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M.I.H.G: Chapter 66: you are probably

Telling his own friends that he has found help, they can’t believe him.

Frank moved the laptop to the bedroom where Hannibal is.

During these five days, Frank planned to watch Hannibal from time to time, even if someone informed him that he would not receive the big prize of five million.

Frank did not want to be in a foreign horror film.

Of course, things like the 5 million jackpots in China are basically deceptive things that can be ignored.

After all, the national conditions are different. In China, 80% of the lottery tickets belong to the tax.

Frank open the laptop and take out the chicken chops from the takeaway brother.

Frank started to read the thesis while eating.

Hannibal asked a little about the smell of the rice and tried to talk, but because of the towel in his mouth, he couldn’t say a word.

Frank looked at the information for a while, and he was really numb with the pieces of information in his mind.

In the field of medical research, there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries. Of course, this refers to the research field.

In practice, because there are many people in China, the number of patients that doctors need to receive every day is very high.

Experience is much richer.

But now Frank writes a thesis, and it doesn’t matter. If you want to write a good paper, you must read a lot of English materials and try to understand what these sign languages are talking about.

Of course, watching related videos is easier, but sometimes video is easy to be harmonious.

Frank used to think that a small movie on a company’s harmonious network disk was used for manual detection.

Otherwise, how could it be so accurate?

Until then he uploaded the live anatomy videos of several German medical schools to the network disk and then waited until the next day.

When he went to see these anatomy videos, he found that it had all become a harmonious version like the black text on white.

This is really not for medical life.

Frank checked the information for a while, suddenly remembered something, turned to look at Hannibal and asked, “you don’t want to eat?”

Hannibal did not speak.


Frank could not understand.

Frank took off the towel of Hannibal’s mouth, and then took Hannibal’s blindfold.

Hannibal adapted to the sudden light and slowly opened his eyes and said quietly: “Hungry captives are also a form of abuse.”

“No, no.” Frank said without any embarrassment, “I was going to starve you for two days to minimize your threat by giving you minimum food, but now we can have a new deal.”

“What new deal.”

“I need to write a medical thesis. I need you to act as a database for me.”

“I don’t know how to write a thesis. I have more practical experience.”

Hannibal revealed an evil smile and said: “I have some exclusive data. Do you want to listen, I can experiment. The whole process this tells you.”

Frank could guess what Hannibal’s experiment was with his toes and immediately refused.

Frank put the computer in front of Hannibal’s eyes, and Hannibal could just see a lot of words on the computer screen.

“There are a lot of foreign words in this. I can’t understand what it means. You translate it for me.”

“The logic of thinking in English is different from your Chinese. It is difficult for you to understand that some of the above words are normal.” Hannibal said that to Frank, “Don’t these articles have translation versions in your country?”

“It seems that you are more familiar with the ‘translation system in neon,'” Frank explained to Hannibal. “We don’t have a perfect ‘translation system in neon,’ and many recent documents have to be seen in the English version.”

“Oh,” Hannibal asked nothing more, and he looked at the contents of the computer screen.

Hannibal began to translate to Frank into Chinese and added his own understanding in the process.

It is more comfortable to work with such a smart person as Hannibal.

Frank was very clear that if Hannibal refused to talk to him, he gave him a mouthful of towels, a pair of eye masks on his eyes, and hungry for two or three days being he really did not have the hope of escape.

Now in this situation is what Hannibal hopes to have Frank’s constant conversation, and try to constantly improve his living environment, and then try to infect Frank psychologically.

After he was arrested by the FBI, he did exactly the same thing.

FBI’s agent sent a trainee doctor to seek Hannibal’s advice in criminal psychology, which eventually led to Hannibal’s chance to fight him and kill.

But Hannibal did not realize that Frank’s greatest advantage to him was that he not only knew everything he had done before but also knew everything that would happen in the future.

Of course, Frank knew these little tricks, so Frank is sure of himself and dares to ask Hannibal for help. Unlike the guards who guard Hannibal, they need to face a terrible killer with four limbs free.

Frank only needs to bundle Hannibal here for five days.

In five days, Frank must do not make any mistakes. After all, Hannibal can’t hypnotize him in five days and let Frank release him on his own initiative.

With the help of Hannibal, Frank’s thesis went well, so in order to reward Hannibal, Frank gave him a glass of water and an apple.

Of course, the method of feeding is also very special.

Put a blindfold on Hannibal’s eyes, then find a long straw and put the straw on Hannibal’s mouth to let him drink.

The apple is diced into pieces, then poked into the pulp with a fruit knife and stuffed into Hannibal’s mouth.

This prevents Frank and Hannibal from having physical contact to the greatest extent. Who knows if this fellow will fight back with one mouth.

“I think you also have the potential to become a pervert.” Hannibal finished eating the apple and said, “Are you so skilled in how to kidnap a person because you learned something about him?”

“No.” Frank himself took a complete apple and started to wander there.

“I know neon has an art called rope art.” Hannibal continued, “Although I can’t see it, I can also feel with my body that the way which you tied me is not as sophisticated as rope, but it’s almost as far away, especially when my legs are crucified.”

“This way, even professional police, and secret agents can’t use to tie up suspects and prisoners, because it’s not necessary.”

“But you have used this method, although I also admit that this method is very useful.”

“What do you want to say?” Frank calmly looked at Hannibal with his apple in hand.

“Let me guess, you are probably a gay?”