Who else can it be, who’s trying to kiss me?”

The tall, thin man took this for granted and said, “I’ll tell you I’ve been here for six months and I’ve installed the locks on the floor myself if you do not know it? “

Frank was amused by the logic of this buddy.

He said to the thin man. “Do you know that I have been renting this house here for half a year? According to your reasoning, this house belongs to me as well?”

” Can that be the same?”

The tall, thin man shouted in a voice like a duck’s cry, “someone else renting you the apartment, and mine is public.”

“I say, brother, do you pretend to be confused or really confused? The row of parking spaces behind the community, which was public, all are bought privately..”

“Maybe nobody bought this place and as well as nobody parked. Then I parked. Isn’t that mine?” The thin man still said:

“I don’t care, my car was poured by you. By a box of milk throw by you, you have to pay me 5,000 pieces for painting.”

“Did I say that I poured it?” Frank was laughed at by this sissy logic.

After talking with Hannibal’s high-intelligence person for a few days, Frank suddenly told like this kind of person.

“Everyone has seen you there in the past if you do not have it pour, who poured it?”

“The others saw me there, and they did not see me pour milk, You can understand it out.”

“Then I don’t care.” The skinny man said, “How do you prove that you haven’t done it?”

“I do not need to prove, anything to give evidence, you may think I poured milk on your car, so you’re going to give me out of the evidence.” Do you understand? “

“Why should I give you evidence, I doubt you now, so you have to give me the evidence to prove that you did not do it.”

Frank is finally understanding, Today is an unreasonable one.

Anyone can talk like this, but it is no good to meet such people.

So Frank is too lazy to temper with this person.

Directly said, “I now suspect that you have a mental illness, please go out immediately, I waiting for you to find evidence to prove that you are not sick.”

Frank said that and he would close the door. As for the thin man looked worried wanted to enter the room.

Frank’s right hand stretched out and grabbed the lean man’s neck, then his right leg got up and immediately gave the skinny a blow to the mouth of the thin man who was in great pain, and his expression was expressive.

Frank’s father is Fang Cheng’s father, was a famous soldier in the army. When he returned home from work, he trained Frank and Fang Cheng in their childhood.

Although Frank did not report to the police profession, when it comes to actual combat, he can make in terms of actual combat.

The thin man squatted down on his stomach, Frank gently pushed him into the door frame, and then closed the door.

Violence does not solve all problems, but it can solve the problem that leads to problems.

Frank shook his head, then went to Hannibal’s bedroom, took a towel for Hannibal, and then gave him a little breakfast.

“Today seems to be ten minutes later than yesterday.” Hannibal pretended to be intentional.

“I have no regular schedule.” Frank opened the computer and placed it in front of Hannibal.

“This is not good for the body.”

“If you care, my kidneys are fine,” Frank said that and he knocked on the table then signaled Hannibal to concentrate on his work.

Four hours later, Frank finished the rewriting of the thesis, put a blindfold on Hannibal, and then took a small mirror from his pocket and placed it on the table.