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M. I. H. G. Chapter 83: Cautiously Entering The Circle

“Congratulations on making a fortune. May you be happy and prosperous. “


“Customized suits are not to be decided or tried to wear anything, Hannibal can do it all at once, just look at you and can handle it all, can see all at a glance.”

“Of course, some supernatural means are used. Besides, this is semi-customized. He doesn’t have to untangle this.”

During the talk, Frank was too good looking because he couldn’t help but take off the half sleeve.

It was down, and then seriously put it on the body together with the vest, shirt, and pants.

Then, Frank suddenly felt that he was handsome.

He took a photo and then sent it to Lin Xiaoxin, and added a paragraph.

“This handsome little brother, do you know who is it?”

“The effect is good.”

Dixie squinted at Frank and said:

“I don’t need to introduce you to the kiton brand.”

“Speak about it.”

Frank is feeling the handsome experience brought by this suit, indicating that he can talk about it.

“The major brands in the suit world can be divided into six levels, special grades, quasi-special grades, and then one to four grades.”

The special grades are ten to fifteen handicraft workshops in the UK with a long history, that is, the legendary Savile Street.”

“The originator of the suit, word of mouth is impeccable.”

“The kiton is in the quasi-special level, the history is not as long as special, but still can be regarded as the world’s top.”

“This way.”

Frank did not feel anything about this.

After all, he did not learn to design clothes, so he asked:

“What level does Armani belong to? I only know one Armani, and it is a weapon.”

“Armani, three. It is better than some domestic four-level brands.”

“It won’t be so bad.”

Frank said to Dixie:

“Armani’s reputation is very loud.”

“If you know Armani’s sales and profit comparisons for a year, you know where the gap is.”

Dixie said:

“The Armani is similar to the apple in the suit world.”

“It has a lot of black history and high profits, but you know, if you take Apple out, you can pretend it.”

“Using Apple to go out is not forcing.”

Frank, the Android party, defended Apple for a little.

“Yeah, then do you want to wear Armani, do you want to force it?”

Dixie said lazily on the table:

“You guess how much this suit is worth.”

“How many?”

“Folding soft sister paper 80,000 Yuan.”


Frank did not expect a suit to be worth that much and felt that he wasn’t wearing a suit but a car.

Frank looked at the mirror again and felt that the whole person was different.

80,000 Yuan, expensive clothes, you see that there are not such handsome guys, and taste!

Wearing a dress, Frank feels a bit wrong.

This suit is a match, but the two hundred shoes seem to be cheaper, and there aren’t tens of thousands of watches on the wrist.

Is it still necessary to buy a pair of custom-made black-rimmed glasses?

The more he looks, the more awkward he is.

Frank suddenly understood the meaning of Hannibal sending his suit.

Hannibal noticed that Frank is slightly a little obsessive-compulsive.

If he gives Frank a top-level custom suit worth tens of thousands, then Frank needs to get a pair of shoes, watches, or a Car transfer.

As the proverb says, sometimes you suddenly have a very luxurious little thing, and you want to match the things around you with this luxurious thing.

For example, Frank once wrote the essay of a certain game with the handwriting.

As a result, the game company sent him a red shaft mechanical keyboard of the original cherry factory and found six hundred soft.

This made Frank, who was too expensive with a hundred films at the time, look at his mouse and it was not pleasing to the eye.

The external screen was not pleasing to the eye and even was not pleasing to the eye.

Then, Frank just posted the appearance of a starry sky film.

All the other changes spent more than 3,000 times.

And this is not finished, during this period Frank completely fell into the pit of the keyboard, what kind of red and black tea various axes, what flashing gorgeous color changing lights, what colorful super bright keyboard cap, what side engraved Have a feel.

All kinds of money than eat the soil, until the half a year Frank this time, because he smashed his hand to focus, spent a few years of money on building a three thousand soft capacitive keyboard. (painful personal experience)

Now, Hannibal is trying to pull Frank into the pit of the suit.

Is this pit like Frank, who can play on the edge of eating soil?

Be cautious when entering the pit and be sensible.

Frank looked at the suit in him, and took it off again and forced it back into the box.

Can’t see, can’t see, what custom suits, what 80,000 soft sister papers, all do not know, summer is here.

The soil outside is too dry, not good.

“You don’t seem to like it very much.”

Dixie asked, licking his paw.

“You still tell me what my reward is this time.”

Frank asked with a powerless sitting on the bed.

“It’s another happy one, one Western expert, a suit, a classical music expert. You choose one.”

It seems to have no use, Hannibal’s psychology and medical skills have not appeared.

“Western food expert with Western food or Western food with human flesh.”

“It’s a good Western food skill, but if you want to change some of the ingredients, it’s okay.”

Although I learned to make western food from Hannibal, I feel a little shocked, but the suits and classical music experts are useless.

It is better to learn to make Western food occasionally, and I am happy.

“Western food expert.”

Frank nodded and immediately rushed over and gave Frank a forehead.

Frank suddenly felt a lot of knowledge pouring into the brain, which was a Western food practice.

Among them, there are similar western foods like smoked calf head meat with green sauce, Hannibal loves heart chicken soup.

Stewed beef lungs and there are also dishes such as sauces, liver and flower salads.

The practice of black-tech drinks such as human-made mushroom-bubble tea.


Dixie said:

“Today, I have lost too much time. I have to leave. There are too many troubles to deal with.”

“You first tell me who the next guest is?”

Frank threw the unusual Western dishes into the automatic masking memory, leaving behind the normal dishes.

“The next guest will know you after a while, but I can still give you a hint. He is my close relative.”

“It is a very embarrassing swearing and will not give you a mess.”

“Isn’t it coming weeknight, why do I know after a while?”

“You forgot that you need to reply to the thesis on Thursday. Do you need to confirm the internship with the guide on Friday?”

Dixie said this pointing Frank:

“So just receive the next guest who comes ahead of time.”