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M. I. H. G Chapter 92: Raising Dogs


Chen Jian gave Samoyed two pieces of meat, then ate one piece himself and made a bad expression.

Samoyed looked at it for a while and found that several people around him didn’t seem to like barbecue.

So, he doesn’t continue to eat barbecue and no longer pestering Chen Jian.

“Dogs use olfactory and visual effects to judge whether food is delicious. So, when we dine at the dinner table, the dog will be very appetizing…”

“This is because the dog sees our expression and feels this ailment is delicious, so They also have the impression that these things are delicious.”

Chen Hao explained to Chen Jian.

“No wonder the old dog I used to like in my hometown likes to eat what I have left.”

Chen Jian said casually, then turned to the artificial lake and said to Chen Hao:

“Your two fools dogs come. Is not it.? »

The Husky and Alaska, who originally swam in the artificial lake, also came ashore together at this time.

They dragged their wet bodies and ran to Chen Hao.

“Ah, these two fools.”

When Samoyed arched her, she had wet her coat.

If the two fools were arching in her, it was estimated that her clothes would be transparent.

The soaked clothes are paired with Chen Hao’s breasts.

The grandeur of the front is estimated very splendidly.

Chen Jian saw the husky and Alaska running over, so he handed a bunch of grilled mushrooms to Chen Hao, and said to Chen Hao:

“You hide behind me; I will stop the two dogs.”

However, the Husky and Alaska ran over they make the little white tiger alert again, because the Samoyed, it looks like a dog.

The Husky and Alaska are basically the same as wolves.

Lin Xiaoxin saw that the situation was wrong.

She quickly touched the head of the little white tiger and appeased him for not to be nervous.

Chen Hao also heard the warning sound of a little white tiger’s constant exhalation.

She felt that there were other animals nearby.

When she turned her head, she saw the little white tiger that was blocked by Frank’s body.


Chen Hao shook hands, and the mushroom flew off and fell to the ground.

At this moment, the Husky and Alaska have been stopped by Chen Jian.

Although the two wet big dogs want to go to their own owners.

Chen Jian is also very familiar with them and took two pieces from the meat box.

Raw meat is fed to them, so two of the dogs will not be expected to find their own master.

However, Chen Hao was frightened by the tiger.

Sitting on the ground and staring at the tiger, At the same time, Samoyed also felt the threat of the tiger, and ran to Chen Hao’s side to hide.

It is reasonable to say that the memory brought from the blood will make the dog full of fear about the tiger, but once the little white tiger comes out from the cartoon of the child.

There is no deterrence of the usual tiger, and the second is the three sled dogs because they have been artificially multiplied for many generations, the fear of tigers in the genes is strong, so now they are aware of each other.

Chen Jian feeds the dogs.

Seeing this is not right to be like that, he quickly explained to the frightened Chen Hao:

“This is a tiger cat, it is a cat, don’t be afraid.”

“Tiger cat?”

Chen Hao looked at the normal white tiger who had been comforted by Frank and Lin Xiaoxin.

She also calmed down and looked at the tiger. Hesitated and asked:

“Is this really a tiger cat?”


Frank nodded quickly and said:

“Authentic tiger cat, a long-tailed tiger cat, bought from the United States.”

Chen Hao heard Frank’s words and saw that the little white tiger was quite well established and restored his usual appearance.

Then she said to Frank:

“Can I touch it?”

“Yes, it’s quite friendly.”

Frank half was holding a little white tiger to indicate that Chen Hao can come over.

After Chen Hao used to look at the tiger, she tentatively reached out to it. She touched a few hairs and watched, but this didn’t react, so she was relieved.

“I looked really fortuitous.”

Chen Hao turned to ask Frank:

“You are really granted, I heard that there are only a hundred thousand authentic tiger cats.”

“How much?!”

Frank has not spoken yet, and Chen Jian outguesses and said:

“A cat sells for at 100 000 Yuan?!…”

“Yeah, do you think that this is a first-class production of animals in the United States.”

Chen Hao said.

Authentic tiger cats are indeed very expensive.

After all, in addition to artificially cultivated tens of thousands of toy tiger cats, the long-tail tiger cats are basically wild.

If you want to raise them, you need to get the money to get the wild animals of the Agriculture and Forestry Bureau.

There are customs, so the real price will actually be higher because it is generally only in the zoo that there are long-tail tiger cats.

“Hey, a cat is worth 100,000 yuan, and he will play.”

Chen Jian sat on the ground curious and looked at Frank’s little white tiger for a few more seconds, then took out a towel and wiped Husky and Alaska body’s.

“By the way, aunt, I remember that this Alaska used to be a barking dog. How did it turn into a howling wolf this time?”

“I forgot all about it if you didn’t say it.”

Chen Hao also asked the staff to give him a towel.

She signaled that the two came over and then in the case of both dogs, there are all kinds of non-cooperation, so she gave them to the tamer.

In the case of the two dogs do a variety of expression bags in the case.

“Husky your body.”

“Before Samoyed and Alaska were dogs barking. but since the arrival of the Husky, they have all been misled by the Husky.”

“Aunt, you also have the courage to pull together three beasts together.”

Lin Xiaoxin came over, curiously looked at the two dogs who was held in his arms by Chen Hao:

“I heard that Husky is going out to the house to demolish the office, and will also take the other dogs together to break the house, really fake.”

“Really, but it depends on how you raised it.”

Chen Hao turned over the two dogs, and then wiped the stomach for Husky.

The second dog seemed to be impatient, but the tiger determined that these three animals were at this time without threats, he walked over and looked at the second dog who was held in Chen Hao arms.

Husky did not move at once.

Chen Hao looked puzzled at the tiger, and then continued:

“If you don’t have much time to walk the dogs if you have a small family, I still recommend that you raise Alaska or Samoyed, and you will be different.”

“Raising a dog is also related to this.”

Lin Xiaoxin continued to ask curiously.

“Of course, the Husky is a dog, but it has conquered the Antarctic… When the Norwegian Amundsen and the British Scott took the Antarctic expedition, Scott chose to use the Siberian small horse sled, and Amundsen chose the Huskies…”

“Before the start of the game, Amundsen saw that Scott’s expedition had only a small amount of Husky and thought he would win.”

“The results of it?”

“The result is, of course, the victor returns to Amundsen under the direction of the Huskies. Scott died in the Antarctic continent. Don’t look at these guys. In some places, they can run more than Masson.”

Chen Hao wiped the Husky and patted the Siberian Husky slightly, indicating that he could stand up.

“If you don’t like to listen, many Chinese don’t support dogs, especially medium-sized dogs or large dogs. Don’t keep them in cages or pick them up with chains…”

“They always need every day to play sports in the open spaces, they are captive, it is easy to make their temperament violent, aggressive, and once they are thrown, they will hurt people.”