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M. I. H. G Chapter 85: White Tiger’s Returns

Frank let the little white tiger enter into the house and opened the letter, he found that it contained power of attorney.

The above content comes from an animal research institution that temporarily handed over a precious white tiger cat to Frank for five days.

In addition to this power of attorney, there is a vaccine certificate in the envelope.

This vaccine certificate is more formal than the common pet vaccine certificate that is common to everyone.

There are photos of the little white tiger and various quarantine certificates.

Tiger cat is an animal living in the Americas.

It belongs to the cat family.

The recipes are generally monkeys, snakes, fish, and birds.

The look is more like a cat than a tiger.

However, the biggest difference between tiger cats and tigers is that tiger cats can be used as pets.

In the United States, there are companies that specialize in cultivating tiger cats.

It is not the same as tigers.

In other countries except for the Middle East. It is a pet in China.

Although many tiger cats raised in China are not tiger cats but cats.

However, although the tiger cat has a tiger character, it is still very different from the real tiger, let alone the white tiger.

As long as Frank has not become a blinking player because of playing StarCraft, he will not treat this tiger as a tiger cat in one day.

This power of attorney and certificate is only used to deceive people, to give this little white tiger a legal identity.

But then again, although Frank admits that the cat is very cute when the tiger is small, he can lick like the cat.

Frank squatted down and used the method of dealing with the big feline to deal with the little white tiger.

He gave him a comfortable chin by hand.

Sure enough, this little white tiger immediately had a little good feeling on the other side, and he made up for Frank.

It’s really awkward, like a little tiger raised in the zoo, and he didn’t lie to him.

Most of the little white tigers are white, but they are mixed with some brown stripes, especially the one on the forehead.

It is really domineering.

Frank touched the little white tiger on the head again.

The little white tiger was not dissatisfied either.

Instead, he lovingly extended his tongue and licked Frank’s face.

Frank went to the refrigerator and wanted to find something that the little white tiger could eat.

As he did not cook much, in the fridge, there was some other than the drink of the bread and other things, and it did not fit the food in the tiger recipe.

There are a few boxes of pure milk, and the tiger is drinking milk.

Frank turned his head and looked at the white tiger.

He looked at the size of the white tiger.

It is estimated that he has half of his height, which is almost 90 centimeters.

Although for tigers, this figure is far from the age of leaving home for food, but also out of the size of the baby tiger feeding.

He doesn’t know if this little white tiger won’t drink milk.

Frank thought, the little white tiger went to Frank’s body and looked at the milk that Frank took in his hand.

He licked his tongue. He screamed softly and seemed to want to drink.

okay then.

Frank found a noodle bowl that he used to cook instant noodles.

After he smelled it, he poured all the milk into the box and put it on the ground.

The little white tiger felt his heartbeat and immediately began to pull his tongue.

He drank milk.

It’s a bit too good. It’s from a confession.

(Sub-supply: animation for children, the general content is positive, such as the domestically produced which no previous, the adventure of the small carp, or a foreign one, the animal zoo, etc.)

Frank looked at this little white tiger is really familiar, but he can’t remember where it came from, it seems to be a long-term childhood memory.

Look for a mother.

Frank looked at the small white tiger who was drinking milk, went to the bedroom and opened the computer.

Frank took a moment and found out that this little white tiger really belongs to his childhood memories.

Before animated films like Pleasant Goat, which did not know what story they wanted to tell, there were a lot of excellent animated films in China.

And the return of the tiger is one of the best among them.

Animated educational animations, although sub-supply, may not be suitable for older people to watch, but the impact on children of that era is absolute.

In the past, “The Little Tigers Returned to the Country.”

The ending song “Going All Out” is also one of the classic songs that can make people cry.

(Highly recommended, you can go and listen, Liao Xiaoqing version.)

The general story of the tiger returning home tells of a White East tiger, the one who came to Frank’s house, who was taken away by poachers from his mother.

As a result, in the middle of the road, because of the vehicle crash, the white tiger escaped from the car and set foot on the road to go home alone.

According to the size of the little white tiger, it should be brought here halfway home for visitors.

Frank is completely relieved to find that although the tiger is indeed a tiger or a Siberian tiger.

Although as a tiger living in the animation world for children, it is absolutely the Virgin of Justice.

There is no worry in Frank’s heart, and he is only a little excited about it now.

The tiger cubs have been seen in the zoo, but Frank has never touched it, let alone the Siberian tiger or the national super-protected animal.

Imagine that he can raise this little white tiger for five days.

Frank suddenly felt like a rich man from the Middle East.

Who can think that Frank will one day be able to raise tigers?

Frank glanced at the big cat who was sleeping at his desk corner, and then smashed the cat, then went to the bedroom and threw it to the little white tiger.

The little white tiger who was drinking milk curiously came to the side of the big cat.

The poor big cat just woke up, and when he blinked, he saw a hot tiger looking at himself and jumped on the spot.

However, the little white tiger is not malicious to the big cat, and even pushes the milk forward, indicating that it can be shared with the big cat, but Dixie has long since run.

Frank was wondering whether it would cause a sensation to take the little white tiger to the vegetable market to buy raw meat.

Someone sent a message on Wechat, it was Li Zihao.

“I went to Haiping Mountain Villa last week to play, do you come?”


Frank suddenly had an idea in his mind. Let’s pit the landlord.

All inclusive?

“I will come all inclusive.”

“Look down on me so much. It must be all-inclusive. I ask you how I can still let you pay, don’t see outside, go to see outside, if you come to eat poorly I will lose. By the way, your girlfriend, you must remember to bring it with you.”

“That’s good, the gentleman said a quick whip. Yes, can I bring a pet?”


“I said in advance, my pet is eating a little bit, you have to give him food.”

“Wood motor, this time there are people who bring a few huskies, too, just together.”


Frank showed a satisfactory smile and knocked these two words.

(Wood motor, dialect, meaning no problem.)