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M.I.H.G Chapter 74: 1 small gift

The time to exchange ‘philosophy’ with Hannibal is short and interesting, but in order to avoid being hypnotized again by Hannibal.

The chat between Frank and Hannibal did not last long.

After more than half an hour, Frank turned and left to get his graduation thesis.

With the help of Hannibal, Frank felt that he should be able to complete the thesis within this week, which is also an unexpected surprise.

On the fourth day, it was another day of peace.

In addition to Fang Cheng’s call, who said that he had to come to Frank’s home to say that the previous case had already been settled.

There was nothing else to come over and talk.

On the fifth day, Frank’s whole person has been very relaxed.

After all, Hannibal is leaving today.

Even after he breaks free, it is too late to catch other people’s ingredients.

Due to the lifetime relationship between the landlord and the tenant is bound to each other, Hannibal wanted to do something.

The correct process should be to tie in Frank to the house, then get downstairs and find a car to find food within a radius of 300 feet, he will find a family to use as food.

However, our uncle is not a person who is easy to satisfy.

He is very strict requirements with food materials, and he eats some people who are not polite, who are not courteous, misbehaving, without etiquette or disorderly behavior.

Therefore, Frank does not think that Hannibal can find a standard food that meets his criteria in a short time and then make some things like stewed human liver with fresh flower salad, fried lung slices, heart kebabs, heart meat string tomato flowers, and other meals.

In addition to the high IQ, Hannibal also has a side in terms of quality of life.

The cooking is good-looking and delicious, and the taste of clothing is also very high-end.

The premise is that you have to ignore the fact that some of the materials in his dishes are different from what the public knows.

In the morning, with the help of Hannibal, the last thesis problem was completed, and Frank can finish the remaining by himself.

Frank looked at the loser Hannibal, who had been hungry for the past few days.

After considering it for a long time, he cooked an egg in a stove and gave it for Hannibal.

“You are leaving in the afternoon. For you and me, this torture is over.”

“Thank you very much for your hospitality these days, I hope to see you next time.”

Hannibal thanked Frank very politely, and it seems that these days it was hospitalized in five stars.

Level hotel in general.

Of course, the accommodation conditions on Frank ‘s side are probably equivalent to a small hotel on the street for 50 or 60 Yuan a night, and it is still the kind of poor bathroom.

Although Hannibal and Frank seem to be harmonious and happy these days, the goddess is going to the toilet, and Hannibal is no exception.

In the case of being tied up, Hannibal’s toilet experience is very Unpleasant.

(In order to avoid people who are reading books or stuffed with delicious food in their mouths, all of this content has been deleted, and everyone imagines.)

“Well.” Frank looked at Hannibal and said shamelessly, “Everyone who came to me, gave me some small gifts before leaving. Do you want to leave me something?”

“This is voluntary.” Hannibal looked at Frank and said, “The man who sent me told me that if I was satisfied with the living environment and had a good time these days, I could leave a gift for the landlord.”

Actually, it is voluntary, so.

It seems that Bruce left the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile as a good gift, and Conan did not leave a gift, it is estimated that this Wanshi primary school student passed at Frank house not very satisfied.

Originally Frank thought it was a vacation, and finally met with murder, but the matter of Katy happened to let Conan bump into or brought about by his realm of death is really not good to say.

“But I will still leave a small gift for you, just for courtesy,” Hannibal said politely.

“What is it in advance?” Frank prompted Hannibal and asked.

“Not be a scalpel or something you use to process ingredients.”

“It will not.”

“Is not a criminal psychology book that you personally wrote.” Frank continued to ask questions without paying attention to what Hannibal think.

“I know you want this very much.” Hannibal looked at Frank’s pocket and asked, “Did you put a small mirror on the table when you talked to me before?”

“You saw it?”

“I heard the sound of something hitting the tabletop, and then judged by the state of your speech.” Hannibal looked at Frank’s coldly.

“very simple, trying to use the mirror for self-hypnosis to strengthen himself to hypnotize others. The resistance, to be honest, if I was tied here, put it in any other scene, I can let you split the personality on the spot.”

“I forgive the beginners for making small mistakes.” Frank picked up an apple and began peeling with a fruit knife.

“I am really interested in psychology please leave me a copy of your work when you leave.”

“In half a day, you can know what I left for you. I think you will be satisfied.”

“It’s psychological work.” Frank quickly shoved an apple into Hannibal’s mouth, said, “Oh, uncle, no, I will pull out, see you late.”

Hannibal swallowed the apple and did not speak. So Frank began to say.

“Brother, I have long felt that I don’t want to tie you up, but we have developed a tacit understanding these days, that is, the kind of heroes who cherish each other and appreciate each other.”

Frank looked at Hannibal and said, “You will leave me your psychological works then. I will open a psychological clinic in the future. Not your kind. It’s a serious psychological clinic. When someone asks me who my teacher is, I report it was you.”

Hannibal looked at Frank, who was already very excited. He was not allowed to say the word idiot because of his good upbringing, but his eyes were full of contempt.

After Frank finished, he looked at Hannibal’s eyes and knew that he was despised, but that’s okay.

Now he is more and more certain that Hannibal must have left him with a book of psychology as a gift. Or what else he could have left behind.

If Hannibal does not leave it to him, he can also pick an ability at that time, and he will likely have mental strength.

After happily putting the towel and eye mask back to Hannibal, Frank checked the nylon rope and tape on the side of Hannibal.

After discovering that there was no problem, he left the bedroom with confidence. The real man will never kill in the last second.

Frank rushed to the living room to drink a glass of water, and the doorbell of the house rang again.

Fang Cheng will not come until the afternoon, this time is definitely not him, is it the thin man before the day before?

Frank walked to the door with a slow step.