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M. I. H. G Chapter 90: Eating Eggs

Frank really did not deliberately be tainted, and this is the case.

Tiger’s tongue.

The thorns in the tongue are usually pop up in this state only when they are irritated.

According to theory, a single bite can lick up the bleeding.

After all, the tiger tongue.

The barb on the tongue is used to clean the residual meat on the teeth, and sometimes it can be used as a comb.

It can be imagined how sharp.

Cats sometimes lick themselves, just combing their hair, but the cat’s tongue, the barb on the tongue, is much shorter and softer than the tiger.

The reason why the tiger tongue, the barb on the tip of the tongue is only theoretically able to bleed people because so far there is no volunteer who dares to devote his life to science to provoke the tiger to death and then let the tiger lick himself.

Of course, the angry tiger has teeth and claws and does not want to attack with its tongue and head.

But Lin Xiaoxin anyway has founded that Frank was deliberately dirty and her mouth drumming.

She went to the bedroom, Frank played with the little white tiger for a while.

The doorbell rang, and the man sent by Mei Jie came to deliver some eggs.

Frank opened the door and took five eggs, then asked Lin Xiaoxin in the bedroom:

“Xiaoxin, do you want to eat eggs?”

“I want to eat one.”

Lin Xiaoxin jumped out of the bedroom, and her mood improved.

After all, women’s moods are all like the pages of the books.

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin sat in the living room.

He carefully peeled off the outer shell of the egg, then took a look at Lin Xiaoxin and found that her face was a little blush.

“Why did you blush?”

“Don’t tell this.”

Lin Xiaoxin shook her head, and the two ponytails were spinning like an electric fan.

“Come, open your mouth.”

Frank said to Lin Xiaoxin.

Lin Xiaoxin opened her mouth, and Frank directly stuffed a whole small egg into her mouth.

“Hey, hey!”

Lin Xiaoxin’s mouth was filled with egg, and suddenly she couldn’t say any word.

She could only try hard to bite the soft egg and then divide it, untie it and swallow it into her stomach.

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin aside, while laughing, while peeling the remaining four eggs.

He looked at Lin Xiaoxin who had not swallowed the egg, and hurriedly rubbed his hands and squatted, then said to her:

“you don’t need me to help you to swallow this egg.”


Lin Xiaoxin pointed her mouth.

She signaled that Frank has quickly stuffed the egg, who is stuck in her mouth.

Her hands had just played with the little white tiger, and she did not take time to wash them.

So, she dared not touch the food and wanted to take out the egg from her mouth.

Frank lives acceptance in Lin Xiaoxin’s look, so his hand stretched out, and Lin Xiaoxin was directly in his arms, and then down the body.

Holding the tender cheeks on both sides of Lin Xiaoxin with his hand, let her slightly opening her mouth, and then use his chin to stick Lin Xiaoxin’s teeth tightly.

Lin Xiaoxin gently bite and crowd the protein.

The protein is broken.

The eggs sent by the villa are not the ones that are completely cooked.

The egg yolk in the middle is still as a viscous liquid.

So, after the protein is bitten, the egg yolk begins to flow along the gap in the protein.

Most of the yolk flowed into the mouth of Lin Xiaoxin along the surface of the protein, and a small part of it flowed above Lin Xiaoxin’s lower lip.

After Frank saw it, he gently licked it with his tongue.

He felt that the taste was not bad, it was a bit salty, and it was a standard heart.

When Frank’s tip of the tongue came out from his mouth and penetrated reached into Lin Xiaoxin’s mouth.

Frank used the tongue. The tip completely broke the structure of the egg in Lin Xiaoxin’s mouth, while sucking unscrupulous food.

“Hey, call, call.”

Lin Xiaoxin had no resistance at all this time, his face was red, and her arms were barely tickle Frank’s neck, let him do.

After a good time, Frank put Lin Xiaoxin, who had the eggs dish on the floor.

Then he carried her to the living room couch.

Then he picked up the dish with the remaining four boiled eggs and went to the recreation room.

By this time, the little white tiger is as well in the entertainment room.

He had almost bitten all the balls in the recreation room.

The devil’s destructive power is not a level with cats and dogs.

Frank put the plate of boiled eggs on the ground and waved his hand to attract the attention of the little white tiger.

The little white tiger asked what he had to eat and took a step to Frank.

Then Frank picked up one boiled egg, indicating the little white tiger who opened his mouth.

Then, Frank cut the boiled egg into two halves, which were put by order in little white tiger’s belly.

The little white tiger that has been wandering in the wild has not eaten such delicious food.

In a while, he ate the egg, then spread his head and eat the remaining three boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs have a good tonic for tigers.

Tigers in the zoo usually eat eggs when they are wintering, and the practice of the villa is very authentic.

The nutritional value is also very high, just right for the white tiger to temporarily cushion the stomach.

Out of the entertainment room, Lin Xiaoxin approached the sofa and sat on it.

She saw Frank coming over and kicked her feet out of thin air and said to him!

“Where did you went?”

“I gave the little white tiger the rest of the eggs.

Frank said: “Of course, Is there still four eggs left?”

“Hey, eggs are not what you want to eat?”

“What eggs do I want to eat?”

Frank said:

“It was supposed to stall the belly of the Little White Tiger. Aren’t we going to eat barbecue in a while? I think I have pity of you, so I gave you one, anyway, it’s all for the tiger.”

Although Frank said that int secret but they have been together for so long.

Frank’s words started.

Lin Xiaoxin knew that Frank was going to say it after, and she immediately jumped up and approached over to him.

“The tigress will be killing you.”


Frank took the opportunity to hold Lin Xiaoxin by her shoulders and then went to the bedroom.

“Look, the tigress is going home.”

Going to the bedroom, Frank saw the decoration inside, and then he knew why Lin Xiaoxin was red-faced.

It was because of the bedroom light.

Because this is really a couple-themed bedroom.

The bed is heart-shaped, and the sheets are covered with a variety of rose patterns.

The paintings hanging around and some small decorations have also created an ambiguous atmosphere.

On both sides of the heart-shaped double bed, there is a circle of pink bed curtains, which can be closed when necessary, completely enveloping the big bed.

The good thing is, although the room is very warm.

There is no kind of strange device for tuning and teaching, after all, this is not a place dedicated to sleeping.

Or we are afraid that some older wealthy couples will come in and find that they don’t know how to use it expectedly.

Frank threw Lin Xiaoxin to the bed, and then looked around and found that there was no such thing as a condom on the small good nightstand here.

It was really disappointing.