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M. I. H. G Chapter 82: Hannibal’s Little Gift

“What did you say?”

Dixie looked at Frank as stupid.

“You asked me to take off the order?”

Frank grabbed the big cat’s ear and squatted:

“You tell me, do you have a lot of different time and space? Or you want to transfer the topic.”

Although Frank could not determine whether this intelligent soul of Dixie could read across of the mind when it was not there.

Dixie used to threaten Frank when he asked Frank whether he wanted to sign a contract for the first time.

The cost of paying for a girlfriend.

After Conan left, after a week, this guy actually surprised himself that he had taken off the order.

In this case, it is necessary to have different time and space or to transfer the topic.

Because Frank just asked Dixie whether he could cancel the contract.

“I actually forgot, Hannibal, will definitely try to hypnotize you.”

After he screamed, he said: “False mistakes.”

“You have been caught in the current situation and still have a face to make mistakes?”

Dixie said to Frank: “I never been hypnotized you. I feel that you are very embarrassed, not arrogant, it seems.”

Frank looked at the sinister cat.

“You are a male cat. It is very convenient to do sterilization. One knife goes down, and six are clean.”

“What are you going to do.”

Dixie stunned himself underneath, watching Frank and said:

“I treat you as a brother, you actually want to sterilize me.”

“The thing you use is useless, there is no little female cat nearby. You see, I just pulled it to the pet hospital and cut it for you. It is also for your future life. This is my responsibility.”

“We have something to discuss.”

Dixie knows that he can stop Frank now, but after his wisdom soul leaves, Frank, this monk can undoubtedly do it.

“If you have something to say, let me explain to you the hypnosis.”

“The situation was like this at the time.”

Dixie said with a sigh of relief.

“I just finished processing a charming witch and learned a little hypnotism, so when you are asked to accept your guests, you are not determined. I used a little hypnosis.”

“Wait, not hypnosis.”

Dixie saw Frank raise his eyebrows and quickly waved his paw and said:

“I just pushed you and let you agree. Then you know that you are very vigilant and have done it by you.”

“I am not a thief, so in order to gain your trust, I also added a little magical means to myself, so that you can trust me in the subconscious.”

“I should explain it to you, you see my little friend.”

“Is it all over?”

Frank’s gaze did not move from the big friend of Dixie.

Then he said, “Do you forget the most important thing and did not explain it? Why did you use the topic of taking off the order to transfer me? Ask if your contract can be lifted.”

“The contract is arguably not lifted as long as it is voluntarily agreed. But I am not sure whether the use of temptation is also a pang of voluntary guilt, and I can’t deceive you, so I forcibly shift the topic.”

“Is it finished?”

Frank coughed. He learned the police in the TV series and took the water to start drinking. In fact, he exerted pressure on the big man in the subconscious.

“It’s really over.”

Dixie grabbed the ground and said to Frank.

“Great shovel, I can’t confirm whether the contract can be lifted. You said that if something went wrong, you let How can I live alone, who will give me food and who will give it to me.”

“You also know that it is me to wear and wear for you.”

Frank squinted at the big eyes and knew that although it was not sure that Dixie said that it could not deceive Frank and the contract was lifted, would it be an accident?

But he doesn’t really want to cancel the contract.

He is not stupid.

Although this job seems to be dangerous now, it is limited to giving him trouble.

He is not too threatening to his life, and now he looks the gains are still good.

There is a saying that comes, 300% of the profit capitalists dare to send themselves to the gallows.

Well, it seems that it is not very accurate, and Frank is not a capitalist.

That is to change the grounded gas: starving to death, timid, and daring.

At the time of picking up Bruce, the benefits of language mastery and the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile have already caused Frank to make a profit.

Therefore, Frank did not intend to cancel the contract at present, and the trouble of contacting the deal was only for the negotiation with Dixie.

There are certain benefits and warnings.

“Of course, I know.”

The big cock jumped to Frank’s leg, and then climbed up to the shoulder along the chest, licking the small paw, pretending to give Frank a shoulder.

“Shovel Officer, you think about it, Benedict actually has a conscience. Before you see Hannibal, don’t you give it to you in advance?”

The movie “raw” is a bit bigger than Hannibal.

“Then, I will prompt you to be precise.”

Dixie smiled and made Frank feel that the fat on his face was shaking.

“I also want to abide by some regulations, so I can’t directly say the guest’s name. Everyone understands and understands each other, you think about it, one week is two thousand, one month is eight thousand, this part-time job you are sure to find it.”

“After the other things are finished, let me first ask you the reward of Hannibal.”

Frank’s sentence was exported, and suddenly he felt that he was a little bit wrong, as if he was out of the way.

“Well.” The big cat jumped and jumped over the table in the bedroom, then licked his paws and pulled out a box out of thin air.

“This is the gift that Hannibal gave to you before leaving.”

Frank looked at the box, which was about half a person in size, and asked a little puzzled.

“What is this? This is not a book of psychology.”

“I don’t know.”

Dixie looked at Frank and said:

“Things left to you by the guests are tips. I am not qualified to check them. Let see for yourself.”

Frank took the box and found that it was a pile of English letters.

It was translated into a suit from KITON.

Frank opened the box and found that it was a suit, or a black suit, clothes, pants, shirt, and vest.

Does Hannibal want to send his own suit for Mao?

Although Hannibal’s dress is indeed exquisite, this is not the kind of Frank’s suit.

When Frank was puzzled, Dixie looked at Frank and said:

“Try it, and it looks if it’is good for you.”

Frank took the coat off, then put the suit on his body, and then felt it.

Although Frank only wore the jacket, he feels incomprehensible and comfortable.

It seems to be customized for him.

“I have received the news here.”

Dixie put his head on his paws and said to Frank:

“It is said that this is a suit Hannibal made for you. “