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M. I. H. G Chapter 98: Open your mouth.

Frank did not get off to watch, but when he came out of the cable car, he was recognized by the man and the woman.

The man directly pointed to Frank and said:

“Why can this person take the cable car, but we can’t take it?”

“Sorry, we are for private use and not open to the public.”

The administrator of the cable car politely spoke.

“Private! This is a public scenic spot, why is it not open to the public?”

The woman’s fingers suddenly pointed at the administrator’s face.

“The scenic spot here only refers to the mountain road, but the mountainside is not the scenic spot.”

The administrator frowned slightly, but the woman in front of him took a harmful stance.

At that moment, Frank examined the man and woman more closely and found that in the woman’s pocket, there was a lens facing up.

It looked like a sports camera.

When the man and the woman made sure that Frank moved a few steps and came towards them, they got even more excited.

The man wanted to rush and talk directly to Frank.

At that moment, management Chen Jian offered a cigarette to Frank and said:

“Mr. Frank, if you want to go, I will deal with here.”

Frank did not rush to speak.

He carefully observed the woman’s chest and front pocket.

This allowed him to confirm that it was indeed a sports camera.

This sports camera seems to be a bit like a diving telescope that can be placed in a jacket pocket to make it look like an accessory.

So many people are desperate for sneak shots.

After Frank was sure, he pointed to the woman and said:

“There is a camera in her jacket pocket.”

When Frank’s words came out, the management’s face changed, and he pointed to the woman and said:

“Permit me to conduct my own search.”

Because of the distance, when Frank spoke to the management Chen Jian, the man and the woman also heard him.

The man did not say anything, the woman turned and was ready to leave, but several staff members around immediately surrounded her to prevent the woman from leaving.

The management walked over and said to the woman:

“Sorry, Miss, can you take out the things in your jacket pocket?”

“What, what are you trying to do?”

The woman stopped there and refused to admit it.

“Don’t fake it.”

The management looked at the woman and took out a walkie-talkie from his pocket.

There are a few female security guards coming over from the parking lot.

“There is something to be handled here.”

When the man saw the management move, he immediately started screaming but was directly stopped by several other staff members.

The staff of the cable car had not started.

The young man called for the police:

“Beating, robbery, help.”

What precise thing was he engaging in?

Frank looked at the man who had completed the action that should have been done by the women.

He was about to mention something.

He went to the man and pointed at him and said:

“Sir, there is a camera here. Want to play a rogue?”

The man was trying his best to grab his own hair and smash his clothes.

When he heard Frank, he looked up to him and responded with impudence:

“It is true that she has a camera in her jacket pocket.”

He suddenly stopped playing.

The female security guard came over from the parking lot very quickly.

After that, in a few minutes, a male security guard and two female security guards had already come over.

“Miss…” the management asks again: “what is in your jacket pocket, can you take it out and let us see it?”

“What is it to you? Are you a policeman? Do you have the right to search?”

The woman shouted in an aggressive manner:

“Where are the others miss? Are you a lady? Your family is all ladies?”

The woman let the management for a while be tongue-tied, after all, she really does have the right to not let others take her things out to check.

At this time, Frank walked over and said to the woman:

“Although we don’t have the right to check other people’s things. If I am not mistaken, there is a camera in your jacket pocket.”

“Possessing a camera has nothing to do with me, but taking pictures, and stealing a sneak shot does.”

Frank looked at the woman and said:

“According to China’s public security management punishment, article 42, voyeurism, sneak shots, stealing, listening, infringement on the privacy of others. Detaining in the box for 5 days or fined 500 Yuan…”

“If the plot is more serious, you will be detained for more than five days and will be fined at five hundred Yuan.”

Frank looked at the woman and suddenly got rid of his buttons, revealing the white flowers, his bouquet of flowers on his chest.

“I suspect you have photographed my naked body just now, which has had a very serious impact on my mind and body…”

“Or you can hand over the camera for us to check, or we will detain you here and call the police.”

The opposite woman did not even think that Frank actually had that quick hand speed.

He was on the spot, and the man looked at Frank:

“You, you edited it.”

“Do you have a mobile phone or a network? I don’t know if you do or not.”

Frank turned his head and looked at the man:

“Yes, when you…”

“According to Article 2 of China’s Tort Liability Law…”

“Illegally tracking others and privately photographing other people’s private lives is also within the scope of infringement…”

“I seriously suspect you are following me and sneaking shots with the other woman…”

“If the police come, you can’t run, you have to be detained.”

After Frank finished his speech, the man and the woman had already been frightened.

After all, if Frank told the truth.

The police would really come to detain them.

So, it would be extremely embarrassing if that happened.

At this time, two feminine security guards went over to the woman’s side.

A female security guard caught the woman, and the other found a thing similar to a diving telescope from the woman’s jacket pocket.

“It is, indeed, a camera.”

The female security guard took the camera to the management and looked at it.

The management could not operate this thing.

Frank took it out and directly pulled the camera’s memory card from the built-in bottom, and then checked the camera.

Checked and found it was a simple camera and the camera was thrown over to the woman without the memory card.

“My memory card.”

The woman shouted at Frank, holding her memory card.

“This, I guess if I erased it, there are ways to recover the data, so I confiscated it.”

“Why did you confiscate it?”

When the woman’s words were just finished, she regretted it.

Because she saw Frank’s mouth open again, like how he said earlier.

The man on the side quickly said to Frank:

“We will recognize it, and let the memory card be kept by you.”

The management saw things had been resolved, waved, and gestured for the other people to let the man and the woman go wherever they want to go.

“Sorry for the trouble.”

The manager is polite to Frank.

“No problem, I just said a few words.”

Frank said as buttoned his clothes buttons.

“Well, was what you declared true or false? If other people come to shoot, can we say this as well?”

The manager looked curiously and asked Frank.