My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M.I.H.G: Chapter 75: Breeding fish.

Outside the door is not the thin man at the door, the old cook man of the downstairs.

Daddy, the real name is unknown, self-introduction is to manage a chicken farm, so sometimes Frank also called him the chief.

The old man looked as he has the age of less than 30, But in fact, his real age is of seventy or eighty years.

Apart from occasional visits to his chicken farm, he squats at home and raises fish, watering flowers, and sometimes make a visit to Frank’s house.

However, the old man was in a good relationship with Frank.

When Frank moved in, the old man helped Frank a lot, so occasionally the old man called Frank to help him change the water of the bathtub for fish farming, Frank has been helping him since then for half a day.

Frank opened the door. Before he could talk, the old man grabbed Frank with enthusiasm.

“Hurry, go down and help me to change the water in the bathtub. I accidentally burned the fishes.”

The old man pulled the urgency, Frank looked at the clock below, and there are three hours left for Hannibal to go.

There should be no problem during this time, and the old man who lives downstairs and if Frank locks the door himself, it will be safer than if he stays in the room.

What is important is that a person has been at home for five days. In addition to Fang Cheng’s visit, Frank spends most of his time chatting with Hannibal. It’s time to change his mood.

So Frank asked the old man to wait, then locked the door of Hannibal’s bedroom with a key, and then locked the door of the house, and then he followed the old man.

You’re acting like you’re hiding a beautiful woman in there.” The old man complained as he walked.

“Hey, it’s safe in the vicinity. You see that little swallow on the opposite side. She still hangs out at eleven or twelve o’clock, there is anything else.”

Well, Frank looked at the broken mouth, like a veteran cadre, and thought to himself:

‘I am not worried about the safety of the neighborhood, but my family is not safe.’

Walking downstairs, the old man’s house happens to be opposite of Xiao Hei’s house.

Which is exactly the opposite of the small black living room? No one like Xiao Hei can live through three houses.

Open the door, Frank and the old man walked in.

If the old man usually speaks in peacetime only with the shadow of an old cadre, then his home is the home of a pure old cadre.

Everything feels like the things of the last years are neatly placed in the room, but it also has its own personality.

For example, in the corner of the living room, there is a particularly comfortable wicker chair.

When Frank comes over with a big cat, one person and one cat will sit and sway on the wicker chair.

The old fish bath in the bathroom is in the bathroom. This large bathroom has been especially changed into a place for fish farming.

Well, before making a mistake, the old man really raised fish in the bathtub.

It was the kind of big bathtub that could make a man and a woman gone in at the same time to occupy the large bathtub in a special position.

The reason why the fish in the bathtub, the old man’s own explanation is that a good fish tank is too expensive, it is better to use a bathtub to raise fish, as for bathing.

Another bathroom has not a bath, it is more convenient than washing in the bathtub. Isn’t it.

The density of the fish in the bathtub is so big. There are more than 20 kind fish in total, and there are quite a lot of varieties.

The old man introduced to Frank that there are MO Dragon, Jinjin, Headington, Funabashi, Sansha Thai Lion. Red country lion, short-tailed Wuhua Longjing.

However, these fish can be classified into the same species in the eyes of Frank, that is, inedible fish.

Yes, in the eyes of Frank, there are only two kinds of fish, one is edible, the other is not edible, let alone Frank, and whenever he comes with the big cat.

Dixie is not very interested in fish, and he does not look at it, but it is also very likely because Dixie is a cat that is particularly afraid of water.

Above the bathtub is a transparent, large plastic storage compartment with two holes in the side of the storage compartment.

One as a water outlet and one as an overflow, then connected to an outlet pipe and an overflow pipe.

A rectangular mouth was dug on the side, and glass was placed on the bottom and the top layer. There were three layers of cotton filter on the glass.

In this way, the storage box actually became a device for filtering water.

The old man’s hand made Frank marvel at it. He thought that he was an old cadre, and he spent a lot of time in his spare time.

Do it out, every day, just washing filter cotton every day drives him crazy.

“This is the red country lion.” The old man pointed to the goldfish raised in a small box and said:

“Let me be confused for a while, put it in hot water when it is fished out, and the result is hot.”

Frank glanced at the red-lion, which was a bit white on the surface, and motionless.

Frank suggested that the old man should use the water twice, and he could eat it if he sprinkled the seasoning, but he did not say it after all.

The main reason is that the old cadre is jealous of him.

“Old, old.” The old man shook his head and said, “I would never make this mistake like before.”

Frank and the old man went to the water in the bathtub, and Frank asked the old man.”Daddy, how old are you this year.”

“This year, I have over thirty.” The old man shook his head and sighed. “It’s been a few years to live.”

The old man’s words almost didn’t let Frank laughs sarcastically, so Frank directly ridiculed them.

“Older brother, even if you hang it now, you are also young, but it’s not a few years to live in peace.”

“You don’t know.” The old sang’s eyes looked at the fish being fished in the basin.

“This person is embarrassed and must talk from time to time. This is the highest level of health.”

“That’s what you said, the first elder of China in the past, the first long-lived old man must be a guy named Huang Xudong.”

“Who is Huang Xudong?” The old man turned to ask Frank.

“A game commentary,” Frank replied casually.

“What is the game commentary? Explain the game?”

“Well, almost.”

“Playing a game still needs to explain?” The old man couldn’t figure it out. He said,

“I used to play all kinds of games when I was young. If someone said all the hidden craftiness inside, it would be boring.”

Frank knows that the old man is confusing the game commentary of the e-sports and the video of the commentary, but he has no energy, and the old cadre explained too clearly, so he followed the voice of the old man.

“At that time, there were fewer games and more players’ energy. You can concentrate on a game, but now it is a fast-food era. You don’t have much energy to play a game several times, so you need to explain it.”

Frank said and started to joke with the old man.

“Old cadres, no, daddy, you see that you have nothing to do in a day, it is better to go to the game to explain how good, use the magnetic voice of your old cadres and Serious attitude, introducing the introduction of the previous game with everyone, is also a matter of doing things, better than Fish Breeding and raising chickens.”