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M. I. H. G Chapter 84: Close Relative Of The Cat

Dixie did not say that Frank had almost forgotten that it was time to assign the hospital internship.

Haiping Medical University will assign a hospital internship to all graduates every year.

The trainee in the hospital will determine the duration of the internship.

Students will report directly to the hospital when they arrive.

However, before Dixie and Frank talked about practice in a hospital.

Dixie meant that he had already asked someone to find a hospital for Frank.

There are people who know each other.

When Frank’s past internship is convenient and convenient to take care of, he will not be treated as a free labor force.

He still has no knowledge of his work.

Frank also plans to talk to his supervisor on the practice hospital on Friday.

Self-linked things.

“If nothing happens, I’ll go first.”

Dixie blinked his eyes at Frank, and the soul of wisdom left the body of the orange cat.

Frank put the kiton suit into the box and pressed it at the bottom of his wardrobe.

Before the money and the shoes that were enough to match this suit, Frank did not intend to take out this suit.

Turned back to clean up the room where Hannibal had lived, half-packed, and the door knocked.

Frank waited for Fang Cheng was coming.

When he opened the door, he saw it.

“You clean up the house?”

Fang Cheng looked at Frank’s dirty hand and said:

“The object, you are a big man to clean up the room.”

“Come on, brother. What do you put in front of me??”

Frank motioned Fang Cheng to come in and shut the door,

“If you dare to say this in front of my sister-in-law, I will obey you.”

“Cough. Cough”

Fang Cheng coughed twice, then said to Frank:

“It is because your sister-in-law is too strong at home, so I hope that you will not repeat my mistakes in the future, male and female, this division of labor must not be changed.”

“In addition to your work is squatting at home, you tell me you are outside, what is outside your control ah.”

“You don’t understand this.”

Fang Cheng shot a head down and said:

“Although your sister-in-law manages all the money, I give my salary for her. Without me, she can’t afford anything.”

“You are called a male lord outside, the female is lord inside, you are responsible for making money to support the family, she is responsible for spending money.”

“Stop talking. Don’t talk nonsense. If your sister-in-law hears you, she’ll have something to do. She doesn’t lose her family.”

Fang Cheng listened to Frank’s words and explained them Quickly.

“Well, my brother won’t give you a fit of jealousy. Come and help me sweep the ground.

I will drag it directly after a while.”

“Hey, make your brother come.”

Fang Cheng listened to Frank’s words and lay directly on the sofa in the living room.

“Except for my wife and my leader, other people can’t oblige me to work, don’t even think about it. I just come here for a lie-down, just lie down and talk about the case before, and have to go home to wash the range hood. Your sister-in-law has been chanting for a few days.”

“OK, then let’s talk about it.”

Frank thought that the guest who will come here in a while would say that he is a close relative of Dixie.

It is estimated to be a feline.

There is absolutely no requirement for the accommodation in the house.

The cleaning of the room is slow first.

“I can understand it now. If you handle the case, sometimes you have to find someone outside to give advice to the staff.”

“Our colleagues in this circle are still stupid to find out who the owners are. I didn’t expect this. It is not a criminal suspect at all.”

“This is the so-called leading cadre to listen to the opinions of the masses. You see that you have always said that you have never implemented it.”

Frank said with a joke.

“Get it, give me less official space.”

Fang Cheng said to Frank:

“after you told us, we searched the driver’s home that we had caught before, and found out a few condoms used by different people.”

“This driver is also a thief.”

“Before committing the crime, he will first go to the garbage bin of a bathing center, take over the condom used by others, and then put it when he commits the crime.”

“This way, the victim’s body remains with a condom used by someone else’s.”

“It is good to convict. This case is estimated to be a death penalty.”

“There is no difference, the victims are more than four people, and now in the police office, they are still interrogating him until now, but it is not about our squad.”

Fang Cheng said that he could lie on the sofa and said:

“Finally, what can I do? Go home and get a good night’s sleep.”

“You have to wash the range hood before going to bed.”

Frank said with a smile.

“Don’t mention such a disappointing thing.”

Fang Cheng said with a hand:

“The bonus for this event is definitely not there, but after a few weeks, your sister-in-law and I will make a hot pot at home, please take Lin Xiaoxin with you.”


Frank nodded and suddenly remembered what he said.

“Right, a bathing center can pull out so many condoms. This is not a formal place.”

“I sent people to the raid and check it out. This is a matter of getting two cases. I can also write more on the credit book.”

“Now I am looking forward to the time when my old man can find someone to transfer me to the top.”

“This grass-roots unit is really not done to me. It’s not people who miss, and I’ve made your sister-in-law even pregnant.”

Frank originally wanted to say a piece of time, but thinking about it is not appropriate after all.

After all, Fang Cheng is his brother or is different from the loss of friends, so he closed his mouth.

Fang’s achievement is to talk to Frank for a day, delaying the time to go home to wash the range hood.

Brothers casually chatted a few words, Fang Cheng’s wife’s phone came.

“Frank, I had to go home.”

On his side, Frank is about to continue working, and he hears something in the door.

Could it be a cat, so he can’t reach the bell?

Frank opened the door between doubts.

A big cat sat on the ground, waiting for Frank to open the door.

There was a small file bag next to it.

Well, Dixie didn’t lie to him.

This time the guest was really his close relative, a pure white big cat.

Moreover, it seems that it is a big one, it is too much.

Know what animals will be called big cats.

Thinking the clever classmates have already guessed, yes, the tiger.

Now sitting outside Frank’s door is the strongest cat, the tiger.

Frank wants to yell.

The goods are more accurate for the tiger, and they are really hard to find them.

Frank had been thinking about Dingding Cat, Niang Kou San, Caffey Cat or something, after all, Dixie said it was his close relatives.

He didn’t expect to have a little-large tiger.

Although the tiger is really a close relative of the cat, it is a feline.

“Oh.” This little white tiger, about half the size of Frank, After seeing Frank and picked up the letter on the ground.

He ran to Frank ‘s side and then gestured to Frank to pick up the letter.

Looking at it, it is quite awkward.

Frank looked at the little white tiger and remembered where he came from in his mind and picked up the letter.

Ps: The case in the text is also true. However, the suspect was finally arrested because the woman he had kidnapped and chose to harm her asked for help for a passerby when she ran away. This finally confirmed that the driver was suspicious.