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M. I. H. G Chapter 89: he doesn’t believe what he asked

Frank and Chen Jian came to the third floor of the villa, then turned in a corner and went into the corridor.

There is only one door on both sides, which means that there are only two rooms in such a big place.

“This is the case.”

Mei Jie looked at Frank.

“The message that I received before was that a couple was coming, so we prepared a couple’s suite. But I didn’t expect to a man and woman, so you advanced. Look, if it feels inconvenient, wait a moment for me to prepare a family suite for you.”

“No,” Lin Xiaoxin said, looking at Mei Jie:

“We are in a relationship.”


Mei Jie sounded out with amazement.

She just wanted to point to what Lin Xiaoxin said, but her professionalism kept her instinctively let go.

‘calm down.’

Sister Mei told herself.

“Mei Jie don’t guess.”

Chen Jian said with a smile at Lin Xiaoxin.

“This girl just has a small height. It is actually an adult.”

“Really fake.”

Mei Jie still does not believe.

She suspects that Frank is the kind of person who lives in the news.

Although the purpose of the establishment of this villa is to satisfy the rich people’s wishes. Who are not easy for others to know.

Although the local rich people are still doers, and the traditional concept is strong, and the style is not beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

“Mei sister, I’m already a major.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Mei Jie and said with a sure foot.

“I’m really like a junior high school student.”

Mei Jie shook her head and did not entangle this thing.

Not legal, three or three years, she can not control, she uses the room card to open the door and then led Frank and Lin Xiaoxin to cames in.

This really is a couple’s suite, with a living room, a couple-themed bedroom, a bathroom with a bathtub, and a recreation room.

“Because I heard that you brought a pet, the things in the recreation room have been removed, because some pets have bitten and playing with mats.”

“The gym is on the fifth floor…”

“When you cross the door you find the basketball court and the table tennis table…”

“Although they are in open-air, next month we are going to build the shed.”

“Well, I know.”

Frank nodded, then came to the entertainment room with a little white tiger.

The little white tiger saw some of the balls inside, a little curious, teased twice with his paws, and then bite it, so that the ball Just half a poke in the mouth of the little white tiger, looking a bit fun.

“Right, by the way, should I have someone move here raw beef, or you go to a restaurant?”

Mei Jie asked.

After Frank heard the words of Mei Jie, he turned to look at Chen Jian and asked:

“You have not eaten, but we have not eaten dinner yet, do you want to come and accompany us to eat.”

“Yes, you.., this person, just came to be our own master.”

“Who do you said it?”

Frank raised his eyebrows and said:

“Is not Li Zihao’s statement, that he asked for food and shelter are all covered? Of course, I can’t be polite.”

“It will take me a while to unload the car you drive. Where do I install it like my eight-year-old sister? If you can include a lollipop more, it will definitely contain a lot of it.”

“You actually have a sister?”

Frank’s eyes lit up, and the habitual jokes of the big brother had not been exported.

Lin Xiaoxin’s hand had been placed on Frank’s waist, and then she pinched him.

“Hey, it hurts, I haven’t said it yet.”

Although Frank feels that Lin Xiaoxin is not very hard, it does not hurt.

But at this time, when testing men’s acting skills, it must be pretending that there is much pain in the performance of the pain, or there must be an afterthought.

Sure enough, Lin Xiaoxin saw that Frank was very painful.

She sat with satisfaction and clapped her hands and turned to the little white tiger to help get the ball out of his mouth.

Chen Jian looked at Lin Xiaoxin and smirked at the other side.

Frank said:

“It’s like a younger sister, and the brother looks like a good life on a weekend.”

“It’s okay, okay.”

Frank’s proud look on his face could not be posted on Chen Jian’s face.

But the mouth is very modest.

“I won’t stay here to eat dog food…”

“Let’s have a barbecue outside at night, because there are still a few people…”

“I’ll ask Mei Jie to bring some refreshments to you first…”

“Your tiger is still a tiger cat, hungry or not…”

“If you’re not hungry, you’ll eat meat directly at night.”

“That’s all right.”

Frank nodded and then said to Mei Jie:

“Then you can send five boiled eggs to me in the back hall, and the snacks will not be needed.”

“Well, okay.”

Mei Jie nodded, then gave Frank two room cards and a spare key.

After sending away Mei Jie and Chen Jian.

Frank walked in and looked at Lin Xiaoxin, who was playing with the little white tiger.

He ran quietly behind Lin Xiaoxin, and then put his hands under her armpit, and began to scratch her and itch her.

“Heh, ah.” Lin Xiaoxin lay on the ground for a while.

She could not discard from Frank’s tickling hands.

She shouted for the help of the white tiger.

But the white tiger watched Frank and Lin Xiaoxin play happily.

He licked Lin Xiaoxin’s wet face and her head with his tongue.

“You two have no conscience to bully me together.”

After Lin Xiaoxin finished, she suddenly realized something and looked at Frank and said:

“Tiger’s tongue. Isn’t there no thorn on the tongue? How come I didn’t feel it?”

“Oh, I don’t know the tiger’s tongue. There are thorns in the tongue or not, and my high school biology is not good.”

“The high school biology does not teach the tongue of the tiger.

There is or no thorn on the tongue.

I have seen it from the news.”

Lin Xiaoxin said, pushing Frank, who pressed her and then leaned in front of the head of Xiaobaihu, curious.

Looking at the mouth of the little white tiger.

However, the little white tiger does not stick out his tongue.

She can’t dare to open the mouth little white tiger to look at it.

“The barb in the tiger’s mouth is called ‘silk-shaped milk cast,’ which is only distributed on the back of the tongue, in the upper surface of the tongue. In fact, in the tongue of this animal. There are also some small white protrusions on the tip of the tongue.”

“Is it true?”

Lin Xiaoxin said with a sigh of his head.

“This is my tongue. There is also in the tip.”

“You stick out your tongue. Let me lick it a few times. Soon you know?”

“Necrosis, you can say it well.”

Lin Xiaoxin grabbed Frank’s arm and shook it to let Frank explain.

“The barb in the tiger’s mouth will harden and grow with age. And it can also be freely retracted, just become long and hard, they can grow hard and hard, don’t want it.”

“You, this person, can’t be so hot when you are serious.”

Lin Xiaoxin squinted at Frank.

“You believe it or not, I will cut it to you.”

“I am not wrong, the fact is like this.”

Frank hurriedly pointed at the little tiger and said!

“If you can ask him, can you control it freely?”

Ps: (silk-shaped milk cast, throwing words by the head.)