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M.I.H.G Chapter 77: Opening the door

Frank’s apartment landlord is a single mother in her forties and has a 16-year-old daughter.

Well, I guess you want to think about some evil things, but in fact, the stories that have to be said between the actual Frank and the singles.

Or the story that has to be told about the landlord’s daughter.

Or simply the story that has to be told about the landlord and the landlord’s daughter doesn’t happen at all!

Frank only saw the landlord a few times only when she first started renting the house.

Later, when the key was lost, the landlord asked him to take the high school daughter once. The rest of the time, the three people never met again.

After all, the landlord lives in the first few units. The monthly rent collection is sent to her by Frank directly, and there is no chance to meet her.

As far as that goes, her daughter no more even.

This time, Yu Yancai called the daughter of Frank’s apartment landlord, who was a sophomore in senior high school.

The girl’s name was Gan Xuan, with a ponytail.

The little girl was afraid when she came up and saw the two policemen, but the two policemen were kind enough to let the little girl open the door and ask the little girl about Frank’s lack of money in ordinary time if the rent was not paid on time and so on.

Gan Xuan said it truthfully, but this caused the dissatisfaction of Yu Yancai. He snorted to let the little girl say something bad to the police, but Gan Xuan was not deep in the world.

“What do you know about Frank?” A man with a bit of a voice is really deterrent.

When the door was opened, Gan Xuan jumped in and circled and found no one in the house. Then she said to the two policemen:

“It seems that Frank is really not there. Have you wronged him.”

“How could it be wronged?” Yu Yancai hummed and said:

“He must have sold the stolen goods. The watch I put in the car is worth tens of thousands of Yuan.”

“Li Ge.” One of the two policemen, a younger man, said to the older man:
“It seems that the owner is really absent, and we have no search warrant. Now, let’s call the owner and let him come over. We’ll talk about it later.”

“Also.” the older policeman nodded. Although this time involved a relatively large amount, the two did not bring the law enforcement recorder and did not follow the procedure.

It was not easy to explain the problem.

So the policeman surnamed Li turned and said to Gan Xuan:

“You have the phone of Frank, call him and let him hurry.”

“I don’t have it, my mom has it.” Gan Xuan said to the two policemen. “I will call my mom and asked.”

Gan Xuan was on the phone, and Yu Yancai was in a hurry.

His original plan was to deceive the police into losing a lot of property, and then let them go directly to Frank’s house for a search.

In the process, he will secretly put a watch in the corner of the room to smear Frank.

But who knows that the first door can’t be opened, the two policemen want to go back.

Yu Yancai tried hard to say that the next time the police came to Frank, he sold the stolen goods.

When there is no evidence, Frank can be saved. He dare not come out.

Yu Yancai called Gan Xuan who took the key and let Gan Xuan open the door, but now who knows that the police did not intend to search because of the search warrant, would they let him hide the watch in the living room?

Because it is a rented house, there is only a very simple sofa in the living room, a coffee table, and a refrigerator in the corner.

There is nothing else except the table, as long as the two police officers are on the line, The first suspect is Yu Yancai.

Therefore, now Yu Yancai urgently needs a reasonable reason to break into Frank’s room and hide the watch.

Gan Xuan gave her mother a few calls and was on the phone.

At this time, Yu Yancai suddenly looked at another bedroom that was closed.

Yu Yancai walked over and pushed it away, then turned his head and looked at Gan Xuan.

Yu Yancai asked, “This bedroom is rented to other people, or rented to the kid.”

“They are rent together.” Gan Xuan answered.

“Maybe this kid is hiding in this bedroom.” Yu Yancai said and turned to ask Gan Xuan, “Girl, the key to this bedroom.”

“You, the girl.” Gan Xuan was a little unhappy with Yu Yancai’s call. She looked up proudly and said, “No, you’re not an uncle of the police.”

“Hey, you, little girl.” Yu Yancai was about to scold.

The two policemen couldn’t stand it anymore. With Yu Yancai hooking up, they said, “Everyone goes out first and waits for the phone call of the owner. Do we say it again?”

Yu Yancai twisted and pinched and did not want to go out. He saw two policemen frowning.

Before, Yu Yancai have some loopholes.

Now, if something happens here, it will be even more problematic.

The two policemen think of this, the more they don’t want to get into trouble, although China does not pay much attention to procedural justice and some small mistakes don’t make a good mistake.

If you want to search, you have to wait until the homeowner comes.

Just as the two policemen were leaving, suddenly there was a muffled sound in the bedroom with the closed door.


The four people who were going to leave at the same time stopped.

“It seems to be the sound of the trampoline.” Li Ge said puzzledly.

“It must be hidden here this kid.” Yu Yancai said while he touched his big leg.

In the pocket of the big leg was hidden a watch that Yu Yancai would use it to accuse Frank.

Yu Yancai prepared.

After entering the bedroom, immediately when others were not paying attention, he put the watch on Frank’s desk and then shouted again what it was.

So that Frank was picked up the watch, which is the table the hand in the bag without a doubt.

Planned, quite perfect.

Li Ge stepped forward and knocked on the door, then asked, “Is there someone inside, can someone open the door?”

However, there was no voice from the bedroom, only a muffled sound.

This time, even the two police officers felt that it was wrong.

They waved and let Gan Xuan take the key to open the door of the bedroom.

Yu Yancai followed the two policemen into the house.

Yu Yancai stood at the end of the crowd and didn’t feel like watching what was going on in the house.

Yu Yancai hid the watch under a magazine on Frank ‘s table. Then he looked up and looked inside the bedroom.

A handsome man with a beautiful appearance was tied to the bed.

His head was wearing a blindfold, his mouth was stuffed with a towel, his hands were tied back, and his feet were tied in a sign of the cross.

My God, kidnapping!

Yu Yancai covered his mouth. In his mind immediately thought of horrible things, this Frank originally kidnapped a handsome young man in his house!

The two police officers saw such a scene, and they knew that it was a big case, one took a photo, and the other immediately went to the towel in the mouth of the young man.

And only Ganzi, looking at the Hannibal that was tied up in this way, revealed a trace of doubt, and then associated with what blushing content.