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M. I. H. G: Chapter 80; Art of Bundling

“It’s not a kidnapped man, so what else can he be?”

The two police officers are thirty or forty years old.

They did not understand the basic corruption that is popular in the little girls’ circle.

The abstinence department system.

The strong attack and the strong attack weak.

The bondage.

The bundling is pro.

The aggression.

The flogging is a kind of thing; like whipping is love, and so on.

So for a moment, they didn’t understand Ganzi’s meaning for a while.

Ganzi is bent on explaining, but this kind of thing is really embarrassing to say it.

He must be stupid.

At this time, Xiao Hei, because Frank said to him that he rushed after entertained with him on the phone, advanced to the house.

“You are?” Li Ge looked at Xiao Hei a little hesitant to ask.

The two policemen did not recognize it.

Yu Yancai recognized Xiao Hei and immediately joined his face with enthusiasm.

“Old brother, long time I did not see you, what a stroke of good luck.”

“Not good.” Xiao Hei looked coldly at Yu Yancai, and then directly pointed to Yu Yancai, “It has milk on your car, and your keyhole is blocked.”


Yu Yancai suddenly stopped, and he never imagined that all of this was actually a little black dry.

What is the identity of Xiao Hei, no one in the community knows, but everyone has two impressions of Xiao Hei, one is an omnipotent person?

Anyone who wants to borrow something, or went to a hospital and needed an intermediate, Xiao Hei Could help.

And the point is that the people in the property in the community listen to Xiao Hei, and call Xiao Hei a small boss.

Yu Yancai’s recognition of Xiao Hei is rich and rich.

Yu Yancai did not know that the parking space he occupied was for Xiao Hei.

It is no wonder that at the end of the neighborhood was empty for half a year. , who knows whose parking space it is?

Yu Yancai also tentatively stopped a few times.

After discovering that no one was in charge, he was the courage to stop there.

Then, because it was occupied by an outside car a few days ago, he was safe to lock.

He knew that the parking space he parked is actually a blind hole.

No wonder the old ladies said that they only saw Frank go to the back.

Yu Yancai also saw them at that time.

At that time, who would be willing to offend Xiao Hei, so Yu Yancai concealed the information that Xiao Hei also went.

So that Yu Yancai makes others think wrongly that this was all Frank’s mistake.

Some people have rivers and lakes.

A small neighborhood and the relationship is also very complex and chaotic.

For example, in the community where Yu Yancai lived before, there was an old lady who locked the blank public parking spaces in the community.

Shrinking, only those who are in this neighborhood stop, each family have keys, as she was an old lady she can’t open the parking space, so no one can take her the parking.

But everyone knew the old lady and are afraid to encounter down directly, they are afraid of her, not to mention the fact that she had also hit a person who can’t buy a parking place.

Yu Yancai’s eyes were low, and he saw a black disk in Xiao Hei’s hand.

He suddenly remembered that there was a video in the community.

Originally, he planned to blame and scare Frank, and then complete with the video before the police took the video.

The settlement, or the person who dared to bribe the property, destroyed the video.

Anyway, Frank, a student studying in the field, can do anything.
But who knows how it is now.

“Police comrades, misunderstanding.” Yu Yancai immediately sullenly looked at the two police officers and said, “I may be mistaken?”

“Is it wrong?” The two policemen saw Xiao Hei’s appearance.

How can he know that this kid is planning to accuse others? He hit the iron plate and immediately sipped his cold.

“You don’t know if you report the fake case what the consequence is!”

“I know, I know, I confess, can you not detain, I will pay a fine, as long as I won’t be detained.” Yu Yancai begged for mercy here.

Xiao Hei walking limp and saw Hannibal at the bedside.

“Who is this?”

Xiao Hei said that to the two policemen, only remembered that no matter whether Yu Yancai’s report was not reported.

The question now; is whether this scene is a kidnapping case.

It may be some people may have abused his conscience, and he is afraid to see these people.

If he found them out, then he can’t forget.

The two police officers continued to try to communicate with Hannibal.

Outside the house, there was a cry from Frank. “How many people are in my house?”

Frank said that he stood at the door of the bedroom and then looked at the circle of people inside and asked, “What happened?”

Xiao Hei knows that Frank is sure of himself, so he said to him about Yu Yancai’s stupidity.

Frank immediately took the words of Xiao Hei and went to the front of the two policemen. “Uncle police, can you show me the search warrant?”
When the young policeman heard Frank’s question, he immediately became nervous and knew that he was caught by the handle.

However, Li Ge calmly looked at Frank and said:

“This is the case. We have received reports from others that you have stolen other people’s property and are also suspected of kidnapping.”

“Therefore, in an emergency, we can search for the advanced house and then make up the search and verification requirements.”

“It’s advanced. If you want to see the search warrant, we can go back to the police station to give you a copy.”

Well, Frank listened to Li Ge’s words, and suddenly he thought that the “less-view program” that Fang Cheng had said to himself, was still somewhat reasonable.

So he didn’t continue to pursue it, but went to the bedside and looked like he was going to pull Hannibal in a cordial way. In fact, he showed his watch to Hannibal.

At this time, there are still twenty minutes from Hannibal, and what can be done in twenty minutes.

The six people present were not six pigs, Hannibal wants to grab six people, and then cooking is impossible.

Although among the six people, Yu Yancai can be included in Hannibal’s recipes.

“Little comrade, explain what this is.” Li Ge looked at Frank and asked. Although they may have guessed that they are engaged in a long time, they still have to ask. “Let’s take a photo.”

Frank looked back and looked at Li Ge.

“Is that kind of bundled photos, violent aesthetics, performance art, showing that men just understand?”

“Photographing?” The two police officers suddenly stopped, and this kind of gameplay?

Frank took out his mobile phone, and Gan Xuan entered the male bundle and immediately came out with a bunch of pictures.

“We want to shoot a real thing, so it is so bundled.”

Frank said with regret that he saw the cut nylon rope and a piece of tape but unfortunately shook his head.

“It took a long time.”

The two policemen looked at the pictures displayed on Frank’s mobile phone as if life had been opened to the door of the new world and was stunned.

There was actually this kind of gameplay.

Ganzi on the side whispered, “Sure enough.”

“Why didn’t the guy talk?” Li Ge asked Frank.

“Probably shy or scared.” Frank quickly used his eyes to signal Hannibal to say something for everyone to listen to. Otherwise, the two were taken away, it would be fun, although I don’t know if Hannibal’s return is there.

The request must be Frank’s doorstep, but it’s time for this.

Hannibal wants to do something and can’t do it. It’s better to help Frank.