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M. I. H. G Chapter 91: Sleigh 3 Silly

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin stayed in the bedroom for a while, and Chen Jian called and asked the two to go downstairs.

Frank went to the balcony and saw that it was already dark.

Leading little white tiger and Lin Xiaoxin down the stairs together.

At this time, the grass in front of the villa is full of a variety of barbecues grills.

There is an artificial lake in front of the grass.

A row of street lamps stands at the edge of the artificial lake, which illuminates the entire grass.

In addition to Chen Jian and Mei Jie who are known by Frank, there are several people in the villa.

Seeing that Frank came over, Chen Jian introduced Frank to a few people.

However, Frank was keenly aware that Chen Jian’s attitude towards these people was not very good.

There were not too many words in the introduction, just a name.

Although Chen Jian did not say that Frank also knew that these people were some people outside the core circle, so he did not have too many chats with these people.

After accepting their praise for little white tiger ‘Tiger Cat,’ they and Chen Jian Set up on the edge of the small lake to sit down and eat barbecue.

The staff took a box of barbecue ingredients from the freezer in the village and placed it on the grass.

Some staff helped to wear meat, or some chicken wings, chicken wings, fish and shrimps, mushrooms, lettuce.

The classification of things like sweet peppers.

The barbecue sticks are not iron or bamboo sticks, but red willow sticks transported from Xinjiang.

Because the heat conduction of red willow sticks is worse than that of iron sticks, it is easy for unfamiliar people to scorch the meat, which is usually done by the staff.

If anyone of the guests wants to have a try, the staff will take a couple of iron sticks or bring him a baking tray directly.

Apparently, Frank, Lin Xiaoxin and Chen Jian belong to the kind of person who can lie down, eat and drink and never move.

They all take off their shoes and sit on the cloth mat on the grass waiting to eat.

Just after Frank and Chen Jian chatted for a while, they heard a few slight wolf howls coming from afar.

The little white tiger who was eating raw beef near Lin Xiaoxin heard the sound of other animals.

He looked up and found that the three bodies were slightly smaller than him.

Two black and white, a pure white wolf-like animal is going to Run around.

The little white tiger, who had survived in the wild, subconsciously regarded the three wolves and stood up in alert.

Frank looked at the little white tiger’s line of sight and found that there would be no three wolves running, but a sled three hounds: a Husky, a Samoyed, an Alaska.

Well, which warrior has actually collected the demolition office?

When Frank wanted to say something, he saw Chen Jian crouching in front of the three dogs and stretching out his arms to the three dogs in front, as if they were welcoming them.

The three dogs went indeed in the direction of Chen Jian, the one that runs in front is the Husky.

At this time, Frank also noticed the nervousness of little white tiger.

He touched the back of the little white tiger and said that he should not be nervous.

The opposite side is not a wolf, but only three stupid hounds.

Just as the Husky huh that was running in the front less than ten meters, the Husky turned and suddenly found the artificial lake next to him.

Running and running, he turned his head and ran to the artificial lake.

Samoyed and Alaska, who followed Husky, saw Husky turn, they followed it and ran after him by a forced turn, and then we saw the three silly dogs jump into the artificial lake one by one.

Chen Jian was a bit embarrassed because he always extended his hands to meet the three dogs, but the three dogs had all gone to the lake to swim.

Frank looked at Chen Jian, who was slightly embarrassed.

He picked up a bunch of cooked mutton from the grill and put it in Chen Jian’s mouth, making Chen Jian look like a family son sitting at the table eating meat.

This image is always much better than being fooled by a dog.

Chen Jian looked desperate and took the meat in his hand before start eating.

Frank, who was next to him, asking him very curiously:

“Are they your domestic dogs?”

“No, how dare I have the courage to bring these ancestors’ three dogs to my home, they are for my aunt.”

Chen Jian said.

A woman in the distance came running panting and then kneeled to see the three dogs playing in the lake.

“You, you three, come up to me.”

The woman shouted at the three dogs.

When the dogs heard the woman shouting, the Husky and Alaska were completely unmoved.

Only Samoyed shook his head and slowly swam to the shore.

Chen Hao’s voice is very young.

Frank glanced at the woman by the lake.

Although he couldn’t know the true age, the voice which sounded seems in his twenties.

The age is not big, in fact, this year is only twenty-three.

Chen Jian finished a bunch of barbecues and did not help his little aunt to call the dogs up, but turned his head and continued to take meat from the grill.

Samoyed went ashore at this time, but as soon as he landed, he plunged directly into the woman’s arms.

The wet dog hair immediately wets the woman’s clothes.

At this time, the girl also realized the seriousness of the problem.

If the other two dogs climbed up at this time, maybe she would have to go back and change clothes, so no matter the two dogs stayed in the lake, she took the white Samoyed to the other side.

” Chen Hao, come to eat barbecue.”

Chen Jian pretended to see his aunt-in-place at the moment, he pretended that he saw his own little princess, waving his hand and saying with his mouth stuffed with meat.

“Do you have not a conscience? You see my dogs running in the lake without stopping them.”

“Small aunt, you saw that your dogs ran quickly to the lake, you look at my body is small.”

Chen Jian stretched out his arm to reveal that his arm was not huge and he can’t stop the dogs.


Little white tiger turned a white eye to Chen Jian, Chen Jian turned his head and introduced his own aunt to Frank and Lin Xiaoxin:

“This is Frank, this is Lin Xiaoxin, all my friends. This is my little aunt she is called … she is called.”

Chen Jian scratched his head and suddenly stopped, what is his little aunt called?

“You are a fool, you are not as good as my dogs, you actually forgot what I am called!”

“I was stuck for a while.”

Chen Jian thought for a moment and said with a snap:

“Yes, she is called Chen Hao.”


Frank and Lin Xiaoxin stood up and greeted Chen Hao.

Chen Hao walked to the front of Frank, he only found that the woman is over 1.7-meter tall, not only long legs but also chest with two pineapples in front of her also noticeable.

Samoyed saw Chen Jian eating barbecue.

He ran to Chen Jian’s body and stared at her.

He looked at the barbecue as he said he wanted to eat too.

“Can the dog eat?”

Chen Jian looked at the white Samoyed in her arms and asked Chen Hao.

“Don’t put salt for him to eat easily.”

Chen Hao walked over and threw her shoes off the floor, then said to Chen Jian:

“Give him a little bit of food, the dogs are themselves…”

“If the taste is not good. It is judged by people’s expressions…”

“If you feed him a few pieces, then you can eat one piece and make a bad expression. He will not continue to eat.”