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M.I.H.G Chapter 76: Upstairs Bad Neighborhood

The old man is a good person. The only disadvantage is that he is too serious.

Frank originally just wanted to make fun of it, but after listening to it.

Frank thought about it for a long time and nodded solemnly and said. “Let’s go back and try it.”

Frank did not care about the old man, after all, it was the era of mobile games, and the video introduced those old games.

A game with mosaic quality, how could anyone see it?

While Frank and the old man was rubbing the moss of the bathtub, a thin man with two policemen was heading to his house.

The real name of the thin man is Yu Yancai.

The name is a little feminine.

In addition, when he was a child, he was bullied by his classmates because they say he was a sissy.

So when he became big, he vows that he must not be bullied again.

Although he is not dominant in the face of other men, even some women can beat him.

But as a modern person, Yu Yancai believes that IQ is the most important, of the key point is to use the rules reasonably.

So after being beaten by Frank, he thought that if he wants to take revenge, he must be wise.

But before he could figure out how to use his wisdom, he went to 4S store to pick up the car and came back to find that the lock hole of his lock was blocked,

The broken iron dregs mixed with glue were poured into the lock hole.

Even if it is his key, there is no way to unlock his lock.

Check it on the Internet and say that unless the glue in the keyhole is slowly baked with a lighter.

Yu Yancai can only find someone to unload the lock directly and re-installed it.

In this hot day, holding a lighter to bake the lock hole is purely a performance art.

Yu Yancai thought it was too silly to do, so he made a plan. He smashed his car glass and parked it in front of the floor lock.

After going out and buying several bags of biscuits and fruits or something.

Yu Yancai found the old ladies who often sat in the community and bribed them with biscuits and fruits and guided them to say something like this that they saw Frank carrying a brick into the back and entered the back of the community.

Then, Yu Yancai called the police directly and said that he had parked his car in the yard.

The car glass was smashed and some of the finance in the car had been lost.

The legal lock in the community is illegal. Calling the police does not necessarily come back.

It is not necessarily a matter of coming, but the robbery is a serious problem.

It is a criminal case so there will be two police officers soon who drove the police car and come over.

After asking the old ladies who were cool, they confirmed that they really saw Frank holding a brick to go to the parking lot behind the community, and then confirmed in Yu Yancai’s mouth that his economic loss was 10,000 Yuan.

The two policemen were led by Yu Yancai and came directly to Frank’s house.

But Frank had already gone out at that time. There was only Hannibal at home, wearing earplugs.

Although the police knocked on the door so loudly that Hannibal heard the sound through the earplugs, Hannibal could not go out to open the door.

So Yu Yancai and the two policemen had to stand outside the door.

Smashing the door with shoulders is only a common occurrence in the movie.

Facing a security door, they can only knock. So the two policemen said that if Frank hasn’t come back later, they should go back first and come back the next day.

But Yu Yancai thought Frank was at home, only when he sees that the police out the door, he did not dare to open the door.

So Yu Yancai called Frank’s apartment landlord and asked him how to contact him.

Frank’s apartment landlord is also living nearby, and he will be able to come in seven or eight minutes.

At this time, Frank is still rubbing the moss of the bathtub with the old man.

“It sounds like someone was knocking the door upstairs.”

Frank vaguely heard the sound of smashing the door, because the old man’s house was not his just right downstairs, but his downstairs door.

Frank did not know whether someone was knocking one other home or his door, so he still slightly uneasy.

“The little boy on the upstairs is shooting a basketball.”

The old man said, “A child of eight years old, the family bought a small leather basketball, play at home, patted every day.”

“I said to him several times don’t play home, he did not listen.”

“And there are people who for old cadres do not want to listen.”

Frank smiled twice and then said, “I recommend you a few methods.”

“Speak, and I listen.” The old man stopped his work and asked.

“If you have money, you can buy sound insulation. If you do not want to argue with the other side, the penetration of sound is absolutely impossible, and the noise from above will be isolated.”

“how much.”

“More than three hundred, some are cheaper, but the effect is not good.”

“It’s too expensive.” The old man shook his head.

In addition, the old man is usually a person who wants to do everything with his own hands and never spend money.

“If you do it yourself, you can find a small motor, nail it to the wall and pull it in. The effect is not bad.” Frank looked at the tub that he washed almost quickly.

Frank took off the rubber gloves with his hand and continued, “You must think you still have problems, buy a cane, put a cotton cloth on top, and you’ll prick the roof when you’re at home.

If the effect is not good, you’ll wait for them in the middle of the night, Poke when they sleep. “

“It’s far away,” said the old man. “But your method is still good. I used a clothes rail to tie the hammer with a towel.”

“Well, old cadres, you are not at all like the honesty on the surface.”

Frank smiled a little, then watched the old man start to release water in the bathtub.

“But then, anything depends on the essence. There are children upstairs, and there is no way for children to make trouble.”

” This dog-day builder doesn’t give the soundproof board the root cause of the problem.”

When the old man spoke, this time Frank’s cell phone suddenly rang, someone called him.