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M. I. H. G Chapter 88: Baoji Mountain

Baoji Mountain is a mountain that is not too high, but the mountain road is very dangerous, and there is a large flat land on the mountainside.

In ancient times, the mountain was built, here again, called Baoji Village.

The popular mountain village is also built on the foundation of the original stockade.

It is also built on the edge of the dangerous cliff and surrounded by the same wall as the Great Wall.

As a tourist attraction, there is really nothing worth to visit in Baoji Mountain.

After all, its scenery in general and the government is not willing to pay for the facilities experience.

However, as a mountain resort that can be used for leisure and summer vacations.

Baoji Mountain is not only very private but also flat in the middle of the mountain, which is convenient for building villas and various entertainment facilities.

There are two roads in Shangshan Village.

One is, of course, a direct mountain climbing.

The stone steps, of a layer, is about an hour walk.

With the peaks and undulations of the mountain, many places are close to the slope of 70 degrees and 60 degrees.

Because of the agreement with the government, this road actually allows nearby residents to come and exercise, but nothing happens with the villa.

The other road is the cable car, which directly sends people to the villa.

In order to avoid eye-catching, the gates of the villas are never open.

It is known that some residents in the vicinity think that the half-mountain of the mountain is completely closed because of the poor management of the scenic spots.

Chen Jian led Frank and Lin Xiaoxin to the front of the cable car, indicating to Frank and Lin Xiaoxin went in.

This is a huge cable car.

Twenty or more people can sit at a time.

There are some delicate seats on it.

However, these seats are all movable.

Wait until the evening, you can pull the seat and pull the goods.

Frank walked into the cable car with Lin Xiaoxin, and the little white tiger also jumped into a long seat like in a sofa.

Chen Jian handed a cigarette to the person in charge of the cable car, briefly talked a few words, and then came in.

“Right, what happened to the last two people.”

Frank looked at Chen Jian and sat down and asked about the identity of Lin Yue and Chen Sheng, who was seen at the sports car party last time.

“The two.”

Chen Jian briefly introduced the identity of Lin Yue and Chen Sheng, and then complained,

“Zi Hao their reaction is a bit too radical, the Jiangsu and Zhejiang consortium wants to come in and can not stop, in case true. If you want to mess up the relationship, it’s not a fateful outcome.”

Frank listened to Chen Jian’s introduction of Lin Yue’s identity and knew that Chen Jian actually welcomed the Jiangsu-Zhejiang consortium behind Lin Yue to come to Haiping.

After all, although Chen Jian did not go to politics, many of his family members were local officials of Haiping.

These officials are too eager to introduce new economic vitality to boil about the pool of water after Haiping has failed since the establishment of the new district.

But the aspects that business and politics need to consider are different.

If the Jiangsu-Zhejiang consortium brings not only the new economic vitality but also the inherent territory of Haiping’s local rich, it will be absolutely intolerable for the local rich people of Haiping to be copied from their hometown.

However, there is no one right or wrong on this curved road, so we do not have to think about it, when you think about it, you would have more pain in the brain.

The cable car came directly to the outside of the villa.

Frank go out the cable car.

Outside the cable car, we can listen to several scooters.

The three-person went to the scooter.

Chen Jian drove the scooter directly to the villa.

All the way to the top, Frank looked at the surrounding scenery is not bad, the trees are shaded, but the staff is few.

“Why are people here so little?”

“Oh, these months we are off-season…”

“In order to reduce expenses, the number of staff is small, and many of them are transferred to other places…”

“Every year in June, July, and August they come, there are many people who come to the summer…”

“But at that time, the elders used more, and we couldn’t bring people over…”

“It takes three months a year.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at such a large place and said that it was like a huge mountain with a concave shape in the distance.

“Is it a bit wasteful?”

“That didn’t. Usually, I will rent some merchants to engage in activities or gatherings…”

“At the end of the year, the annual meeting will be held here…”

“There are many family gatherings here in winter…”

“However, the elders do not want to give up cold, and many of them are young people playing…”

“It is definitely a loss to run such a big mountain village, but it will not be worth a loss in a year…”

“It is also worth it. ”

Chen Jian drove the scooter to the bottom of the villa.

Came a few young service staff, one was responsible for driving back the scooter and led a few people to Frank.

Looking at the huge mountain village a bit deserted, this is contrary to the thinking of Frank and Lin Xiaoxin.

If the whole village is the same as the scenic spot, it would be boring.

A woman dressed in professional attire, looking like a lobby manager, came over and asked Frank a few questions.

After taking Frank to go upstairs, she asked Frank and Lin Xiaoxin if there were any taboos.

“This is Mei Jie.”

Chen Jian introduced her to Frank.

“Just call me Mei Jie on the line, at any time or place.”

Mei Jie looked at Frank, Mei Jie was only twenty-seven or eight years old, but she was very mature and capable.

“Mei sister, this is to take advantage of me, I am only twenty-five years old, I will call you Mei Jie, feeling you are elder than me.”

Chen Jianyi haha’s joking.

Mei Jie took a look at Chen Jian and then headed to Frank.

Because the tiger is half-sized, it is fascinating, and the ordinary man may have seen adult tigers, but the half-white tiger has not seen it several times.

Mei Jie did not know for a moment that it was a pet grooming.

The dog that formed the tiger-like appearance or what other animals.

However, in her professional habits, she still asked:

“Mr. Frank, have you a dog or something? You don’t need dog food. We just pulled up a batch of high-quality dog food imported from the US yesterday.”

“Do not use dog food. It is good to find someone to bring in ten pounds of raw beef.”


Mei Jie stopped for a moment, did not understand what Frank meant.

Of course, dogs can eat raw beef.

However, due to long-term human feeding, dogs have become omnivores.

Generally, they can’t digest large amounts of raw beef, which is not good for the stomach and can cause nutritional imbalance.

This Frank’s Suggestion of ten pounds of raw beef, a bit awkward.

“You are not saying that this is a cat?”

Chen Jian looked at the little white tiger while asking.

“Cats also eat meat, who said that cats do not eat meat.”

Frank said.

“I will be jealous of you, your cat eats raw beef.”

“I said that it is a tiger cat and a tiger cat is definitely not the same as an ordinary cat.”


Chen Jian saw Frank’s mouthful of nonsense, expressed his disdain with the word haha.

“If I said this is a tiger, you believe it or not, or the Northeast Tiger.”

Frank saw that Chen Jian had said it, in order to maintain his friendship with this soon-known friend, he told the truth.

“You might as well say tiger cat.”

Chen Jian said to the little white tiger:

“The Northeast Tiger, the national super-protected animals, and still rare white tigers, if he comes from the Middle East, I am still not sure.”