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M.I.H.G Chapter 78: Gambles

In the old’s house, Frank took out his mobile phone and saw that it was Xiao Hei’s number phone.

” Xiao Hei, what’s wrong?” Frank calmly asked with the mobile phone, but soon he was not calm.

“I just heard the news, Yu Yancai, the grandson called the police to your home, as he has called your apartment landlord, I am going to your home, where are you now?”

“Yu Yancai?” Frank stunned, not knowing who is it.

“That was the one who grabbed my parking space and locked it. For the first time, I poured a glass of milk and left a note for him to unload the lock and move his car away.”

“He didn’t care, I locked him. As a result, he thought it was you who did it and called the police to your home.”

“Wait.” Frank gestured to the old man with his hand saying he had something to do and left.

He left the old man’s house and went upstairs. “Even if he thinks that I have blocked the keyhole, is that kind of thing, the police will take care of it?”

“Who knows exactly how he did it, it seems that you wronged him by smashing his car glass.”

“I’ll be there right now. You go and see first. I have a community monitoring in my hand, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay, I’ll go first.”

Frank saw that his house door was opened.

Frank did not think that the police would call the landlord to directly open the door of his house when he was not at home.

The door was opened, so the bedroom door should be opened.

Although Frank stuffed Hannibal’s ear with earplugs, the effect of a pair of earplugs that only cost ten Yuan was just noise reduction.

It’s not so good that Hannibal could not hear the sound at all.

If the police shouted, Hannibal could not hear what the police were saying, but the first reaction was that outsiders were coming to Frank’s home.

Hannibal Lecter is going to be released, and the police in China usually don’t wear guns when they go out.

If they wear them, they may not be able to use it with Hannibal.

He can pretend to be the victim at first, then waited for the opportunity to stun the two people.

Frank believes that Hannibal has this strength, so now that he has released, Hannibal should serve himself for only one more dish.

Frank has to found a way to break the game.

Frank said calmly to Xiao Hei. “I am outside now, I will go back immediately. You will wait for me at the door. I will join in two meetings.”

“Okay, you must be going to hurry.” Xiao Hei said.

“Yeah,” Frank said that. He had hung up the phone and then looked at the time shown on the phone.

There are still 40 minutes left, and Hannibal leaves the house.

Forty minutes will probably be allowed Hannibal to make a bloody egg meal.

Moreover, judging from the voice of the previous, the police should just enter his room soon, and it should take at least ten minutes to untied Hannibal, who is tied up with several knots.

It will take at least 10 minutes for Hannibal to recover to the point where he can stop Yu Yancai.

Two adults carrying police equipment, in the total, four persons in the apartment will take at least ten minutes.

Hannibal, if he wanted to do something, took at least twenty minutes. So the time left for Hannibal was actually quite short.

Hannibal Lecter is not the kind of perverted murderer who kills everyone, so don’t worry about his pure killing for the sake of killing, which is not in line with his artistic taste, and every perverted murderer will not do anything against the art of his heart.

If even this can’t be obeyed, then it’s a pure madman.

Thinking of this, Frank suddenly started to went downstairs with his mobile phone and then ran in the other direction to the Hannibal bedroom!

At the same time, the two policemen upstairs untied the ropes of Hannibal’s body, but Frank wrapped up a lot of layers of tape, which was difficult for them to tear with their hands.

So they had to find a fruit knife in the kitchen and began to cut slowly.

The earplugs in Hannibal’s ears were also pulled out at this time.

The policeman cut the tape and asked Hannibal, but at this time Hannibal pretended to be deaf and did not respond.

The reason why Hannibal did not give any answer is very simple because, at this time, Frank has stood at the edge of 300 feet far away from him.

If Hannibal answers the police question like a normal person, he will be taken away from the bed and taken to the sofa after the unbundling.

But now Hannibal’s distance from Frank can allow Hannibal to move to the window, but Hannibal is definitely not allowed to take a step toward the living room, taking a step and Frank and Hannibal explode together!

Hannibal knows that Frank is betting that he will never bet with him.

Frank knew Hannibal, and neither Hannibal who finally cut off his hand in the TV series nor the Hannibal who finally escaped with Clarice in the novel is the kind of person who made fun of his own life.

It’s really like Frank’s guessed.

Hannibal is not willing to move in the direction of the living room.

Although Frank can imagine in his mind that Hannibal is staying in the corner of the room, his mouth is lucky, then Sitting on the side and giving the choice of their lives to his own appearance, Hannibal is still unable to cause himself to explode by revenge.

Now that the pressure is all on Hannibal’s side, Frank only needs to sit still and don’t move, and Hannibal needs to explain here clearly why he can’t leave the place.

With fruit knife, the police finally cut off all the tape sticking to Hannibal’s arm and hand.

The first reaction after Hannibal was loosened was to push the two policemen away.

What’s the matter? Shouldn’t the kidnapped person’s first reaction to seeing the police be to cry like a new baby?

But at this time, Hannibal did not mean anything like is kidnapped.

Hannibal licked his finger and pointed to his mouth.

Hannibal made a push action to stop others coming.

Hannibal couldn’t explain why he couldn’t leave the place.

The best way to choose is to pretend to be dumb.

Well, because of the earplugs, it is impossible to decorate, so it is okay to be a duck, a donkey, or a stupid.

He used his only little sign language knowledge to do some seemingly unintelligible movements.

Hannibal Indicated that several people should not be close to him, and then Hannibal shrank to the window to prevent being forced to take him out of the room.

The distance between him and Frank’s limit of 300 feet was shortened to 295 feet.

“Uncle policeman is wrong, this person does not seem to be kidnapped.” The little girl Gan Xuan suddenly said.

To answer questions that are questionable and unreasonable by readers, use one of three sentences to answer one:

First: art comes from life above life.

Second: reality is often more outrageous than novels.

Three: Everyone is a young boy, not an old-timer.

It’s okay to read a novel.

For real-time, you might as well guess how Frank and Hannibal finally explained all this.