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M. I. H. G Chapter 99: this is inexplicable

Frank heard the administrator’s question, who looked at him as if he watched the aliens for more than ten seconds.

Then he slowly patted the administrator’s shoulder and said:

“To tell the truth, not true, fake, not fake, Look at the relationship.”

Then Frank followed by the little white tiger went to the cable car and got on it.

The cable car administrator didn’t understand Frank’s words at first, stood there in thought for a while, then suddenly laughed at himself and turned and waved to signal others to start the cable car.

At the halfway point of the path up the mountainside. Looking down at the densely covered ravine below him, he took out the memory card and broke it into two halves, then threw it down.

When he arrived at the villa, he stayed resting for two days.

During this time, Li Zihao and Chen Jian had seemed to have something to do.

So, the two left one after the other, leaving only Frank, Chen Hao, and Si Cheng.

On Tuesday afternoon, Frank and Si Cheng came back from shooting, and they saw Chen Hao sitting there alone in the pumpkin car being pulled away by three sled dogs.

Chen Hao saw Frank and Si Cheng and waved her hand happily, just like a little girl of seven or eight-year-old.

After the meal, Chen Hao teased the little white tiger for a while, and then said to Frank:

“I have known you for so many days. We should all be good friends, why you don’t really want to tell me where your little white tiger came from.”

Frank looked at Chen Hao and said:

“Dear aunt, it’s really a friend who entrusted me to take care of it for a few days, and I will give him back tomorrow.”

“My young aunt, please don’t push people, if you can borrow one. If you really want to raise a tiger, we will find someone to buy one from the zoo, and it will be fine to build a tiger garden for you.”

Si Cheng said.

“That’s all right. It’s too boring. I can’t take it everywhere.”

Chen Hao shook her head, unhappily.

“That’s not the case.”

Si Cheng snuggled up to Chen Hao and said:

“I will contact a zoo for you, and you can have a little tiger baby to care for, are you fine?”

“Forget it.”

Chen Hao took a few bites and stood up, and then said to Frank and Si Cheng:

“I am tired, I will go back to my room.”

“What’s going on?”

Frank swallowed a meatball and looked at Si Cheng and pointed to Chen Hao with chopsticks:

“Is she really angry?”

“No, how is it possible?”

Si Cheng said to Frank:

“That’s what she is, sometimes as a major girl, sometimes like a child who has just graduated from kindergarten.”


Frank said while eating the meal while looking at Si Cheng:

“I am joking.”

“Never mind.”

Si Cheng said with a smile:

“If I didn’t know you… as long as you don’t ask me to pick up soap together, everything else can be said.”

“You don’t like Chen Hao?”

Frank said directly.


Si Cheng almost spat out the rice in his mouth and said to Frank:

“What, are you joking about?”

“You see, I said I was joking.”

Frank looked at Si Cheng and said with a smile:

“You just think I’m kidding.”

“You, you man, don’t make such jokes next time.”

Si Cheng stopped chewing, wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say and finally just buried his head to eat.

After Frank filled up his stomach in a bit of time, he goes trotting with the little white tiger on the road.

Frank opened the door with his room card, took off his sweaty clothes without thinking.

He planned to let the people in the villa clean up in a while, and then wear it tomorrow.

Who told him not to bring his laundry with him?

But as soon as Frank took off his clothes, revealing a muscle that was not stout, he heard a woman’s joke:

“Good figure, you look very fleshy.”

Frank was in the action of pulling off his clothes.

Looking forward with stagnate eyes, he found Chen Hao sitting on the single small sofa in the living room and looking at him.

“How did you come in?”

Frank looked puzzled.

“I sought for Mei Jie, I said your room card was lost, and you asked for an alternate room card.”

Chen Hao shook his room card and said in a relaxed tone.

“You should not do this kind of joke with me.”

Frank groped for the sofa and wanted to get his clothes back and put them on again.

“No jokes, is it boring to want to talk to you?”

Chen Hao said to Frank:

“I am very curious about you, so I came to have a deep exchange.”

“Don’t talk in-depth, let’s talk about it in a shallow exchange.”

Frank hurriedly said to Chen Hao:

“What’s the matter, wait until I put on my clothes and we can speak?”

“Aren’t your clothes dirty? I’ve got a new one for you. You can wear it, and you can see it’s appropriate.”

Chen Hao said, and she took out a half sleeve from a bag placed on the coffee table and threw it to Frank.

Frank took the half sleeve and put it on, and found the size was almost the same:

“That’s right. I bought it after looking at your body. It was only when you went to the shooting range this morning.”

“Good-looking is good-looking, but why are you suddenly so good to me.”

Frank did not understand what this girl wanted, and he tentatively said:

“I am in a relationship.”

“What’s wrong with a relationship? The red flag doesn’t fall at home. The colorful flag is flying outside.”

Chen Hao curled her Long legs and pulled them towards her chest, and the pineapples in front shook.

“Are you so clean and self-satisfied?”

“Not true.”

Frank looked at this dizzy milk level, and the picture effect of this made Frank fainting, but he waved his hand and said to Chen Hao:

“Dear Chen, we can’t agree.”

“You are a little hesitant.”

Chen Hao said to Frank:

“If you don’t refuse, you like it. If you hesitate, you think about it. I’m not afraid of what you are afraid of.”

“Not true, Prevention is better than cure.”

Frank was suddenly scared by Chen Hao and immediately had the urge to run away.

But he was still trying not to see the big long legs under the black stockings.

Calmly, said to Chen Hao:

“I don’t think I’ve grown up to be attractive at first sight. Don’t play with me. I’m mostly a good student from childhood. I never messed up.”

“Look at your courage.”

Chen Hao hated Frank and said:

“You should not still be a virgin.”

“Hey, can you talk about other topics and not discuss this kind of heart-wrenching thing?

“Well, what would you want to talk about?”

Chen Hao leaned lazily back on the sofa, moving both feet skillfully and cleverly with high heels, a pair of long legs dressed in black silk to the knees.

The legs rested on the coffee table, the lower half looks like what people want to see and think about it all day long.

The second half looks like what people want to lick but also, to find themselves alone is going to do what, just the saliva flows out and starts running like the express train.

“Poems and songs, biochemical figures and objects, astronomy and geography, political philosophy and medical methods can be talked about.”

Frank now also can’t fathom how Chen Hao suddenly changed character as if she had changed into a different person.

“I don’t understand anything else, but I’ve read a lot of novels. We can talk about that.”

Chen Hao yawned and said.

So, Frank and Chen Hao began to discuss all kinds of novels in the living room: such as what delays the beauty of the fantasy, the city’s love, the harem’s pure love.

The protagonist is orphan. There is a sister who has a sister German orthopedics. Picking up rubbish and picked up ancient artifacts. Murder and robbery…

What kind of return to the king of the army will give to the sire? I will not die for thousands of years. I am your ancestor…

What to do opened Taobao to see what to cook for pets…

Anyway, in the end, Frank did not know what he was talking about.

He had only one conviction in his heart.

Don’t sleep, be sure to stay awake and keep his virginity.