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M. I. H. G Chapter 95: Contradiction

” Young aunt, are you saying that your nephew’s conscience is hurting you?”

Chen Jian came in from the door with a black face.

“Yeah, you are here.”

Chen Hao pretended to be surprised and grabbed his mouth.

Chen Jian then said:

“The next time you pay attention to your bad words try not to let you hear.”

The four people ate half of the breakfast, and Li Zihao and Sicheng went in.

“Zihao, come and let my aunt see, have you become handsome in the past few years.”

Chen Hao saw Chen Jian waved his hand to indicate Li Zihao.

“Young aunt is good.”

Li Zihao and Sicheng have no relatives, but they have a good relationship with Chen Jian, and he followed that Chen Hao was a younger sister.

“Wow, my sister-in-law, you just knew that Chen Jian didn’t know how to greet me.”

Sicheng went to the front of the table and sat next to Chen Hao.

“Because you have no son, handsome.”

Chen Hao said without hesitation.

“Li Zihao an old iron.”

Chen Jian said with a smile.

Li Zihao went to the table and sat down, telling the waiter to give him a pair of tableware.

When Chen Jian saw it, he asked:

“Why did you come if you do not eat your breakfast?”

“We spoke with the Jiangsu and Zhejiang group for several days, and we have no results, and for their part, there is no intention of making concessions we should not let go. If we do not cooperate with them to develop Haiping, we will be very disappointed.”

“Anyway, now you’re mainly investing in the outside world. If you have a deficit, you’ll have a deficit.”

Chen Jian interjected.

“Here is Haiping, our home.”

Li Zihao knocked on the table with his fingers and said:

“I will lose money in my own home, then what is the face to go outside.”

When Li Zihao’s words came out, Chen Jian was very embarrassed.

After all, Li Zihao’s tone was too hard.

When Li Zihao’s words were exported, he knew that he shouldn’t talk hard when so many people had breakfast, but he didn’t know how to ease the atmosphere.

so; he didn’t take it anymore.

He took the chopsticks that the waiter handed over and began to eat the buns.

“The young boys grew into adults.”

Chen Hao touched his three sled dogs, and then said to Lin Xiaoxin:

“Xiaoxin, we are leaving, take you to play fun.”

Lin Xiaoxin also knew that she was not suitable to stay in this atmosphere.

She followed Chen Hao and asked the little white tiger to follow her.

However, little white tiger and Frank had a limit of 300 feet, so he did not dare to follow Lin Xiaoxin, so he shook its head and squatted.

Sicheng saw the little white tiger lying on the side of Frank’s table, his eyes jumped, and then said with a trough in the belly:

“The tiger!”

“Not a tiger, a tiger cat.”

Frank quickly explained.

“You just lie.”

Chen Jian glanced at the little white tiger and moved his body and said:

“I took the photo that I took yesterday, and I asked my friend who studied zoology. He said that if he were a tiger cat, he would immediately tear up his diploma.”


Frank smiled and didn’t answer.

After all, as long as it was a pit check, the little white tiger’s identity could not be ignored.

“It’s a tiger.”

Li Zihao swallowed buns and glanced at the little white tiger.

He was a little incredulous and said:

“Which tiger did you borrow from the local tyrants of the Middle East? What kind of tiger did you borrow?”

“A friend of animal research institutes, the half of the Siberian tiger, because their research institute had something recently, so he stays for a few days.”


Li Zihao said to Frank:

“You are the brand of our Haiping city. Go out and drive hundreds of millions of cars. You can go to the country to protect the animals. When you get a few giant pandas, let Seeing insights to us?”

When Li Zihao talked about the giant panda, Frank thought of the giant panda in the Warcraft and the Abao in the Kung Fu Panda.

If these two are coming over, Frank estimates that even the door is open he was afraid to come out.

If he runs out and let people see Satan, he doesn’t have to say anything.

Let’s go to prison and let them know what to do with the national treasure.

“Don’t make any noise. If I’m on the card, what will you become?”

“Oh, even the old home is lost, No cards. Li Zihao said after drinking a cup of soy milk, it seemed that he was really in a bad mood these days.

Every time Li Zihao said a word, and Chen Jian’s face was ugly, but no one could say anything.

After all, although Chen Jian and Li Zihao are familiar together, after all the family interests behind the two sides now have contradictions, and no one can persuade them.

“I remember there were some air guns in the Villa. I remember we have not fired in a while in the hills.”

Sicheng looked at the atmosphere very badly, so he inserted a sentence and wanted to bring a few people to play together.

“I feel asleep and will go to sleep.”

Li Zihao made a hand gesture and went straight upstairs.

Chen Jian nodded and said that he was willing to go.

Although he also felt uncomfortable in his heart, his face still had a smile.

When the three men came out of the restaurant, they saw the grass in the distance.

The three sled dogs ran wildly on the grass with something like a pumpkin car.

The pumpkin car looks like it is made of a special composite material, not only very light but also has two rows of wheels below.

There are two persons laughing and idiot-like sisters sitting in the pumpkin car, not who Lin Xiaoxin and Chen Hao are.

“Chen Jian.”

Sicheng saw this scene turned to Chen Jian said:

“I have always suspected that your little sleigh dog is just to play with yourself.”

“He hasn’t been like a child all the time.”

Chen Jian smiled.

Frank followed Sicheng and Chen Jian to the back of the mountain and asked Chen Jian while walking:

“What is your young aunt doing?”

“Law student, now a lawyer, but she hasn’t had a few lawsuits in a year. She said that she was ruined when she first learned it in college and had suffered from depression, so now she needs to relax, then relaxes and relax. Years have passed, and she has lived more than she has.”

To say this, the three came to the back of the mountain.

There is a building similar to a bomb shelter.

Sicheng opened the door with a key and took out a few air guns.

Frank took a look at it, and all of them are compressed air rifles.

There are several famous models of the compressed air rifle that Frank has seen online.

This kind of thing is the air guns, but it’s okay to shoot some medium-sized animals when you go hunting.

It’s absolutely explosive.

“You guys are bold to lie in the trough. If this gun goes off the fire, I guess I’ll have to explain it here today.”

Frank was so frightened that he looked at the insurance of the gun.

“There is no bullet in the inside, don’t be nervous.”

Sicheng said, he took out a box of bullets and shook it in his hand.

“We only have around cap shot made of aluminum and tin. You can’t beat a sparrow. What are you afraid of?”

“I can’t be afraid of it. I have to wait for Canada to take the gun certificate to get it. How do you get it?”

Frank took the bullet box in Sicheng’s hand and found that it was a bullet-like lead.

This is reassuring.

“There are things in the world that were not made by our own factory founders this year.”

Sicheng said that he had taken out a backpack, loaded with several guns and dozens of boxes of lead shots.