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M. I. H. G Chapter 87: Big Liar

“It should be true. Anyway, the origins are really hard to say.”

Frank said while driving the car.

“Right, it’s called White Tiger.”

“Hey.” Lin Xiaoxin tickles the little white tiger, then said, “Which name is called White Tiger.”

This is really not written by Frank, but the little white tiger really called this name.

When the little white tiger was stolen from his mother by the poacher, the age was still very small.

But, the poacher’s car had an accident.

In the process of running away, the little white tiger was thought of as an animal of the training tiger.

The kitten is taken in, and the name that was imposed on him is White Tiger.

Of course, there is no problem if a cat was called White Tiger, but Frank also realized that this short name is of a Siberian tiger long after he has finished his name.

“Right, when you say it to others, you can say that it is a tiger cat. Don’t be stupid to say that it is a tiger.”

“Otherwise, the police will take it away, don’t blame me for not saving you.”

“The policeman will go to catch and arrest it, and control its situation.”

The little white tiger lays his head on Lin Xiaoxin’s leg squats for a moment.

But because of the uncomfortable position, he simply fell asleep at the foot of Lin Xiaoxin and made Lin Xiaoxin’s leg move.

She durst to move, she was afraid to disturb to the little white tiger.

Frank said that he was going to hand the power of attorney and quarantine certificate in the bag of Lin Xiaoxin.

“Have you brought the bag? You will put it there.”

Lin Xiaoxin reached out of Frank and took two things, looked at it, and then said with amazement:

“You’ve made a whole set of fakes.”

“From the pet’s point of view, this is a tiger cat. So I didn’t lie.”

“Who does not believe you, you are a big man.”

“Hey, learn to swear.”

Frank turned to look at Lin Xiaoxin, it seems that it is time to educate.

“Look at the road, drive the car.”

Lin Xiaoxin saw Frank turn his head and rushed to said.

Although Frank would like to tell Lin Xiaoxin that the car is self-driving, he is just pretending to be like it, but this black technology could not be explained.

So he had to write down with pen to Lin Xiaoxin, head turned back to Lin Xiaoxin.


Lin Xiaoxin watched her victory, so she began to sing and celebrate.

“There is a big liar on the other side of the sea in the mountains, he is stupid and foolish and likes to cheat ah.”

Frank protest and said:

“Oh, it’s too much.”

However, Lin Xiaoxin completely ignored Frank’s protest and continued to sing.

“This big liar, he has no one to ask, he has no one to ask…”

“Fortunately, the kind and lovely Lin Xiaoxin has taken him in, gave him food, dressed for him, and she was cheated…”

“Ah, poor Lin Xiaoxin also is to this big liar a girlfriend…”

“This big liar also deceives poor Lin Xiao Xin, discuss to the poor Lin Xiaoxin. Ah, but she is also to him a girlfriend.”


Frank took a look at the recording equipment in the Hongguang Batmobile, which was always open, and also recorded the voice of Lin Xiaoxin.

He kept silent for a while, watching Lin Xiaoxin do it.

“Boyfriend, boyfriend, a seven stupid Fujiyama. Little tree vine is his home, la la la la….”

“Dangdang Dangdang, don’t feed too much, so stupid…”

“La la la, boyfriend, boyfriend, there are seven on a vine, each is so stupid.”

With the song of Lin Xiaoxin, the destination of the two is coming soon.

Li Zihao’s full name of Haiping Mountain is actually called Haiping Nanxiang Resort.

However, this resort is not open to outsiders.

It is the home of Sicheng that was built to Haiping’s several business partners to use or receive important guests.

It is called a mountain village.

Frank’s car drove to the foot of the mountain.

The guard had already said hello.

When he saw a Wuling Hongguang coming, he lifted the railing and let Frank’s car went in.

Frank drove into the underground parking lot, and then called Lin Xiaoxin to wake up Xiaobaihu and lead the car.

After closing the door and getting out of the car, Frank suddenly rushed to Lin Xiaoxin, who was unprepared and then hugged her.

“What are you doing?”

Lin Xiaoxin’s two legs are constantly struggling, but her little body is like a child in front of Frank, completely useless to struggle.”

Frank firmly pressed Lin Xiaoxin’s calf with his arm, and then another arm began to play Lin Xiaoxin’s buttock.

“You didn’t say I am naughty, you also said that I am not a big man, who is the big man?”

“I was wrong, you should let me down first.”

Lin Xiaoxin knew that she could not get away with her eyes and looked at the ground for mercy.
“Wrong, I only now know that this is wrong.”

“I just singing at that moment. I didn’t know what to sing when I just sang.”

Frank couldn’t help slap a bit her buttocks, and then felt them soft, and then touched them a few time.


Lin Xiaoxin’s cheeks fluttered red, and his mouth said an unspeakable language, letting Frank take it.

Frank was preparing to put down Lin Xiaoxin and saw the elevator door in the parking goes open.

Chen Jian came out from inside.

“Well, Am I come when it was not necessary?”

Chen Jian looked at Frank and Lin Xiaoxin, pointing to the elevator door.

“Would you like me to go up first?”

“Nothing. It is okay.”

Frank saw someone coming, and quickly put Lin Xiaoxin down.

Lin Xiaoxin was a little shy in front of others and directly got into Frank’s arms and hugged Frank’s waist.


The little white tiger looked at Frank, and Lin Xiaoxin play for a long time without taking him.

He was a little unhappy.

When he stood up and wanted to lick Frank’s arms.

Frank had to quickly hold the little white tiger in his arms to prevent from being unstable under his weight.

Chen Jian looked at the little white tiger that Frank was holding.

He thought it was a big white dog.

He smiled and said:

“The loli and the dog are in love, the brother is blessed.”

“How do you say this, it is so painful?”

Lin Xiaoxin listened to Chen Jian’s words and did not swear in Frank’s words.

She turned his head and said to Chen Jian:

“You are a puppy.”

“Just kidding, don’t mind.”

Chen Jian used a word to draw a relationship with Frank and Xiaoxin and then looked at the little white tiger who was standing on the ground by Frank.

“Is this Samoyed?”

“No, tiger cat.”

Frank patted the little white tiger, indicating it to sit down, and then walked toward Chen Jian with it.

“Tiger cat?”

Chen Jian did not raise a pet, did not care about pets, looked at the look of the little white tiger carefully, and said with a smile:

“It really seems like a tiger.”

“Would you like to call the tiger cat?”

Frank said and added:

“You came to pick us up, or something happened.”

“Take you.”

Chen Jian said:

“Li Zihao is still outside. Today, I am here with Sicheng. They will come tomorrow.”

The three men entered the elevator, and the elevator brought the three to the ground.

The place where the villa is located in a mountain called Baoji Mountain.

It was originally a barren hill.

Later, when the tourism industry was booming.

The city invested money to try to make it a tourist attraction, but because it was a bit remote in the county, there were very few tourists.

Later, Frank was picked up by the home of Sicheng, and he comes to the villa.