My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 97: the tongue

“I would definitely remember a handsome little brother.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank and said:

“Did you know, the younger sister isn’t looking for you? She wants the little brother’s WeChat. You show me some photos. What does he look like?”

“I am so handsome. Of course, she is not consciously worthy of me.”

Frank flicked his own bangs while saying.

“You are a stink.”

The little girl Lin Xiaoxin, was teased by Frank, and she forgot her original purpose.

There was no handsome little brother in Frank’s apartment.

However, Frank still felt a bit uneasy.

In case the little girl asks again, he must give Lin Xiaoxin another thing to do on the way back.

“Hey, Xiaoxin, why don’t you sing today?”

Frank asked.

“I don’t want to sing.”

Lin Xiaoxin shook her head and said:

“Do you think I am the kind of person who sings casually? It is a blessing for you to hear it once, but you still want to listen to it for a second time?”

“Look this way.”

Frank said to Lin Xiaoxin:

“So, I can watch the video.”

“What video?”

Lin Xiaoxin, who was elongated in the back seat, listening to Frank’s words, sat down straight and looked at Frank.

“You might not know that; the driving camera can record sound. What’s more, my car has video surveillance inside the car.”

Frank opened the electronic screen upfront in the car and put on the last time Lin Xiaoxin was sitting behind and singing.

‘There’s a big cheater on the other side of the mountain and the sea. He is stupid and likes to lie.’


Lin Xiaoxin rushed to look and immediately tried to rush over, but Frank immediately shouted:

“When driving, we must drive carefully to not cause a car accident!”

Frank shouted, Lin Xiaoxin did not dare to take any action, Frank was proud and smiled.

This is called the way of manipulating the actions of people, and it stopped the last leap of the girl.

Lin Xiaoxin did not dare to climb from the back seat to close the video, and she could only sit and watch, the screen in front of her eyes was showing all kinds of expressions.

She was fun to make an expression pack, and her ears listened to what she is singing.

After a while, Lin Xiaoxin asked for mercy and looked at Frank and said:

“Dear, big baby.”

“Well, that is something to say, the sugar-coated shells of love, don’t work on me.”

Frank pretended to be driving in wisdom.

“Can you just play it again and then delete the video?”

Lin Xiaoxin begged for mercy.

“I can’t.”

Frank said crisply and neatly:

“This commemorative video, I have to pass it to my mobile phone, and listen to it every day, so that I can show my love for you.”

“Baby, I know your love for me, you do not have to prove it, delete this video.”

“What are the benefits of deleting it?”

asked Frank.

“I sing a little star to you, is that good?”

Lin Xiaoxin said in a cry:

“Then you might as well call me father directly.”


As soon as Frank uttered this sentence, Lin Xiaoxin made an OK gesture and said:

“I just record a recording. If you don’t delete it cleanly, I will send it to my uncle and let him teach you personally.”

Lin Xiaoxin’s uncle was Frank’s father, but Frank still said without any fear:

“Okay, then if you dare to make it, I will send your video to the home TV, letting the whole family see it.”

“Hey, can you not bully people like this?”

Lin Xiaoxin extended her small head to the front and looked at Frank.

“You are burning jade.”

“The word jade is not used properly.”

Frank said to Lin Xiaoxin:

“I am the greatest and most serious student, forget about it after a while, and you will bear the whole family’s smile for a lifetime. Wait until we have children, I will show it to them. Look, this is what your mom looked like, so how do you know why you are not learning well?”

“Oh, I am angry, I feel wronged.”

Lin Xiaoxin grinned.

“It is impossible to delete it.”

Frank pointed to his shoulder and said,

“First rub my shoulder, let me think about it.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Lin Xiaoxin sat behind Frank, and two small hands came out and placed on Frank’s shoulders to start rubbing Frank’s shoulder.

At the door of Haiping University School.

Frank stopped the car, and he was too lazy to go with Lin Xiaoxin in because she had to check in to get through the gate.

He turned to Lin Xiaoxin and said:

“Go ahead, take a rest, and go to bed early. These last few days, and you did too much activity.”

“There is a social practice.”

Lin Xiaoxin saw the car stop, and she quickly climbed over the gap between the seats.

She wanted to touch the electronic screen and delete his video, but Frank tapped on the electronic display, and the electronic display closed itself.


Lin Xiaoxin was too fierce to rush and did not grasp it.

She suddenly fell down on the front seat of the car.

Frank quickly held Lin Xiaoxin’s head with his hand and then, with the other hand, grabbed Lin Xiaoxin’s waist and brought over her slowly.

“You promised that if I rubbed your shoulders that you would delete it.”

“I clearly said that I would think about it.”

Frank turned his head and said to Lin Xiaoxin:

“Head back to the dormitory. I will remember to delete it when I return home.”

“Who’d believe you? You have a big eyelid.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked incredulous.

“Repeat dirty words.”

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and said:

“No way, next time you dare to speak dirty words, I will take your tongue and grab it.”

“Hum, I won’t let you.”

Lin Xiaoxin said, she opened the door and ran out.

She didn’t even take a few steps towards the school when she suddenly remembered something and ran back.

“I almost forgot my package!”

“Both goods.”

Frank found that Lin Xiaoxin’s bag and the package are forgetting in the back seat, so Frank handed them to Lin Xiaoxin.

Lin Xiaoxin took the goods and waved again to Frank, and left.

Frank looked at the electronic screen of the city, and Lin Xiaoxin safely entered the school, this is safe to let the bat car’s intelligent control system control the vehicle through the city while heading for the direction of the mountain.

On the road, the bored Frank re-opened the video playback function of the electronic screen, and then looked at Lin Xiaoxin, who was singing in the electronic display and returned to the villa via the cable car.

The cable car stopped again.

Frank took the little white tiger out of the car and let it enter the cable car.

When he just got in, he heard a loud noise coming from the side.

“Why can’t we take the cable car?

“It’s a picturesque place, let us go in, we will not have to pay.
The voice sounded clear, and Frank frowned.

When Frank got out of the cable car, he saw a young couple, a man and a woman sitting next to each other.

They were confronting the staff responsible for managing the cable car.