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M. I. H. G Chapter 96: Is Remembered.

“You have never touched a gun before?”

Sicheng took the gun and turned to ask Frank.

“It’s okay, I played really at the club of the Imperial City.”

Frank looked at the sight and found that the effect was good.

He also took a bag and loaded the gun.

“No gun box?”

asked Frank.

“It’s not Canada. What kind of gun box do you want? The shooting range is just behind, and no one can see it with a few shots in any case.”

Sicheng said while throwing a bag to Chen Jian, signaling that he must load the weapon and put it in it.

“Canada does not prevent shooting with firearms because they will need cartridges to load firearms?”

Chen Jian asked curiously.

“Don’t mention the wonderful place in Canada.”

Sicheng vomited while walking:

“When I was studying in Canada, I heard that Canada can legally hold a gun, and international students can also take a gun certificate…”

“When you go, you can find someone to start. Learn to prepare for the test of the gun, I thought that one day a little burglar came in and jumped with a gun.”

“And then.”

The three men walked and chatted.

“When I learned, I learned about Canada’s specialties. I can buy a gun and hunt. I can buy it at home, but Canada prohibits the use of firearms…”

“It can’t be used under any circumstances. If someone enters your home with a gun, you should call the 911 then waited for the rescue…”

“If you dare to defend yourself with a gun, you will be considered guilty, and you are in an illegal state.”

“I heard about that.”

Frank interjected:

“I’ve heard that Canadian law does not support the no-compromise law, so we can not use the guns to defend ourselves, and get the gun out to retract a bounce.”

“The concluding lines of that article, only criminals can shoot with guns.”

Chen Jian spoke:

“But hunting is very convenient, there are many hunting areas in Canada.”

“Satisfy, at least you can still hold a gun in Canada.”

Chen Jian shook his head and said:

“I couldn’t get a gun certificate when I was studying in Britain. As in France…”

“The gun control in Britain only allows hunters to hold guns. The conditions for ordinary people to hold guns are too harsh.”

When the three people came to the shooting range in the back, they were already arranged by the staff of the villa.

In addition to the target, there were balloons, glass bottles, and the like.

They played all morning, and when they had lunch at noon, Chen Jian called and urged several people to go back to dinner quickly.

So, Frank returned to the villa after their air rifles were packed.

In the mountain village, when Frank arrived, Li Zihao had already got up, and Chen Hao was there to eat and chat with Lin Xiaoxin and feeding the three sled dogs.

Frank took the little tiger in the past and just prepared to tell the staff of the restaurant to make the tiger’s lunch.

Chen Hao said with a smile:

“I have already prepared for him, and I have also got a few chicken racks for your small northeast. to give at your little Siberian tiger, supplement calcium.”

Chen Yu said that he had a pot of raw beef and three chicken racks.

Tigers in the zoo generally need to eat chicken racks to supplement calcium, but the little white tiger is wild, not lack of calcium.

So, Frank did not have much trouble before, he did not expect Chen Hao to mention it today.

Chen Hao took photos of the tiger yesterday, and Frank knew that she should know today that the tiger is a Northeast Tiger, so Frank was not surprised, but said to Chen Hao:

“This little guy is wild stocking, not very lacking calcium.”

“Xiaoxin, I found that your boyfriend didn’t have no word of truth in his mouth. Can the Siberian tiger in the wild be so clement?”

Lin Xiaoxin is feeding the sled dog.

When she hears Chen Hao’s words, she looks up and looks around, and then says:

“Fortunately, he doesn’t lie to me anyway.”

“The woman in love really does not have IQ.”

Chen Hao shook his head in disappointment.

When will you find us an aunt, friend?”

Sicheng said with a grin:

“should we wait a few moments.”

“Wait till my depression is over. then say it.”

Chen Hao said in a relaxed tone.

“This year, I’m still sick depression, I feel embarrassed to go out without feeling depressed.”

“Sicheng was again squeezed to Chen Hao’s side spit.”

When Chen Hao heard the words of Sicheng, she just smiled and didn’t talk.

Frank felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t ask much.

The lunch prepared by the villa was very rich.

couldn’t help but eat a few more mouths, and Lin Xiaoxin was going to take a nap, but Chen Hao suddenly wrapped around.

“I heard that this little white tiger was borrowed from a research institution, which researches institute, can you tell me?”

“My friend, it is inconvenient to say.”

Frank refused Chen Hao’s request.

Chen Hao’s mouth began to mutter at once but in the face of the big chest girl lure.

Confused, Frank is determined not to compromise, who let Lin Xiaoxin on the sidelines to watch.

After lunch, Frank and Lin Xiaoxin went back to the room for a nap.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered together to play a board game.

During the period, Chen Hao always wanted various ways to ask the background of the little tiger.

Even Chen Jian could not stand it, suggesting to the little aunt to remain calm.

After playing for two days in the mountain village, Lin Xiaoxin was going back to school on Sunday afternoon.

Frank was ready to drive her back with the tiger.

By the way, he should return to the rental house.

“Why are you so eager to go so early? ”

Lin Xiaoxin gave Chen Hao goodbye when she was having lunch, Chen Hao asked.

“She is still studying.”

Frank explained.

“This is not easy, please take a vacation.”

Chen Hao said with big eyes:

“Would you like me to go to impersonate Xiao Xin’s parents and ask for leave from the teacher.”

“My friend, do you think that I am in high school? I have a college left, and I am in trouble. I am not going to take a break.”

“Hey, seeing your height and subconsciously will treat you as a child.”

Chen Hao turned his head and looked at Frank:

“You have nothing to do, or you will stay, If you don’t stay, it’s not convenient for you to go home with a little white tiger. It is not convenient to raise it at home.”

Frank wants to refuse, Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank and said:

“If you want to stay a few more days, Chen Hao’s sister can like the tiger, and you let it spend more time with her.”

Lin Xiaoxin, Lin Xiaoxin, you are too easy to be bought with the sugar-coated shells, and you know Chen Hao had a few days ago, and she has changed your mind.

While he thought about it, Frank found that if he took the little white tiger home, it would be difficult to raise it.

So, wait here simply for a few more days.

So, Frank nodded and agreed.

“However, I still have to bring Lin Xiaoxin first.”

Frank took the tiger and Lin Xiaoxin back to the parking lot first, took the car, and then drove to Haiping.

The distance between Haiping and Baoji Mountain is very close, and Frank is also convenient.

When the car drove halfway, Lin Xiaoxin suddenly remembered what asked Frank.

“Right, that young friend said that she saw a handsome little brother in your house that day, and said that you may be in a relationship, how is it this?”

“Well, why did you mention this again, I thought you forgot.”

Frank thought that Lin Xiaoxin had been pasted past, who knows that this girl somehow remembered this matter.