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M. I. H. G Chapter 86: Lin Xiaoxin

With the little white tiger on the elevator, just down the first floor, Frank saw Xiao Hei up with a black garbage bag.

“You go out and play?”

“Well, it’s not tomorrow at the weekend?”

The old man nodded and then leaned over to Frank’s side and said:

“I heard that you and Yan Cai, the next-door’s neighbor are in conflict. I’ll tell you about it another day.”

“That thing, I don’t care about that. The kid himself should be deserved.”

Frank snorted, thinking that this Yan Yucai did not know that he would be detained for a few days because of the false report.

“Then I don’t care, don’t go wrong, now the young man is too angry, afraid to see the blood.”

The old man was still ready to say something.

He saw the little white tiger on the ground when he looked low.


The old man suddenly frightened and went to the corner of the elevator.



Frank leaned and touched the head of the little tiger and said to the old man:

“It is a tiger cat, a cat that looks like a tiger. You see how good it looks.”.”

“I’ve learned a lot, but there’s such a cat.”

The old man to see the small and very well-bred white tiger is brilliant, dared to squat boldly.

Looking at the little white tiger, he said, “It really looks like a tiger.”

The little white tiger looked at the old man and whispered awkwardly at the old man.

“The sound is exactly the same as the tiger I saw on TV.”

The old man looked at Frank and said:

“If you take it outside, you must pay attention. If you let others think of at a real Tige, you will be penalized.”

“That’s all right. Who would believe that a tiger is being led by someone on the street?”

Frank wanted to hold the little white tiger, but although the little white tiger was only half big, its weight was still far beyond Frank’s strength Limit.

At the limit, Frank had to stand up again awkwardly.

“Look back and buy a rope for the set. If you raise it in the community, you must buy a rope. Such a big guy you are, no matter how unscrupulous, you must let others look at the peace of mind.”

“Other people’s home, he just stays here for a few days, but for what you said is, I will go back and buy a rope.”


The old man nodded and looked at the little white tiger. He praised himself from the heart.

“This looks really handsome.”

At this time, the elevator was already on the floor, and the old man went to throw the garbage.

Frank took the small white tiger from the small road to the back of the community, and then opened the back door of his own Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, let the small white tiger sit In the back seat, he opened the front door and sat in the car.

Frank sent a message to Lin Xiaoxin saying that he would arrive in two hours, and now, he was on the road.

It was quite smooth to go to Nanxiang County this time.

There was no traffic police on the road, and nothing happened.

Frank only took an hour and a half to arrive.


Frank was at the door of the school, opened the door, and Chong Lin Xiaoxin waved her hand, and he gestured to Lin Xiaoxin.

Lin Xiaoxin carried a pink kitty bag and jumped to Frank’s car.

“Should we go over after dinner?”

Lin Xiaoxin said across the car door to the other side.

“Although others have promised full accommodation and meals, it’s not good to run over there on Friday and rub down dinner.”

“With this little guy behind, it is not convenient to go to the restaurant to eat.”

Frank pointed to the little white tiger behind.

“Hey, have you brought other Loli?”

Lin Xiaoxin joked and turned his head and found a white animal in the back seat.

“It’s annoying to have one of you, and a little Lolita is not going to explode.”

“It’s annoying enough to have one little Lolita-like you. Wouldn’t one of the both little Lolita explode?”


Lin Xiaoxin snorted with his nose and expressed dissatisfaction with Frank’s words.

While curiously looking at the small white tiger,

“Is it a big dog?”

Tigers can it be considered dogs, and his own loli should not be stupid.

Frank’s subconscious also looked at Lin Xiaoxin’s point of view and found that Lin Xiaoxin’s line of sight was blocked by the seat and could not see the whole body of the small white tiger.

Frank is bent on making a joke to Lin Xiaoxin.

As I said:

“It’s a cat that my friend temporarily raised in my place, but it’s a bit fat.”

“So I’m going back, and I’m going to sit with it.”

Lin Xiaoxin opened the back door and climbed without thinking.

The back seat of Wuling Hongguang Batmobile is very small, only enough to sit for one and a half people.

Xiaobaihu is lying on his body.

Lin Xiaoxin thought it was a big cat ready to hug it in his arms, then she found that she was stupid after getting on the car.

It is…

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and came forward.

He turned to Xiaobaihu and introduced it to him:

“This is my girlfriend, called Lin Xiaoxin.”

Then Frank turned to introduce Xiaobaihu to Lin Xiaoxin, and saw Lin Xiaoxin pointing to the little white tiger:

“This is a tiger.”


When Little White Tiger saw Lin Xiaoxin coming, he jumped straight into the car seat, and then gently arched Lin Xiaoxin’s leg with his head.

Lin Xiaoxin touched the chin of Little White Tiger with her big nerves and tickled him while looking at Frank.

“No, this is a tiger cat.”

Frank casually lied to Lin Xiaoxin.

Lin Xiaoxin closed the door and sat in the seat, watching Frank and said:

“Do you think your girlfriend is a fool? Cats and tigers are not similar, or bullying I have not seen tiger cats.”

“I don’t believe you have seen tiger cats. Do we have this in Haiping?”

“You are a big fool, no one has raised me on TV, I am a journalism major!”

“Well, I forgot.”

Frank really forgot that his little girlfriend is a journalism major.

After all, this profession is now close to saturation.

Many of the students who do this are not professional in this profession.

Lin Xiaoxin did not mention how to do the work of the news in the future, so the time is long, and Frank will forget.

Lin Xiaoxin was sitting in her seat. Little White Tiger’s half body on her Xiaoxin’s lap, like a large playful doll.

Fortunately, the little white tiger is less than one meter in shape, and the weight is not too heavy.

Otherwise, the pressure will kill Lin Xiaoxin.

Frank started the car and drove to the address that Li Zihao gave him.

Lin Xiaoxin, who was sitting behind, was still somewhat scared, although the little white tiger was really too cute.

Compared with the usual high-cold cats are also obedient, so the mood is gradually restored.

“Come on, you shouldn’t have stolen a tiger from the zoo.”

“He is for one friend who I know, he is about their animal research institutes, he has been here for a few days, after that he will move.”

Frank looked seriously.

“Really fake?”

Lin Xiaoxin, this stupid egg still believes.

As a sub-supply to the tiger in the animation, the little white tiger does not have any tiger temper at all, but it really looks like a big cat.

And because of the struggle with the poachers in the process of growing up, but also a lot of human help, so close to humans.

Anyway, this little guy Lin Xiaoxin was very happy.